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New England Revolution at Chicago Fire: Your Running Commentary


The Chicago Fire will play host to the New England Revolution tonight in the second leg of their first-round Eastern Conference playoff series. The winner of tonight’s match will book a place in the Eastern Conference final after the teams tied, 0-0, in the first leg at Gillette Stadium.

The scenarios are clear. If either team wins tonight’s match in regulation, they win the series. If the teams are tied after regulation, then they will play a 30-minute mini-game that is NOT sudden death. If the teams are still tied, the series will be decided by a penalty kick shootout.

The Fire will be heavily favored against a Revs squad missing injured stars Taylor Twellman and Steve Ralston, suspended starter Khano Smith and playing with hobbled midfielder Shalrie Joseph, who has been given the all-clear to play tonight.

Here are tonight’s lineups:












If you will be watching tonight’s match, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

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  1. Regardless of past events, the Revs have NOT been a dirty team at all this year. The only red I remember us deserving is the Khano one. Otherwise, we’ve been victimized by terrible officiating. I don’t know how many dumb reds Shalrie has gotten over the years, and I think you can replay that Larentowicz red against the Fire a million times and it still won’t look as bad as Thorrington’s tackle last night. I’m just saying that he should’ve been sent off, and yet the Revs lose their 1,000,000th player with no consequences for the opposition. Next year, the Revs should gameplan to injure Thorrington, Herc, Angel, and Schelotto, and THEN we won’t get reds. Sounds like a plan . . . Quit telling me the Revs of old were hard tackling. That’s fine. We had consequences. Hard tackling is fine, but last night is criminal. Jeff Larentowicz in a hospital with Thorrington still on the field is absurd.

  2. First off, if I were a Revs fan and all of our stars were out with injuries or suspended, I wouldn’t be showing up to a game in freezing cold temperatures. It is no coincidence they had crappy attendance last week.

    Second, I am tired of all the talk of Blanco being such a good part of Chicago. Remember the incident in the U.S Open Cup? And not to mention, he dives like he should play for Italy. But when someone else dives he yaps his mouth. Shut up and play, quit disgracing the beautiful game. One last thing, just because you can kick the ball one way while looking the other, especially with no one around you like most of the time, does not make the the “sh*t”. I APPLAUD Chris Albright for what he did. Personally, I would have loved to see him do more. I wonder how Chicago would fare without one of their best players. Or for the heck of it, without Blanco and Rolfe/McBride. Then they would be on level playing terms. Good job Chicago, you FINALLY beat the Revs for once, so go yapping your jaws. Sadly, it was against a bunch of 2nd team scrubs. We’ll see if you can get past the likes of Columbus or Houston later on…..

  3. The funny thing is the talk on BS is much more realistic. Ives’ blog must bring out the whiny Revs’ fans that (like the typical New Englander) thinks they are owed the finals appearance in every league…

  4. Having a revs fan tell us how classy we are not is like a blind man telling Van Gogh his paintings are crap.

    Yeah sure the revies didn’t have their starters…SO FREAKIN WHAT!!!!

    You still have to play the game and the better team won. Case closed.

    I find it sad that a team like the revies who have been in the MLS Cup for the past three straight years (They were the best in the east all those years)could only manage just over 5,000 “fans” at the their stadium. Just sad..sad, sad, sad.

    Congrats new england for showing the U.S. how bad you really are.

    Over 17,000 at Toyota Park last night was fun. The whole crowd was into the game and Section 8 was fun.


  5. Funny to hear the rev fans talk about bad tackles. Who has more red cards this season, Fire or Revs? REVS Please reckless tackle, yes but every team has them.

    Go Fire

  6. Fire_Juve, there’s a difference between physical and completely taking out a guy’s legs. That’s what’s known as “dirty”. I’m pretty sure Khano Smith could tell you Mr. Thorrington should have gotten a red.

  7. “When did Fire fans get so scummy?

    Posted by: Danny | November 06, 2008 at 11:06 PM”



  8. CD

    With this league, I’ve learned not to expect what is to be expected. Chicago Columbus looks like free roam for Schelloto and Blanco but I really doubt it’ll happen.

  9. That’s what happens when you mess with Thor, the Thunder God… you get sent home in a cook county ambulance.

    Besides, New England’s strategy was to be as physical as possible… kinda sucks getting some of your own medicine, huh?

  10. Columbus vs Chicago in the next round would be a nice match up. McBride’s return match would get the Columbus faithful all jacked up. With Blanco and Schelotto creating in the middle for speedy attackers it should be a very good game. Kansas City I am not trying to be a jerk but just go away this year please.

  11. Goodbye Revs, see you next year.

    Chris Albright, thanks for your display of sportsmanship! You really showed Cuauh who’s boss.

    Thorrington put in a late tackle. He does those things. Red card? Could have been. But wasn’t. Too bad for the Revs. Better luck next year.

  12. Oh sure, cuz the Revs always benefit from questionable red cards and all . . . sure, cuz we’ve ended people’s seasons with dirty tackles frequently . . . sure, cuz we’ve whined and compalined and gotten people suspended for playoff games . . . the fact is Thorrington deserved a red. And it’s quite obvious that that would have changed the game drastically. Ya know, a red is hard to give in a playoff game, but the fact is the Revs lost a player from that tackle, and Chicago deserved to lose one too.

  13. It’s too bad Steve “Nipple” and the Revs didn’t have a full roster for this series. Still have to give Fire credit, they played well.

  14. Did anyone listen to the pre-game show? Lalas was talking about how Arena needs to give the Galaxy captaincy to someone that is going to be a real leader, or something like that. When asked if Beckham is the same player he once was, he said no but he brings other things to the table. I thought this was pretty interesting insight into what’s been going on with the Galaxy.

    Glad the Fire won. I hope they are in the final along with the Dynamo.

  15. New England fans talking about how they were cheated? The same new England team that has never had a problem with boot em up play?

    Give me a break. Tell Joey franchino that Bocanegra said hi.

    Go home and shut yer freakin lobster lovin yaps Revs fans.

  16. Chicago comes back like championship contenders! Glad to see it, except for Joseph I was done with the Revs for the year – and they’re out of players anyway.

    I didn’t realize Joseph was injured, that might be why Chicago was able to work around him. Still a great individual performance, and as much as I like having him in MLS, that’s one dude who deserves to play where ever he wants while he’s still in his prime. Free Shalrie!

  17. It’s quite clear that Albright got the red for retaliation for Blanco’s ridiculous no-look pass with NO ONE around him. That man is such a snothead. And I quote Mr. Albright – “It’s 3-f*#@ing-0 and he’s still doing that s$*#.”

  18. Weatherman

    The only good thing for New England in this game is that Chicago hasnt gone into the crowd and injured the New England fans.


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