Who would get your MLS MVP vote?

Who would get your MLS MVP vote?

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Who would get your MLS MVP vote?



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There is still a month to go in the MLS regular season but with two clear front-runners for the MVP award we can start to talking about who might win the award.

Columbus Crew star Guillermo Barros Schelotto looked to have pulled away in the MVP race, but Landon Donovan’s hat-trick against D.C. United has pushed his MVP campaign back to the forefront.

  • Guillermo Barros Schelotto: six goals, 18 assists in 23 games
  • Landon Donovan: 19 goals, eight assists in 20 games

If you were taking just stats into account, Donovan would have the edge, but the stat that weighs in Schelotto’s favor is the win-loss record of their teams. Columbus boasts the best record in MLS (14-6-5) while Donovan’s Galaxy has the second-worst record in the league (7-10-8).

Obviously things can change in the next month, but with these two leading the pack, I think it’s time to get a sense of who fans think deserves the award.

Share your thoughts on the MLS MVP race below.

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