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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

 Juan Riquelme (AP)

Good morning all. A very entertaining weekend of soccer action kicks off today with some can't-miss match-ups and a full slate of EPL matches.

The headliner today is Boca Juniors-San Lorenzo in their Argentine Apertura playoff decider. San Lorenzo can clinch the league title with a win while Boca could set itself up for the league title with a win of its own.

If you will be watching today's action on TV, please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action (today's schedule of matches on TV is after the jump):

Saturday matches on TV

  • 10am- Setanta USA-Sunderland at Hull 

  • 10am- FSC- Portsmouth at Bolton

  • 12:15pm- Setanta USA- Crystal Palace at Sheffield United

  • 12:30pm- FSC- Aston Villa at West Ham

  • *2pm- GolTV- Valencia at Real Madrid

  • 2:30pm- FSC- Inter Milan at Siena

  • 2:55pm- Setanta USA- Lyon at Caen

  • *3:30pm- Fox Sports Espanol- Boca Juniors vs. San Lorenzo (LIVE)

  • 4pm- GolTV- Atletico Madrid at Espanyol

  • 4:30pm- FSC- Palermo at Lazio

  • 5pm- Setanta USA- Middlesbrough at Fulham

  • 8pm- FSC- Stoke City at Blackburn

  • 11pm- FSC- Boca Juniors vs. San Lorenzo

  • 2:30am- FSC- Gamba Osaka vs. Pachuca (FIFA Club World Cup 3rd-place game)


  1. So at the end of today, how crazy is the bottom of the EPL table?

    15 Newcastle
    16 Spurs
    17 West Ham
    18 Man City
    19 Blackburn

    Big names down there!

  2. A Riquelme cross is headed down and across the top of the box where the attacker makes a sweet shot fake, a quick touch, and fires into the lower right.

    It’s final now, 3-1 Boca Juniors.

  3. 90th min, SLO make a change and Boca try to close this one out, +4 added.

    I can’t believe Riquelme would be suspended, it’s a play-off, you should only miss the next if you are RC’d in this (sez me).

  4. Man, I was just about to comment on how Boca seems content to defend and what a bad idea that is. I feel like their keeper whoever happens to start lets weak ones in during big games. Like the weak goal they let in against Fluminense earlier this year in the Copa.

  5. OMG i know im late to comment on the collision in the San Lorenzo Boca match. I was typin somethin and glanced up when the announcer started to get serious. I saw a Boca player immediatley stick his fingers down the throat of the injured player and immediately was taken back to the Antonio Puerta incident where Sevilla players did the same thing. Thank god it only seemed to be a seizure as opposed to what it couldve been. Question, and if anyone has an answer I would love to know. Is it mandatory for leagues worldwide to have a doctor or some sort of medical professional pitchside ready to handle a situation that occured today. It always seems when an incident like this occurs it take the doctor or medical team a ridiculous amount of time to get on the scene

  6. Today has to be one of the hotest days here in Buenos Aires so far this summer. I was dying all afternoon. Local news is showing all of the people being brought out of the stands due to heat stroke or something.

  7. First half finally ends after almost 10 mins of injury time, 1-0 Boca. The goal was a little lucky, it wasn’t a great header but it bounced off a defender and over the keeper into the net.

  8. Scary stuff. 2 players collided going for a header, SLO player knocked the front of his head against the back of the Boca man’s head, and Boca dude looked unconscious as he hit the turf, there was a nasty shot of his eyes rolled back in his head. Both players are taken off on stretchers.

    Man, hard to get back to soccer after that…

  9. Awesome for Dempsey and Fulham! They needed a win, unbeaten streaks are nice, but too many ties in a row will kill ya.

    I’m glad I looked in, I thought the Boca – SLO match was at 11, but it’s on now, 0-0 18th. Both sides have had nice attacks in the 3 mins I’ve been watching.

  10. Docsoccer and Simms21,

    ‘great hold up ability, a link up player and does little things’

    are you sure we’re not talkin’ about Brian Ching.

  11. Dempsey 😀 What a great early Christmas gift, if Fulham can win next friday, they are for sure will end the season in the top half of the table. They could actually qualify for the UEFA Cup.

  12. I think that they do it because he has great hold up ability and Dean Ashton is injured. And also their midfield is pretty bad so they need Cole to hold up the ball till people can come up and support Cole and Bellamy.

  13. dempsey is kicking butt, surpirsed he didnt get a card for that. i have a question that I doubt anyone knows the answer. why does west ham start carlton cole week after week. he never scores and they have players like diego tristan david di michelle and luis boa morta on the bench. is it because hes a great link up player and does little things like HEskey? thats all i can think of because when he was at villa, chelsea and now west ham hes never impressed me.

  14. The Osaka-Pachuca game is one to look forward to. Two teams that play good attacking soccer. Should be somewhat like the Gold Medal game at the Olympics.


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