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Landon Donovan’s European Vacation


If you are scratching your head at the above photo, and the sight of Landon Donovan clad in Bayern Munich attire, then you probably missed the news that Donovan is spending 10 days training with the German champions, a stint that began on Tuesday.

While it is being called just a training stint, it is safe to say the 10-day stint is being used as a test drive by Bayern Munich, whish is strongly considering acquiring Donovan during the January transfer window. While Los Angeles Galaxy officials have stated strongly that Donovan will be back with the Galaxy in 2009, you can’t help but get the feeling that it is time for Donovan to leave MLS and step up to the challenge of playing in one of Europe’s top leagues.

Count me among those intrigued at the prospect of the U.S. national team star potentially joining Juergen Klinsmann at Bayern Munich, one of the top teams in Europe. If the thought of a Luca Toni-Landon Donovan partnership gets you excited then enjoy the photo below.

Feel free to share your thoughts on Donovan’s Bayern training stint, and a potential departure from MLS to Europe this winter, in the comments section below.



  1. he is too small and not god enough to make it in europe. they are way more physical, he whines and cries to the refs during mls play, which is amateurish compared to european play. he was a baby four years ago and couldn’t hack it and came back to play for the galaxy!!!

  2. He doesn’t have to necessarily play as a center forward & even though hes a couple

    inches less than podolski, he could play

    either wing position for frank & bastian.

    I’d like to seem him play for villareal

  3. okay, as a die hard Bayern fan, I should know a thing or two about how Landon Donovan could fit in the Bayern system. I have a feeling that after the winter break, Bayern and Lukas Podolski will come to an agreement which will result in a win-win situation… Firstly, if Poldi leaves, I am concerned as to where he will go, because transfer money is involved here. I hope he does not go to Bremen, Schalke or any of the top seven. If I were him, he should return to FC Koln.

    As for LD, its looking like a possibility now that he will be appearing in a Bayern kit, and those won’t be practice appearances. I watched that practice scrimmage and I am envisioning LD as a solid backup for Klose and Toni. he can provide width, speed and unpredictability if one of those two strikers are off form. He can also slot into the trequartista, or the striker in the hole, where a Ribery-Donovan-Schweinsteiger attacking midfield can be imagined. Klinsi likes playing 4-4-2, with two center forwards up front. LD could act as a decoy forward, feeding the ball to Klose or Toni, who I think need more crosses and speed from another player other than Ribery.

    Caution though, because we cannot be sure if Donovan is the ideal replacement for a Poldi who would look like he is leaving the club. I am partially in favor of LD’s signing if it is impending. He would be a new asset to the team, and he would get more exposure with Bayern. It would be a good sign for American soccer. He has to prove that he is more effective than Poldi however.

  4. Forgive me, RedGreenLion, I get the overall gist of your post, but not the connection with the quote from Ives about news media.

    I don’t at all consider it odd that our best player can’t put his team into the playoffs.

    Still, I hope he does find a niche. As for what remains with the Galaxy, perhaps more mid level players, but for sure, someone who can connect on Beckham’s crosses. Buddle has shown flashes, but not consistency. And defense, obviously.

    On the Donovan newsfront, nothing new, really, today.

  5. “BlueWhiteLion, I think most news media is unbiased.”

    Keep thinking that when you wonder why soccer is not big in the states. When our best player can’t put his team in the playoffs, something is wrong with the system. In an ideal world, Donovan would have considered leaving after taking the Galaxy on a championship run.

    Donovan should stay in Europe. Even with 20 goals, his heart wasn’t into the Galaxy. He is a great player, but he needs be less of a ‘tweener and more of a role player to help his team. He will have to find his niche on Bayern. The Galaxy could use the money for some good team/role players also.

  6. only a girl would care what bianca thinks. i dont think he’ll care after he signs and him and schweinie are tag teamin two heidi klum look alike biatches. she’ll call and e’ll be like man last night was so boring all i did was sit here and think about you! (wink( at least thats what if id playd professional soccer a million miles away from my wife.

  7. rogdog, I kind of felt that way watching the first few minutes of one. If you watched all of it, however, I think you will agree he does progress and get a bit more comfy. I do not expect anyone to waltz in and groove with the other guys. It is not about skill as it is comfort level and familiarity with how they run things.

  8. 10 days with Bayern, and he will sign across town with 1860 Munich and help them into the Bundisliga. I wish Landon the best but sitting on the Bench with Bayern in Munich will do him no good, but on the other hand playing and contributing on a team where Josh Wolfe could not will make a move to a larger club in Europe a real possibility.

  9. I watched the video and was wondering what video any of the above were watching. Donovan looked lost and out of his league. The problem is that he is playing scared. He’s playing star struck. If he would just play soccer he would be fine. He was not playing this way. I would be shocked if Bayern offered him anything.


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