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The latest from Donovan’s German Excursion


While the U.S. national team prepares for its upcoming World Cup qualifier against Guatemala on Wednesday, Landon Donovan is half a world away, still training with Bayern Munich.

The fine folks at Bayern Munich were kind enough to shoot a video of today’s training session, with a special focus on Donovan. Several of Bayern’s top players are on international duty, but the video still offers a long look at Donovan in training (apparently the Germans have caught on to the fact that American soccer fans are suckers for video clips.) You can skip past the first 10 minutes of the video (unless you’re a fan of stretching exercises and simple warm-ups.

While there has been no new information or news about a potential Donovan transfer to Bayern I am going to set the line at 5-1 on Donovan moving to Bayern Munich this winter. Place your (imaginary) bets here.

Share your thoughts on the video, and Donovan’s German vacation, in the comments section below.


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