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MLS Pre-season: Red Bulls down River Plate reserves, 2-1

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A first-half goal from Dane Richards off a Khano Smith cross, and a second-half strike by Andrew Boyens helped the New York Red Bulls down the River Plate reserves, 2-1, in a pre-season friendly in Argentina on Thursday morning.

Playing without Juan Pablo Angel, who was rested as a precaution after suffering a slight leg injury in the team's 2-1 win vs. Velez Sarsfield, the Red Bulls jumped out to an early lead in the third minute when Smith sent in a cross to Richards, who finished from close range.

Led by former D.C. United midfielder Marcelo Gallardo, River Plate equalized in the 33rd minute when Red Bulls trialist Aklie Edwards sent an attempted clearance into his own net.

Boyens scored the winner in the 73rd minute when he collected a long Sinisa Ubiparipovic corner kick in the penalty area and blasted a left-footed shot into the low corner to make the score 2-1.

For more details on the match, go to the Red Bulls team blog. Here are some video highlights of the match, courtesy of Dave Martinez at The Offside:

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  1. OK i wouldn’t say this is river plate resevres now, they had gallardo, along with several starters, and an ex national team defender. This wasn’t even our starting lineup either so this definitely was a great accomplishment.

  2. they look like soccer dorks? I dont think that is such a bad thing…and i am of the opinion that his crosses (in the air) are trash…lets hope he keeps it down and not in the stands.

  3. yeah, i have to agree with ethan – the debate over the meaning of a cross has a bunch of you looking like a bunch of dorks.

  4. A victory for the ages.

    Posted by: aristotle | February 26, 2009 at 12:47 PM

    come on people, it’s just a friendly not copa libertadores….nontheless good work by Red Bulls!!

  5. Actually, Danny has a point: the concerns of Smith’s “crossing” is more the type that flies into the box in the air. It seems that he’s got the ground “crosses” down, as that was a great pass. Let’s hope his “air” crosses are as good, then we can all stop worrying.

  6. Eugene,

    I do agree with you there, if he gets 10 of those I will be thrilled and never question JCO pickup again.

    And I’ll also add that that was a very good pass and he showed great pace and vision. I just feel that isn’t the type of “cross” that people are concerned about.

    Having said that, I totally agree–any opportunities he makes I will be thrilled. I’m not rooting against him, thats for sure!

    And the respect is mutual…

  7. Danny,

    I always respect your opinions and insight, so I’m coming from a position of respect, but if Smith has 10 assists like that this season and not one of them is a “cross” in your definition, I really couldn’t care less.

    He makes the pass, creates the opportunity and it leads to a goal. Whether it’s through the air or on the ground, whether he passes with his head or his foot, an assist is an assist.

  8. Haha! I love the part where #19(Richards I think) get taken right off the ball and leads to the River score. Whoever comes in to shoulder him gives him a good one. Had to watch that several times.

  9. JoeD,

    Its not worth going into a discussion of what is meant by “cross”. Can we agree that is not the type of cross that NYRB fans are concerned about Khano producing?

  10. It can be an underhand, high arc softball lob for all I care.

    The bottom line is the “pass/cross”, whatever you wish to call it, resulted in a goal. That’s all that matters. Assists are assists.

  11. Winning is better than a kick in the head. I’ve actually heard of some of the River Plate guys other than Gallardo, so not exactly a no name team they beat, though certainly not the first team.

    I’m looking forward to the season to start already.

  12. Khano also missed two or three sitters so far.

    And not to be a hater, but that was more of a pass, than a “cross” in my opinion…I know its techincal, but come on guys.

  13. Okay…. im trying not to get excited…. but cannot help it!!!!!

    I hope this is the year we can actually have a good all around year!!!

    Good Red Bulls.!!!

  14. Pietra gets sent off as usual for two yellows. