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The Special One: The Champions League Draw and Rooney live in Japan

Admit it, when you saw the draw for the Champions League round of 16, and you saw the Manchester United-Inter Milan pairing, one of the first things you thought of was I'm On Setanta Sports and what the comedy geniuses from Setanta would come up with.

Well, IOSS certainly did not disappoint. There have been plenty of funny clips in the past, but this one had me absolutely rolling. I'm sure you will laugh as well.


SBI's Favorite lines:

  • Konichiwa der like.

  • Dat's serendipitous, dat is.

  • Me body clock has to equalize der like.

  • You won't have to voyuer, you will be destroyed by Roma.

  • "Big in JAPAN!!!"

Could this be the best episode of IOSS ever? It just might be.

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i agree that the episode with Stevie g’s english lessons was still the best but this is some pretty funny sh-t….how do they keep coming up with such good material week after week…

  2. “It was all Rio’s idea gaffer!”

    Pure quality, perhaps my favorite one along with “Battle for Berba” and Sven’s introduction as “It”.

  3. Anytime Ronny the puppet shows up, it is a great episode.

    But the best one is the debut of Ronny the puppet in front of Britain has talent.

    The boy: “What do you Ronny?”
    Ronny: “The step-over”
    The boy: “Do you track back?”
    Ronny: “No track back”


    The Battle for Berba was also really funny.

  4. José was riffing on a quote from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar: “Cry “Havoc!” and let slip the dogs of war!”

    José “let slip the dogs of Champions” I guess.

  5. FIFA World Club Competition spoiler alert …

    Quito was awful today. I expected much more from them especially after being a man up. Disappointing final.

  6. “The Game” was legendary, and Roy winning the game while being out of the game put it over the top. I hope they riff on that again. This episode was average, which is, of course, fantastic. I could have used more Alex and wasn’t quite sold on the delay gimmick, but the karaoke was sweet. What was The Special One’s line in the opening, does he say “let sleep the dogs of champions”? And what does Alex say after “pretty boy”?

    Man, I hope they hook us up with some US-Mex coverage in Feb. Say it with me – Landon Donovan puppet!


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