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Van Den Bergh to undergo sports hernia surgery, will miss 2-3 weeks


Red Bulls midfielder Dave Van Den Bergh is set to undergo sports hernia surgery that will force him to miss two to three weeks.

Van Den Bergh will travel to Germany on Wednesday to undergo the procedure.

Van Den Bergh has enjoyed a strong season for the Red Bulls, registering six goals and three assists in 22 games. The Dutch winger has been one of the league’s best left midfielders He scored the game-winning goal for the Red Bulls in their 2-1 victory against Real Salt Lake on Saturday.

The Red Bulls will shift Jorge Rojas to the left wing for Thursday and will likely start Kevin Goldthwaite at left back. Van Den Bergh has played both in a left wing role as well as at left back this season. 


  1. Giants Stadium turf claims another victim. How many Metro/Red Bull players have gone to Germany to repair the “side effects” of playing on the worst field in the league?

  2. Sports hernia surgery??? Hmm… does this mean Van Den Bergh was just signed by DC United, or does the sports hernia rule only apply to DC’s Argentinean imports?

  3. Why not Borman on the left, keeping Rojas and Richards in their preferred positions? Is Borman hurt or just hasn’t been up to snuff in training?

  4. This sucks. He’s been our most consistent player for sure.

    I’m with A.S. on this one. Why the hell are we sending him to Germany given the fact that we have some of the best surgeons practicing within 30 miles of the training site? I guess what’s good enough for the Giants, Jets, Knicks, Yankees etc. etc. isn’t good enough for Red Bull. What a weird company.

  5. Wow, after yesterday’s good news this is a kick in the teeth. Marcelo Gallardo also flew to seemingly this same specialist in Germany for sports hernia surgery and has been knocked out for a much longer time because of one complication or another.

    Best case, this is 2-3 weeks. Worst case, Van den Bergh is out of for the rest of the season.

    I’m not sure if shifting Rojas left is the best option. Perhaps the team should explore starting Richards on the left (he’s done it before for Jamaica) and putting either Mbuta or Kandji on the right (in the latter case with Magee partnering with Angel).

    I hope this doesn’t skewer us.

  6. keep rojas in the middle and put magee or richards on the left and the sassano on the right. or even borman on the left. rojas is too slow to play wing and hes needs the space in the middle to be the mistro.





  7. Team MVP is out, not good. I like Rojas, but he is slower than DVBD, making the run down the flanks. Service isnt a problem but getting down quick will be

  8. That’s sucks. NY is really in trouble now. VB has clearly been the team MVP this season and any prolonged absence could really derail what they are doing with their PO push.

  9. …. Angel ………… Magee (Kandji – when ankle is healthy)

    Rojas ……………………….. Richards

    Stammler ………………….. Pietravallo

    Goldthwaite …. Jimenez ….. Cichero …. Parke

    ……………….. Conway …………..

    Bench: Mtuba, Kandji, Borman, Ubiparapovic, Sassano, Leitch/Boyens/Mendes, Cepero

  10. Thats terrible news. He is one of the best players on the team in what appeared to be great form.

    He’s going to be missed on the left.


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