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This weekend’s Soccer on TV


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For the first time since the European Championships gripped us with its drama and great soccer, there will be TONS of international soccer to watch as World Cup qualifying kicks off around the world.

The European club soccer scene takes a weekend off for qualifying (I know, what a novelty) as all of the world’s best national teams take the field to take a step toward qualifying for World Cup 2010.

If you are craving some club soccer, MLS can satisfy that craving as some very juicy match-ups headline the league schedule.

Here are SBI’s Top Five matches to watch on TV this weekend:

  • 1. USA vs. Cuba. The U.S. national team makes a historic trip to Cuba for this World Cup qualifier that has its share of mystery and should be more competitive than you might expect.
  • 2. New York Red Bulls vs. Chicago Fire. Key East Coast clash has the added spice of Juan Carlos Osorio’s return to Toyota Park. Should be the best MLS match of the weekend.
  • 3. Jamaica at Mexico. Originally scheduled to be played in Jamaica, this World Cup qualifier is a vital match in CONCACAF’s qualifying Group of Death.
  • 4. Bosnia at Spain. The European Champions return to action in what should be one of the best matches of the day. Will Bojan Krkic make his Spain debut?
  • 5. New England vs. Columbus. The top two teams in MLS square off in a battle to determine first place. Can the Revs overcome their injuries? Can the Crew stay hot?

Here is the rest of this weekend’s schedule of Soccer on TV:


  • 8pm- FSC- Minnesota at Montreal
  • 11pm- FSC- Kentucky at USCB


  • 10am- GolTV- Azerbaijan at Wales
  • Noon- Setanta USA- Turkey at Armenia
  • 1:30pm- FSC- Denmark at Hungary
  • 2pm- Setanta USA- Portugal at Malta
  • 2:45pm- GolTV- Germany at Liechtenstein
  • 4pm- Telefutura- Chivas USA at Toronto FC
  • 4pm- FSC- Iran at Saudi Arabia
  • 4pm- Setanta USA- France at Austria
  • 4:45pm- GolTV- Bosnia at Spain
  • 5:30pm- Telemundo- Jamaica at Mexico
  • 6pm- FSC- Japan at Bahrain
  • 6pm- Setanta USA- Italy vs. Cyprus
  • 7:30pm- HDNet- New England Revolution at Columbus Crew
  • 8pm- ESPN Classic and Telefutura- USA vs. Cuba
  • 8pm- Setanta USA- Northern Ireland at Slovakia
  • 8:30pm- FSC- New York Red Bulls at Chicago Fire
  • Midnight- FSC- Belarus at Ukraine


  • 3pm- Telefutura- Houston Dynamo at Kansas City Wizards
  • 5:30pm- Setanta USA- Slovenia vs. Poland
  • 7:15pm- Setanta USA- Ireland at Georgia

If I missed some matches (And I’m sure I did) please feel free to add them in the comments section and I will include them.

Which matches are you most looking forward to watching?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Come on you Magyars! Looking fwd to the Hungary – Denmark match, intriguing fixture as both sides need the full 3 pts to compete in Group 1. Hajra Magyarok!

  2. You know, I was a bit behind the times on them….Somehow I thought Andijan happened in Turkmenistan….I formally retract all statements concerning the topic. 🙁

    So much for optimism.

    Speaking of lack of optimism, think the US will show a bright, attacking style tonight? … neither.

  3. They’ve made strides – backwards. It’s signifcantly more oppreseive, virulently anti-democratic, and anti-Western today than it was 5, 10, and 15 years ago.

  4. They have made some small strides, Justin. Not perfect by any means…but I suppose I’m just an optimist…hell, a few years ago, I thought Russia was past a lot of the…stuff…we’re seeing now. Ooops…no politics….it’s football.

  5. Good world citizens? Well, the people are great, I have friends there. But its government is one of the most brutal dictatorships on Earth. Not terribly friendly to the West these days either.

  6. Justin: Thanks for jogging my short-term memory. I remember now…that did royally suck. Actually made me feel like I wanted to root for them. That and the fact that they are becoming pretty good world citizens in some respect (not that that should matter).

  7. Mig – Uzbekistan should have played T&T in the play-off last WC, but got ripped off in their home-away Asian play-off vs Bahrain in literally the most scandalous manner I’ve ever seen in soccer. (suffice to say, it turned into a 3 game series, Uzbekistan won 1-0 in one, while the other 2 were 1-1 and 0-0 draws, and Bahrain went through)

    Anyway, they have to contend with Australia now, but Uzbekistan are currently better than Saudi Arabia in my book, so I’d pick them to be the play-off team that faces a weak New Zealand team for the final spot.

    Long way to go though!

  8. The link to the Josy story also has a link to jumptv which is offering a package to watch all the south american WCQ games.It’s worth checking out.

  9. Good stuff, all.

    Uzbekistan is a bit of a dark horse and Australia is a tad inconsistent. Hey, you never know. Wasn’t Uzbekistan the team that played the 5th place S.A. team for the last two WCs? Can’t remember but I seem to remember them playing a tie for the last spot.

  10. Hey Mike_D

    There are some of us excited that our beloved Red, White, and Greens are playing at 1:30p thank you very much.

    Hajra Magyarok!

    (I just hope Christian Miles is not calling the game to butcher the names on the field).

  11. Don’t forget WCQs from all over the world as well. Should be a fun-filled Saturday—especially considering it’s gonna be a downpour all day up here in the Northeast.

  12. Mickey, that was my mistake for forgetting to include Chicago-Red Bulls. I obviously think it’s a huge game. That’s why I’m here in Chi-Town.

  13. bratislava: Japan is not in the same group as Saudia Arabia, Iran, and South Korea. Instead, Japan is grouped with Uzbekistan, Australia, Bahrain, and Qatar. Japan and Australia should go to the World Cup easily.

    In the other group, Saudia Arabia, Iran, and South Korea are joined by UAE and North Korea. That group should be a bit less predictable.

  14. What channel is the US Cuba match? Is that the invisible 8pm game that’s showing on Telefutura? Why are they showing it?

    Well, this game is just as important to me as the Bulls Fire game. I will def tape the Bulls, and watch the Nat team live. IF the US game is not on TV (which would be serious bullsht), then obv I’m watching my Redbulls kick some Chicago arse.

  15. I can’t wait to see what happens in the AFC

    japan, south korea iran and the saudi’s are in the same division…. and last time i checked they all made it to germany in 06..super exciting stuff

  16. 4pm- Telefutura- Chivas USA at Toronto FC

    Should be interesting to see what happens seeing as right now there are 11 guys and 2 subs.

  17. Ives – this may sound a little funny coming from a DCU fan, but I gotta disagree with you on Item 5. The Chicago-NYRB game is higher on the priority list for all teams looking to get into the wild card slots… If NY beats Chicago, then there “could” be a three-way tie for third in the East; however, if Chicago wins, they “could” pull more than a game clear of the next team and the top three Eastern teams will likely be established as COL, NER and CHI…

  18. Ives,

    This is one of my favorite features you run. It helps me plan my weekend. But could you list the stations your Top Five games will be on, too?


  19. FSC must only get the World Cup Qualifiers that no one else wants. Look at Saturday’s craptactular(no offense to any of the people from these fine countries)

    Denmark at Hungary

    Iran at Saudi Arabia

    Japan at Bahrain

    Belarus at Ukraine

    At least Setanta has France, Italy and Portugal.


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