Your Questions Answered (Part 4 of 4)

Your Questions Answered (Part 4 of 4)

SBI Live Q&A

Your Questions Answered (Part 4 of 4)



Here it is, the final portion of the most recent Q&A session. Admit it, you probably thought you wouldn’t see it for another month, but here it is.

There are a variety of subjects covered, both MLS related and European soccer related. Among the questions are one about Eddie Johnson and whether he’ll ever have a reason to smile in a national team uniform again, as well as one about the future of the right wing position for the national team.

Here they are, the rest of your most recent questions answered (Keep an eye out for the next Q&A, which will be this week):

ADAM– If you could be any household appliance what would you be and why?

Who do you think will qualify in the UEFA WC qualifying? Any top pics beside say Spain or Germany?

HENRIK– What new soccer specific stadiums should be up and running by 2010 and 2011?

JIMMY BOBO– Yo, Ives. I heard the great story about the three Cuban soccer players who defected in Tampa during the Olympic qualifying tournament. I heard that they took a bus all the way from Florida to LA to be on trial with the Galaxy. My understanding was that the goalkeeper was pretty good. What ever happened with those dudes? Were they released by LA? Did another team pick them up?

Do you think that the USL could do Prom/Rel.?

Lastly what do you think how many more spots on the rosters do MLS teams need to compete in all these events,and what is a realistic bump up in salary cap?

This is hypothetical, if the USA and England were to switch places for qualifying, how do you think each team would do?

MIKE K– Yes or No time again!
1- Sunderland stays up this year.
2- Rangers break Celtic’s string of SPL titles.
3- Celtic gets out of the group stages again.

TOM M– Tomorrow you wake up and realize you’re the Colorado Rapids FO.

After therapy, you are tasked with hiring a new coach and shaking up the roster.

Who do you hire, and what roster moves do you make?

Great site- I visit several times a day. My #1 site for soccer updates.

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