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Houston Dynamo vs. UNAM Pumas: Your Running Commentary


The Houston Dynamo faces Mexican side UNAM Pumas in Mexico tonight in CONCACAF Champions League action (10pm, Fox Soccer Channel). Houston will look to deliver the first win of the tournament for Major League Soccer, which is 0-5-2 in the tournament so far.

Houston is playing just its second match of the tournament, tying Panamanian side San Francisco FC in its opening match last week. Pumas comes into the match in first place in the group, with a win and tie from its first two matches.

If you will be watching tonight’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Enjoy the match.


  1. Dallas drew with Tigres? Was that a friendly? I didn’t think MLS has ever had a result in Mexico in official competition and don’t remember Dallas being in any of the official competitions, but happy to be wrong too.

  2. On what was pretty much the last kick of the ball, the UNAM goalie had to stop a rocket shot at his chest and did, the game ends 4-4.

    Entertaining, Houston showed well for MLS (if I’m not mistaken, that’s the first time an MLS team hasn’t lost in Mexico), and earned the point.

    Also, now my pick to win a 3rd straight MLS Cup. They’re healthy, talented, and gelled. They look gooooooood.

  3. Oh my, I loved how Houston was trying to waste time at the end, and DeRo almost scored out of nothing anyway. That would have been amazing if it would have gone in – classic clutch DeRo.

  4. The lights went out, just like RFK.

    HA. This is well on it’s way to ending with a fight if Houston gets even one point, lots of hacking here in the last 15 minutes.

  5. Palencia torched Robinson on the equalizer. Chivas USA fans must be thinking, “Why can’t we still have Paco?”

    Posted by: Ives | September 30, 2008 at 10:48 PM


    Took the words out of my mouth. What’s even more upsetting is that he’s said in interviews that I thought his exit was hasty.

  6. dcophl:

    you hate a country because some soccer players dive?

    ehhh yea…that makes sense.

    As for the goal that was scored when Holden was on the ground, maybe I’m wrong but aren’t you supposed to play until the whistle blows?

    The announcers just went over the played and counted 20 seconds from the moment Holden went down until the goal was scored, the ref could’ve stopped the game if he thought Holden had been hurt bad enough to warrant it. He didn’t and the goal stands.

  7. Playing Italian way with 3/4 of the game to play b/c you are up 2-0 is like sueing an insurance company. You can’t just sit back on a team like Pumas for very long without them carving you up.

  8. Not a lot of defending going on… Hard to believe that Houston goes up 2-0 and has a real chance of packing it in and stealing 3 pts in Mexico City but instead tried to keep pushing forward and now will likely get blown out in the 2nd half… sometimes you just have to play a little Italian….

  9. FYI- Saprissa is out playing Marathon in the other match, 1st half almost over. Though Marathon’s counters look dangerous and well organized.

  10. WOW, Jaqua almost came right back and scored another.

    Palencia torched Robinson on the equalizer. Chivas USA fans must be thinking, “Why can’t we still have Paco?”

  11. I’ve only been able to watch the Red Bull-Colorado game and this one since the weekend, and I’ve seen 14 goals, with this game not even being over yet.

  12. Manic he went down on a challenge, the ball made it’s way to midfield, came back, and was played right past him. Not getting on your case, just correcting you as you asked.

  13. 27th minute- Eddie Robinson with the yellow. He was the last defender, but the ball was already knocked away towards the defender when the Pumas player went down.


    Efrain Juarez took the ball after the free kick and ripped a shot that beat Onstad to his left!


  14. Well, I have to admit I was typing when the play happened live.

    Holden being subbed out for Mullan doesn’t help my case any.

    I am certainly willing to stand corrected.

  15. 17th minute- HOUSTON GOAL!!!

    Kai Kamara hammered home a ball played down by Ash, who layed the ball off rather than shooting first time. Poor defense by the Pumas defenders, who did not close down Ash or Kamara (who came kind of close to missing the shot.

    It was also a nice cross to set up the goal.


    Dante Lopez finished off a breakaway to bring Pumas within 2-1. The announcers on FSC are whining that a Dynamo player was on the ground and Pumas should have kicked it out, which is ridiculous as he was on a breakway by the time Holden was down.

    2-1 after all that.


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