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Will Beckham stay at Milan?

David Beckham 2 (Reuters) 

David Beckham scored his first Serie A goal for AC Milan on Sunday, and caused even more of a stir by hinting that his return to the Los Angeles Galaxy after a loan spell with Milan is not assured.

"I can't say what will happen," Beckham said after Milan's 4-1 win vs. Bologna. "Even if my contract says that I'll be here until March. We'll have to see.

"At the moment I'm enjoying this experience. I'm at one of the biggest clubs in the world. And having won gives us confidence to continue."

Whether Beckham was just being polite, or if he's actually pondering a stay in Italy, his performance on Sunday certainly provided evidence that he can be a major contributor for AC Milan if he were to stay.

Here is Beckham's goal:

What do you think of the situation? Think Beckham will stay in Italy, or do you see him honoring at least the final year of his MLS contract before he can opt out after the 2009 season?

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  1. Just read a few more posts, milan will not pay $30 million for becks lol maybe 1-2 million thats it.

    Im so unsure about this he would want to stay i can see that but he has committed so much to us soccer.

    He wants to grow football there.

    Possibly a long loan signing 18 months???

    that would take him up to the 2010 world cup for england, and could still promote the MLS during the European off season?

    If he moved permanantly to milan he would want to come back to US eventually.

  2. Guys ive watched Beckham since i was a kid, we were even at the same bobby charlton soccer schools when we we 10ish. He is one of the best players of the media i have ever seen.

    I see a few sites where the american fans are not too happy with him. Well what would make you love him again????

    Maybe turning down one of, if not the most sucessful teams of the modern era.

    America will think hes serious about the MLS and becks will be a hero again. Like signing all over again.

    He will be crazy fit after being with milan, and would fly for you guys next season.

    Or possibly he might stay, but his wife is more powerful than anyone in his life and what she says go’s, thats why hes in MLS now. He wanted to go to AC 2 years ago, victoria threw a fit and here you go.

    Personally as an english guy, i would love to see him stay, hes playing well and milan are reknowned for lenghening a players carrier, with maldini (40) costacurta who was 41 last yr, emerson 35-36 shevchenko 32, seedorf must be 35.

    The whole team is aging yet they are still doing it.

    Anyway good luck to the MLS and our american cousins

  3. I think becks is too nice to just come out and say he wants to stay at milan, and knows what is expected of him (returning to mls), he is a man of his word, but i bet milan will come in and try and arrange something with the galaxy. maybe stay for the rest of the season and come back then?? becks is desperate to play for england in the world cup again and will be his last pop at the cup, so he may decide to stay at milan as this is the only way he is going to be in contention to get in the squad for south africa. i think if he stays and continues to play well as he is now (2 goals in 4 games)…! he gets into the squad for the world cup!! what a resume – Man Utd – Real Madrid – AC Milan (arguably the 3 best teams in they’re own countries ever) he has won the fa cup, premiership,champions league, spanish league one of the most capped players for england ever and soon to have played in 4 world cups?? and scored in 3 of them.stay where you are becks..the galaxy wont get you there!!

  4. Briank, I really don’t understand what idea you’re trying to convey. You said “and that money,…and NOT having to pay Beckham will go a long way.” It is not splitting hairs at all to differentiate between MLS or AEG when we’re talking about the manner in which this money would help MLS or the Galaxy. If you’re talking about helping them in terms of building a team without his salary, it would only take away 400k in cap space which is paid for by MLS…no more than JPA, Blanco, Emilio, Gallardo, Ljungberg, or Schelotto. Saying that paying one person that much under the cap isn’t smart is perfectly OK to argue, but you don’t seem to be saying that. Do you think Beckham is less valuable on the field than Gallardo or Emilio? The second option is that you’re saying that this new money would help MLS and the Galaxy pay for things such as running costs, marketing, academies, etc. And that’s simply not true. AEG has *made money* on the Beckham deal each year, they’re effectively getting his services for a profit. I don’t have a big opinion if MLS should cut Beckham loose for other reasons, but there is no way you can say they should do it for financial reasons to keep MLS in good shape; MLS itself is paying him several hundred grand a year, make more than that because of increased exposure and ticket sales, and AEG itself is running a profit.

  5. Scott,

    To say that there is a difference between MLS and AEG is splitting hairs. Uncle Phil,…who owns Galaxy is also the main benefactor of MLS.

