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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

Good morning folks. There are plenty of quality soccer matches to choose from today and if you plan on taking in some of the soccer on TV today, make this your place to discuss the action.

Here are today’s games on TV:

  • 9:30am– Setanta USA- Stoke City at Liverpool
  • 10am– FSC- Newcastle at West Ham United
  • 11:30am– GolTV- Werder Bremen at Bayern Munich
  • 12:15pm– Setanta USA- Fulham at Blackburn
  • 12:30pm– FSC- Arsenal at Bolton
  • 2pm– GolTV- Recreativo Huelva at Atletico Madrid
  • 2:30pm– FSC- Reggina at AS Roma
  • 4pm- GolTV- Getafe at Espanyol
  • 4:30pm– FSC- Atalanta at Catania
  • 7:20pm– GoltV- Santa Fe at Millonarios
  • 8pm– HDNet- Toronto FC at Kansas City Wizards.
  • 11pm– FSC- D.C. United at Los Angeles Galaxy
  • 3am– FSC- Wellington Phoenix at Perth Glory

If you will be watching matches, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play on these and any other matches you are watching today in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. West Ham aslo has a ton of people out.

    Ashton, Bellamy & Dyer for starters.

    Maybe people should just realize West Ham is pretty damn good?

  2. Until Ives clarifies, I’ll just have to stop visiting these threads on Saturday and Sunday, which sucks for me and him, but it seems clear to me that running commentary shoudl follow the television schedule that Ives posts on the site. If a game is on tape delay on FSC or on Gol then people who stream the games should not post.

    p.s. – not sure who the second wj was, that sure wasn’t me.

  3. Well now that Bayern – WB match has aired I guess it can be discussed now. Loved the shot of Ribery and his daughter in the crowd right after WB scored their 5th goal and his daughter is clapping.

    I kinda find it odd how Americans who follow this sport have such an issue with matches being discussed. Most people who follow sports want to know results. Its common for commentators to mention what’s going on in other games and during halftime shows to show highlights of other matches currently going on. It only seems to be American soccer fans who are always yelling at people not to talk about the results of a match because they haven’t had a chance to watch the match yet. This thread is here to discuss the day’s matches, yet people complain that a match is being discussed before they get a chance to watch it (and I understand that GolTV didn’t broadcast the match, but GolTV isn’t the only means one has to watch this match – especially if they happen to live outside of the US, after all this website is available to people living in other countries too).

    Heck, nowadays its impossible to watch every match anyway.

  4. I disagree with the idea of not posting thoughts on games in real-time. There are so many sources in which to watch a game: live on some kind of stream, TIVO or other tape delay, seeing it in person. Asking everyone in a discussion forum to wait to discuss the happenings until the broadcast on the most common network is unreasonable.

  5. If only Newcastle’s MASH unit of a training room could get on the pitch… Then again, they’re such a wreck it’ll be a miracle if they stay up this year.

  6. @wj In regards to what? Missed the reference.

    Kyle, your boys got a bit fortunate on that one goal…looked offside to me. Good match shaping up.

  7. On Bolton in their game verse Stoke

    “And by all accounts they were truly awful.”

    Who is this announcer (Bolton/Arsenal). Whoever he is, I love him. My dad and I couldn’t stop laughing.

  8. wjmooner – i don’t have a tv. i woke up, started watching a stream, then posted when ives put up this thread. what do you propose for that?

    i’ve been on the other side having scores spoiled, and was told this then: if you really don’t want to know a score, don’t read the threads. it’s less than ideal, but the reality is that more games are on tape delay than live on us tv. and the internet brings us many of those games live.


  9. WJ, this is a site to discuss the games. If you’re going to watch a tape-delayed game, you just have to stay away from discussion threads about the day’s games. It’s the same thing if someone records the game to watch a bit later.

    I don’t want to pick a fight with you at all so don’t get wound up about what I’m saying but the whole purpose of this thread is to discuss the games. Unless Senor Galarcep advises otherwise, it’s going to happen.

    Regards and no hard feelings.

  10. That’s too tough of a question to answer. Jozy has to get minutes competing with Nihat and Rossi while Johnson is against the menacing Paul Parry and Jay Bothroyd.

  11. seriously folks, why do you think Ives lists the time of the game? Simple rule, if a game is listed on Ives’ list above, and you aren’t watching the game on television, then don’t post about it. I see your apology Eric, but this happened last week as well, so it isn’t directed solely at you.

    Ives: You might want to post a warning about this type of conduct. I shouldn’t have to avoid your website on the weekend, but this is going to drive me away. I’m typing this while the Bayern game is in the 15th minute on GolTV. Not acceptable.

  12. GEEZ, Does Hodgson know that the rules provide the opportunity for subs. 82 min…no subs and I’m not just referring to Dempsey. I really don’t like Hodgson.

  13. @Manic:

    Your boys just have such a mess to deal with. I think the team would have been decent, if not spectacular, without all the crap. It really does suck.

  14. West Ham is up on Newcastle 3-0 in the 60th minute. I keep telling myself to turn it off, but I just can’t manage it.

    I have nothing interesting to say about the match, other than it’s proving Newcastle’s squad is much too thin which everyone but the board apparently knew.

    I admit, I got sucked in after the first couple of games, but the last 2 have been a nice blast of cold water all over that.

  15. Wow, when the West Ham-Newcastle game is the most interesting in the EPL today, you know it’s a grim situation.

    And good old Roy Hodgson must feel that his attack is SO powerful that he just doesn’t need Dempsey. 4 goals in 4 1/2 games…lovely.

  16. Michael Bradley started and played 65 minutes for M’Gladbach today. Right now, M’Gladbach is behind 1-0 to Berlin at home and have been uneffective today.


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