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Red Bulls Cichero and Rojas get Venezuelan national team call-ups


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New York Red Bulls midfielder Jorge Rojas and defender Gabriel Cichero have been called up by the Venezuelan national team for its upcoming World Cup qualifiers against Brazil (Oct. 12) and Ecuador (Oct. 15). The call-ups will force them to miss the Red Bulls’ match against Real Salt Lake. The match is also the opening of RSL’s new stadium.

The call-ups could leave the Red Bulls severely short-handed, especially if Dave Van Den Bergh is not yet recovered from sports hernia surgery he underwent on Friday. There is also the possibility that Dane Richards is called up by Jamaica for its upcoming qualifiers, though the Red Bulls have yet to announce a call-up.

Rojas has 86 caps for Venezuela and has served as the national team’s captain. Cichero has 12 caps for Venezuela.


  1. I agree with Kpugs. I’m happy for Cichero & Rojas, but it sucks because we’re gonna get our asses handed to us, because Osorio will stupidly roll out the highly ineffective 4-5-1.

  2. there’s a saying in S American soccer;

    Players come and go

    coaches come and go

    directives come and go

    regimes come and go

    what remain are the colors (teams), the passion and the support

    Of the fans

    does that apply with US soccer?

  3. 100% agree with Betinho!

    If I was 10 years younger I’d sign up for that waterboy position just on the off chance I might have the opportunity to boot up for the RedBulls.

    BTW- How about the roster increase solution? I hear the Bush leaguers in gov’t are printing money these days

  4. I agree this is bush league in more ways than one,

    but reality is that given the unique circumstances and whining that its sooooo cold in winter ( what about Russia)? The truth is that in this country fans are not hardcore (except for all you SBI followers)

    So for now, ….. Support your MLS, support your American talent even if they are the 3rd reserves. So what if the European and S American players have gone with their nat team? Sniiiiif

    I want to see people here complaining less, stop being full time premier league, world soccer supporters and ocassional MLS hobbyists. And get behind your league and natl team…. Stop wearing the Messi jerseys, the Gerrard jersey and the cliché C Ronaldo one.. Wear Marvell Wynne, wear tim howards.. Kljejstan. Go to a stadium thinking or at least making believe you are the best in the world ..just like brazilian & argentineans fans do Hell, fool yourselves in that.. So less whining and pesimism and more support to your league and your football in this country.. Believe me I’m trying to do the same and I wasnt even born here

  5. Too cold for them? Too cold for most of us. Want to watch an outdoor match in Toronto in January? Or New England? Or New York?

    Just can’t do that schedule. It makes no sense for us.

  6. Thanks brentmcd

    “Easy solution: play a fall-to-spring schedule like the rest of the northern hemisphere”

    Can you please post your stock tips also so we will know what not to invest in.

  7. Northzax – how about picking the end of the season to abide by the FIFA dates. How does the league continue to build a fanbase whent he best players disappear at the most important times? Imagine taking the best baseball players out in Sept or the best palyers out of the NFL out in Dec? Surely the MLS can figure out how to illiminate this from happening.

  8. it’s called sense. How was the RB’s attendance on their last weekday game, exactly?

    and if we do align with FIFA dates, that’s the end of MLS participation in the Open Cup, since that would have to be FIFA aligned as well, and without the month of June, it would be pretty much over (who’s going to play a tuesday night Open Cup game and a wednesday night MLS game? so that’s out. October is out for four teams due to MLS, two FIFA dates and CCL.

    unless you are going to get much better attendance in the week, it’s just never going to happen, sorry.

  9. How can they be so short sighted to not see how their ignoring the FIFA dates would affect a playoff push?????? Are we really that much smarter than them? Really? I’m scared if that’s the case!

  10. well, that stinks for the team, but it’s the danger when you sign national team players under the current system. And no, MLS is not about to change that anytime soon.

    in case anyone is paying attention, FIFA dates next year (2009) are two weekends in March, two in May, the entire month of June (save the 7th and the 30th) two weekends in September and two more in October. if MLS followed that, it would be out of business. Giving up 8 weekend games (not to mention an entire month in the best part of the summer) would cripple the league financially.

  11. I’d be happy for them if (A) they weren’t going to be missing time with RBNJ, (B) we weren’t in the middle of a playoff push, (C) we recognized FIFA dates.

  12. Yet again, I (as well as other fans) plead for MLS to coincide with the international calendar as soon as practicable.

    We can’t afford to lose points over any conflict….especially late in the season.



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