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A funny (if obscene) take on the Los Angeles Galaxy’s season


Admit it, before last weekend’s 5-2 thrashing of D.C. United, you had written off the LA Galaxy for dead. Don’t worry, you weren’t alone.

One very funny Galaxy fan went to the trouble of trying to express this season’s disappointment in a very funny YouTube video spoof of Adolf Hitler’s reaction to the Galaxy’s demise.

Be warned, the video contains extremely obscene language (in written form) AND includes Adolf Hitler (which may also offend some of yo). so if you’re easily offended then you might not want to watch it. If you’re a Galaxy fan (or really an MLS fan of any allegiance) and not that sensitive, then by all means watch and enjoy a good laugh (If this sounds familiar, the same clip was used to parody Cristiano Ronaldo’s potential move to Real Madrid):


How can you not laugh?


  1. i never get tired of people dubbing new words onto that clip

    the line that had me howling with laughter was when he said they should just get some idiot from to coach the team!!!

    second places goes to any & all rips on ruud gullit


  2. I’ve seen this clip about a half-dozen times. Truer captions were never written. Of course, der Fuerher himself bears a strange likeness to another dark-haired, Germanic denizen of AEG. Anybody want to take a guess who that is? 😉

  3. It just never seems to get tired. 🙂

    My fav was Ronaldo to Real Madrid. When they flash to the hallway and the woman is crying, the other woman says, “We still have Wes Brown”. I almost pissed my pants.

  4. What movie is that from? I’m assuming some “final days of Hitler” flick. It looks like it could be intense and worth checking out. Anyone know the title?

  5. The thing about the autographed Dan Calichman jersey is completely off the wall because Dan is Jewish. I wonder if that was intended “humor”, or if that was accidental.

  6. Never thought I’d see that clip from “Downfall” in this context! Dominghosa: is it really used that much?

    The Lalas quip almost made me spit out my drink–funny stuff!!

  7. Hahahaha! Favorite parts, the shout out to my Salvy Captain Cienfuegos. And the “’97 Galaxy Dan Calichman autographed Jersey”.

    I really feel for the Galaxy fans, my second favorite club after My Metros. I lost a lot of joy when both the teams were “re branded.”


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