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Bradley names 18-man roster vs. Trinidad & Tobago

U.S. men’s national team head coach Bob Bradley named his 18-man roster for Wednesday’s World Cup qualifier vs. Trinidad & Tobago. Here is the squad:

GOALKEEPERS (2): Brad Guzan (Aston Villa: 2/2 SO), Troy Perkins (Valerenga IF: 0/0)
DEFENDERS (6): Jonathan Bornstein (Chivas USA: 0/0), Danny Califf (FC Midtjylland: 2/0), Frankie Hejduk (Columbus Crew: 13/1), Michael Orozco (San Luis: 0/0), Heath Pearce (Hansa Rostock: 6/0), Marvell Wynne (Toronto FC: 0/0)
MIDFIELDERS (7): Freddy Adu (AS Monaco: 3/0), DaMarcus Beasley (Glasgow Rangers: 20/6), Maurice Edu (Glasgow Rangers: 3/0), Sacha Kljestan (Chivas USA: 4/0), Pablo Mastroeni (Colorado Rapids: 11/0), Danny Szetela (Brescia Calcio: 1/0) José Francisco Torres (Pachuca: 1/0)
FORWARDS (3):  Jozy Altidore (Villarreal C.F.: 1/1), Charlie Davies (Hammarby IF: 0/0), Robbie Rogers (Columbus Crew: 0/0)

What do you think of the group? Share your thoughts below.


  1. I see a tough game. 2-1 with


    Pearce Califf Orozco Hejduk

    Klejstan Edu

    Beasley Adu Szetela


    Cooper should get the call-up for the final game

  2. Amy, there’s a guy I think his name is Ricardo… fifa player of the year 06… chelsea… no bigger than orozco. Gooch, Alex, terry, and ferdinands’ are monsters but necessarily the normal size of traditional center backs

    Posted by: jonathan | October 12, 2008 at 07:47 PM

    What the hell are you talking about? Ricardo Carvalho has never been FIFA Player of the Year. He’s also 6’0, if not a hair taller.

    You might be thinking of Italian center back Fabio Cannavaro, who is somewhat of an exception to the rule at 5’10.

  3. I still haven’t seen Kljestan do anything that deserves the lovehype you MLS fans place on him.

    Lineup should be:






  4. Amy, there’s a guy I think his name is Ricardo… fifa player of the year 06… chelsea… no bigger than orozco. Gooch, Alex, terry, and ferdinands’ are monsters but necessarily the normal size of traditional center backs

  5. I guess that I’m in the minority here, but while I’m excited for the guys being called up, I’m not excited about the total package. It just goes to show that we did not blood forwards duing the games that mattered. There’s no excuse for that. Now we’ll get to see a very good “B” team and try to read the BB tea leaves. I hope these guys make the most of their chances.

    Here’s what we have from qualifying from USSF in re: to forwards – besides the absolute throwaway 2nd leg of Barbados the only forwards we’ve seen when BB thinks it mattered are Ching and EJ.

    Barbados 8-0 – Ching (EJ for LD 81)

    Barbados 1-0 – Adu (Barrett 86)

    Guatemala 1-0 – Ching

    Cuba 1-0 – Ching

    T&T 3-0 – Ching (EJ 67)

    Cuba 6-1 – Ching (Jozy 68)

  6. I say Donovan should have been on the list for two reasons. The Galaxy are not doing anything and are definitely out of the playoffs. And Donovan should start playing more with Torres, Adu, Jozy, Rogers and Szetela. Landon is a starter for 2010, he shold be getting as much time with them as possible.

  7. Dallas has a game on the 14th. Look for him in Janurary and MAYBE just MAYBE Coop doesn’t fit in with the rest of the guys. If you don’t have chemistry I don’t care how good you are a coach will not select you.

  8. We should just start all the attacking kids and see what happens…

    I say Altidore, Adu, Torres, Rogers, and Davies all get a start and see if we can’t get 3-4 goals Wednesday!

  9. Joe Quake,

    That’s correct, the numbers are to do with World Cup qualifiers only. For example, Mastroeni has considerably more than 11 caps, but only 11 WCQ appearances.

  10. Not sure what the numbers mean, i.e. Jozy (1/1). Is that supposed to be world cup qualifiers and goals? That’s all I could think of since he has 2 caps. I’m just not familiar with this – thanks in advance for the edumication.

  11. These next two matches should be fun to watch. T&T and Guatemala will really need results to try and advance and our young guys will really want to show what they got to have a chance to get more roster time. These should be two of the most intense matches of this phase of qualifying. I would like to see some good qualifiers not only with the US playing Mexico.

  12. Glad to see Rogers get a call up-finally. Had two really dead on crosses today in Crew tie with Fire today that shows the doubters what the kid can do.

  13. I am not sure I understand the point of Frankie Hejduk being on more rosters. You can’t bring a 36 year old defender to the World Cup no matter how pretty his hair is.

  14. i will agree to northzax, to some exent. We are certainly not at the point where we can ignore talented offensive players, particularly at the striker position. Cooper is talented, there’s no doubt about it but northzax is right in that, altidore and cooper are fighting to some extent, for the same caps. Right now Cooper is in the middle of a playoff chase and Altidore is doing nothin but practicing, so why shouldn’t he get the caps? I’m confident we’ll see Cooper in the new year, and I’m also confident that he’ll get a real look, not just a start or sub minutes, he’ll get a couple starts to prove what hes got. He’s still got more than a year and a half to go.

