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Yura Movsisyan’s back-heel winner

There was only one game-winning goal scored in the first round of the MLS playoffs this week. It was by none other than Real Salt Lake Yura Movsisyan.

The same man who scored the key equalizer in the regular season finale against Colorado to get Real Salt Lake into the playoffs ended today’s playoff opener against Colorado with a stunning 90th-minute back-heel goal that has to be seen to be believed.




  1. I probably can guess the answer…but did this beauty (or any other MLS playoff highlights) make Sportscenter? Or was college gridiron and week one of NBA too much?


  2. Hopefully movsisyan can become an american citizen so he can play for the nats. He has potential and could proably already play for the u-23’s.

  3. Ummm, if that’s not a clear demonstration of why we love the game, I don’t know what is.

    Super heads up, clutch play and

    Oh. So. Pretty.

  4. What a ballsy way to win a game! How many other players would try that with their team’s playoff future on the line? Good thing it went in.

  5. Kpugs, I’ll oblige: it was nice, but not overly impressive. He didn’t exactly hit the ball that solidly. Obviously a huge goal in a big spot, but I don’t even think it was the best individual effort of the day. I think that goes to Angel on his goal, and I personally find Arnaud’s rocket of a header more fun to watch than Movsisyan’s goal.

  6. What, none of the haters have popped in to say what’s the big deal? It was a fluke? Luck?

    Sick goal…pure filth. Nicely done.


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