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Danny Cepero’s amazing goal


If you haven’t seen Red Bulls goalkeeper Danny Cepero’s amazing 80-yard free kick goal from tonight’s 3-1 win against Columbus (the first goal ever scored in MLS history by a goalkeeper), fear not. Here is the video, courtesy of



  1. I was one of the fans who questioned the playing of cepero, and thought Boss would have been a better pick. I stand corrected! Hopefully cepero can make the next 9 games of the suspension that we all say “Conway who?”

  2. I’m a “hater” ’cause I didn’t think the goal was “amazing?” Wow, sorry to offend so many delicate sensibilities. If the goal was amazing to you, great, glad you enjoyed it. I’d just hate to be the opposing keeper, that’s all.

    By the way, no one answered why Hesmer wasn’t playing. Did Sigi figure it was good time to rest some starters since the Crew have already made the playoffs?

  3. Even on a nice, relaxing fall Sunday the blog posters are still chugging their haterade.

    A fluke goal can still be referred to as amazing. You see, amazing is an adjective. And last I checked, people commenting on a soccer blog aren’t in charge of how the word can be used. I don’t think anyone is dumb enough to say it wasn’t a fluke. But it came form a keeper, during the run of play, for the first time EVER in this league. I think it can be safely called an amazing fluke without the grumpy peanut gallery lecturing on how to describe it.

    Plenty of keepers have scored in shootouts over the years guys. I think Meola did it first in ’96 though I could be wrong. But seeing as how none of them were actual goals, it is technically okay to call this the first goalkeeper goal in league history, as it’s the only one that counts.

  4. A bit of a case of the hyperboles here Ives….flukey goal againsta keeper unaccustomed to turf. Still an interesting talking point and shame he didn’t get the shut out that woudl have been a helluva trifecta….Win, shutout, goal on his debut…instead, I’m sure he’ll take win, greta game, goal….

    (In hockey, down here there wa a rookie GK who scored, shutout and won on his debut…Mike Smith…I think he plays for TB or Florida now in the NHl and was in the Dallas system for years).

    Still…all entertaining enough.

    For me, it was just another way to turn the knife of Toronto’s season….add int he KC injury time winner….and our day sure took a turn for the worse….

  5. and don’t forget he had two wicked good saves before the end of the first half.

    no cichero = red bull win

    angel is god

    cepero is unreal

  6. #2 on sportscenter top 10?

    wtf? you wait like 12 years to make history, and when it happens, you only get number two on sportscenter.

    o lawd.

  7. Joze – he said after the game that he was merely aiming toward the other goal and actually didn’t realize he scored until his own team told him; Cepero thought it deflected off someone.

  8. aaand the haters come out to play. To be fair, gruenbaum is hapless. He was in goal in that destruction of columbus last season.

  9. That goal was less amazing than embarrassing for Columbus Crew goalkeeper Andy Gruenebaum. (Why wasn’t Will Hesmer playing?)

  10. Having been there as it happened, I cannot explain how great Cepero’s goal was live. That should def. be goal of the week, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. That’s a memorable debut and I am proud this guy made the most of it.

  11. Damn… I’m out of it a little while and everyone’s getting delusions of grandeur!

    Question: how did Cepero look the rest of the match?

  12. starting goalie caught with performance enhancing drugs = 10 game ban

    the back-up Danny Cepero scoring the first MLS goal in History (from a goalie)….Priceless


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