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European Goals of the Week


Do bicycle kicks ever get old? No, not really.

The latest installment of European goals of the week features yet another bicycle kick, a free kick, a beautiful turn and shoot and a long-range blast. Four completely different types of goals, but all four are of the highest quality.

Leading the way is Wigan goal machine Amr Zaki. The Egyptian striker is tearing up the EPL and showed off his skill against none other than Liverpool last weekend, with a high-flying finish that will be tough to beat this week.

It will be up to you to decide which goal is the week’s best. Enjoy:

Amr Zaki’s bicycle kick against Liverpool (46 seconds into the clip)


Yoan Gorcouff’s slick turn and shoot goal


Belletti’s long-range blast (38 seconds in)

Simao Sabrosa’s free kick gem


Which goal do you think was the best?

Which goal did you vote for? Share your thoughts on this weekend’s top European goals in the comments section below.


  1. kpugs,

    Why so sour? Take a look around the league. What Chelsea is doing is not so out of the ordinary. We still ahve great players coming down the shoot from our academy and one currently playing for the senior team and captianing the England side. Maybe your club needs to get with the times.

  2. very cool feature, Ives.

    The top 3 were all absolutely sick. I lean towards Gourcouff’s b/c I love ball skills but the other two were equally beautiful representatives of the beautiful game. The last goal did not belong w/ the others.

  3. I don’t know how but Fox Soccer Report put Kuyt’s goal as the best of the week. Has to be Zaki for me and it’s not even close. To get that solidly on the end of a ball that’s gone so far and so high in the air is breath-taking.

  4. Why can’t we get national broadcasters do pbp like these guys? Awesome calls, yes, even the French dude.

    Oh yeah, Amr Zaki’s goal got my vote, though they are all “fantastic”.

  5. Had to give it to Belletti. Normally it takes something like Seedorf’s super goal for Madrid back in the day for me to appreciate a long distance shot when the player has tons of time. But Belletti’s was fierce.

    And Kevin, cross your fingers. Nothing wrong with a team ignoring all of the traditional means of building a squad and doing their best to purchase trophies. Hell, rather than buy Zaki maybe your Blues can just ask the FA how much the Premiership title would cost them.

  6. Jeez, Zaki and Belletti are close. I really like the explosive nature of Yourcuff’s turn though…he went zero to max speed in 2 1/2 steps.

    Hell, good goals are fun.


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