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Red Bulls list of exposed players missing three


If you were wondering how it was that the New York Red Bulls protected 14 players ahead of Wednesday's MLS Expansion Draft, the simple answer is they didn't.

The lists released by Major League Soccer for the exposed players in the draft was missing three Red Bulls who were left unprotected. Gabriel Cichero, Andrew Boyens and Terry Boss were left unprotected and are available to be taken by Seattle Sounders FC in the expansion draft.

I will keep you posted on any other changes or corrections to the master MLS expansion draft list.


  1. Ives,

    Who else do you think the Red Bulls will get rid of or struggle to keep? Do you think Cepero will want more money after his playoff run? what about van den bergh’s contract situation? Do you think the echeverry, cichero, rojas, pietravallo contingent will be back?

  2. These predictions are without knowing all the salaries etc basically just what I think are best options

    1 Parke

    2 Badilla

    3 Pappa

    4 Joy

    5 Jaqua

    6 Ricketts

    7 Talley

    8 Petke

    9 Lenhart

    10 Grabavoy

    Parke is a strong tough player with speed a hard defender to get through

    Jaqua a big target up front for Ljunberg,Nyassi, and Pappa possibley to aim for

    Talley may suprise some of you but, in RSL he played well and could be a good DCM in seattle

    Lenhart a strong forward impressed many with his 4G/10 games

    and Grabavoy a good attacking mid could provide some good energy of the bench with some pacy threw balls

  3. I was wondering how we had so few exposed players. Still, not much to worry about. We have some decent defenders exposed, but no one who can’t be replaced.

  4. I don’t know, Faux. I wonder if they feel confident in Cepero for the whole season.

    BTW, I’d imagine that Seattle will take a Red Bull defender, if anyone, given that RB have left several decent ones unprotected. Of Boyens, Jiminez, and Parke (they’re obviously not going to take Cichero), I might take Boyens.

  5. I have to imagine that Seattle will pick M. Pappa, I. Joy, E. Gaven, Z. Wells, N. Jaqua J. Smith/C. Ruiz in addition to J. Parke. Let’s see what the Sounders do tomorrow. I hope the Red Bulls do a trade with Chicago to get Pappa.

  6. Aha! Mystery solved.

    Even with the news that Boss is unprotected, still seems pretty crazy to protect 2 keepers. (Three was unfathomable, which was another reason I suspected the original list was messed up.) Pick your top keeper and let the other go unprotected.


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