    MLS has gotten a lot of mileage from Beckham and should take the coin and run.

  6. I think this is GREAT news for MLS. Both Becks and Donovan are proving MLS players can get it done in Europe. Also, the fact that he got the loan deal makes it MORE LIKELY that big time tweener players who are on the MLS fence such as Thierry Henry, Michael Owen, Luis Figo, Del Piero, etc will consider MLS because they still have a shot at playing big time football in Europe.

    I say let Beckham and Donovan finish out the European season and return to the MLS in the summer after they get a few weeks off to recover. Could you imagine the shot in the arm the MLS would get with players such as Beckham and Donovan coming back with European championships?! The Euro players considering MLS could then say hey, I could play in America but still have a shot at big time European football if I choose to go that route.

    Bravo to Beckham and Donovan for the stellar play and carrying the MLS banner overseas.

  7. Andy in Atlanta: Adu might have been playing better against some kids. But he couldn’t get minutes in Portugal so he was loaned to Monaco, where he has been very effective sitting on the bench. Meanwhile in Italy: Pato is killing it against the best defenses in world.

    Yeah, at this point, Adu is MUCH better.

  8. Just recall that back in November Portsmouth drew 2-2 with the all mighty Milan…Serie A is getting worse and worse every year…

  9. I don’t think any of you get it…Milan has no interest in paying a fee for David…they just want the loan to continue…Also for whomever says Pato is some god…Freddy Adu schooled him in the U-20s last year…Milan is a good team but they are maybe 5th in the Prem with all that “talent”…Man City in Black and Red if you ask me…

  10. He scores one goal and the whole world thinks he’s the greatest. Damn, I like the guy a lot, but its just one goal. He can suck next week and the word is that Milan wants to get rid of him earlier than the original 3 months. He beat the goalie near post…come one! The real issue is why did the goalie give up such a poor angled shot? MLS better not release him from his contract or they shouldn’t sell him anything less than $50-$75 million. His worth on and off is worth that much to the league and everyone knows it.

  11. I think Beckham and Donovan thriving in Europe only helps the reputation of MLS and LAG. They should both be sold now.

    Donovan will have his loan extended, and then will be officially sold in June.

    Beckham will come back and Garber & Co. will spend all of 2009 trying to convince him not to opt-out in November.

    While having Landon and David on the team has been fun, the cost-benefit analysis just doesn’t work in favor of LAG. The Galaxy need the cap room to build a solid team, and those sales would free up $750,000 in cap room.

  12. My guess is Beckham will stay in LA. His primary objective is to play on the English National squad. Milan is just a means to achieve that objective. Given his age, he’s got a much longer player lifeline in the US than he would at Milan or anywhere in Europe. He also likes the living and limelight in LA. He’ll be back in MLS!

  13. Beckham should stay in Milan, and come back to the Galaxy after playing in Milan for the next two seasons. The Galaxy are not ready for his services, and it should build a foundation before accepting a marquee player.

  14. I am personally hoping that he stays. His game is getting better, he’s more of a team player, and he’s redeeming himself in the eyes of the US footie community.

  15. Beckham should be honest and say, “MLS is way too friggin Bush League for me and my talents. All I did was help them sell Jerseys and that’s really all they wanted anyways.”

    Speak the truth, son!

  16. Someone said Becks likes being the ambassador for the MLS? How come the only place we see him is driving his kids to school or walking in downtown LA. He is never on ESPN, FSC, Gol TV promoting the sport. He came here for a pay day, thats all it is. He did the same thing Robinho did with Man City. They thought that money would bring them happiness. But when your job sucks balls youre not going to be happy. Beckham thought he was going to come over here in the MLS and run it, but it is a different league and you cant buy championships in the MLS. He wants to be in Milan not LA. He is a super star in both places but only in LA because he is “hot” and popular. In Milan he is recognized because of his abilities not cuz every one else wants to sell his picture to the tabloids. i say 7-8 mil for him and adios.

  17. That was the first credible quote where he actually sounded like he wanted to stay in milan; not a good sign. MLS is not going to be able to get a respectable fee for him, which is going to make the situation all the more embarrassing when it actually comes to a head.

    On another note, I’ve caught brief looks at his games with ac and even though I’m a beckham advocate, he does not make their team any better by being on the field.


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