  15. I need to add one thing. I don’t like multiple posters not involved in a conversation but:

    I like that all of us or most of us have forgiven Orozco for the mistake he made. He is talented and will be an asset to the future of the USMNT.

  16. completely agree with Jay. I think Davies can do some damage with his pace. We have a very very bright and exciting future. lineup:






  17. Guys, I like Cooper as much as any of you, but if he misses action for Dallas, they can kiss the playoffs goodbye. He’s carrying that team, and Bob’s not going to call him up for a meaningless qualifier.

  18. Beckster you’re retarded… Davies has performed incredibly this year… the guy is ridiculously fast and he could be our ace in the hole in the very near future…

  19. This should make all of those people that complain about what Bob Bradley is thinking or doing, shut the heck up! All of you that have doubted Bob Bradley these past few months are getting a freaking reality check, because in case you failed to notice we have gone undefeated in WCQ posting victories in some hostile environments. Bob Bradley has done what he had to do and guarenteed us passage into the next round, can I hear all the haters now??? This is why your opinions and thoughts are only printed in these comment sections and not in any magazine or articles of importance. Support our team my fellow americans, stop giving up on our coaches or players because you can’t see eye to eye with them, they ultimately represent our country and they all work hard at it. GO USA!!! Looking forward to all these young guys bringing the next generation in with some style. Cooper will get his chance, be patient!

    Ives keep doing a great job, this site is great.

  20. I really would like to see Wynne get some time. He’s been an animal lately.

    I actually would have liked to see Dempsey and Landon stay with the team to build cohesiveness with the younger players. Some of these younger players will surley be there with them during the hex and eventually the WC. Let’s get them game time together.

    And, an away game to TnT isn’t going to be a walk like this last one. Good to see veterans like Pablo and Frankie in there.

  21. I wanted to see this. This is the time to get our players experience in a game that we will be on the road. This game is important to see how this group of players reacts on the road.

  22. Line-up I would like to see:






    With Rogers subbing in for Beas

    and Szetela getting in at either DM or on the right.

    Kljestan is probably more likely to start on the right but I’d like to see what Davies can do up there.

  23. guys, you aren’t going to see Cooper and Altidore on the same pitch. But hey, if people would rather have kc get the experience than jozy, that’s one thing. Not every good player gets caps, sad to say. It’s kenny’s misfortune to roll into form just as the latest wunderkind steps up to claim his place. Simply put, who has a bigger upside? Jozy is younger, has more caps and more goals. The good ship cooper has sailed. He’s a good player, and a good guy, but he’s not the future, or even the present, for that position.

  24. I like it. Plenty of youngsters. People are still going to complain about Cooper, but you can’t complain about the other three up top. And relax, people. Califf and Orozco can man the middle just fine, though I’d prefer to see what Edu and Orozco can do together there. This should be a fun game.

  25. I like the inclusion of the future for a game that can serve no other purpose but, where is Kenny Cooper? Drop Pablo for Kenny. I have a prediction also. Every starter and sub for the 2010 WC will play abroad. No MLSers will be named to the final squad. Which I believe speaks volumes for the MLS and the player progression. GUZ is gettin’ the start. I love it.

  26. Charlie Davies over Kenny Cooper? Don’t get it. Center back is going to be interesting. We could definately see Edu there and Mastroeni and Kljestan in defensive mid. That would open up space for Torres. It will be interesting to see the player selection.

  27. a lot of possibilities for the starting lineup/formation with this group. here’s my pick:






  28. I don’t think we’ll see Cooper until the MLS season is over. I’m fine with that. Good to see nearly everyone released, though it makes me sick to see Bradley’s boy-toy Bornstein back in camp.

    Time for lineups:







    I could see Torres also in there, with Beasley shifting to the right, but I don’t think Bradley is ready to pull Sasha yet, especially after a solid game against Cuba. That said, he could start torres over Mastroeni, with Beas on the right and Sasha playing a more central role behind Freddie and in front of Edu. I think that’s the lineup I’d like to see most, but one that I think Bradley will avoid due to his preference for veteran presence on the field.

  29. Glad to see Robbie Rogers in the lineup. I do wonder about Kenny Cooper. Is part of the issue that Rogers’s team is sitting pretty and Dallas is not?

  30. I don’t mind that Cooper was left out. Let Altidore and Davies handle the striker duties in T&T, no need to pull Cooper from a play-off chase just to ride the pine or get late sub minutes.

    If Cooper doesn’t get a look against Guatemala then I will join the uprising, but I’m satisfied with what is there for this game.

  31. Looks like it could be Jozy up top with Freddy playing behind him as a playmaker. I wouldn’t mind seeing what Robbie Rogers and Charlie Davies could do.

  32. The only reason he released Mike is because of his yellow card accumalation and would not of been aloud to play in this game

  33. GIVE ME COOPER OR GIVE ME DEATH! (I completely understand that Bradley needs to keep him home to help FC Dallas, but this has gotten ridiculous. Did Kenny take Bob’s mother out for a nice steak dinner and never call her again?)

  34. This is great. Not only is he playing youngsters, but he also released Mike to allow him to integrate better into his new-ish team.

  35. I was of the mind that we might see something very close to our Olympic lineup out there. That might be close to the case. I think the only real surprises are seeing Beasley still in the lineup (although that isn’t that big of a surprise, considering Scotland respects FIFA dates) and Mastroeni added (but then again, the Rapids won’t play again until next Sunday. I am a bit disappointed not to see Holden in the lineup, but I think our midfield looks really promising.


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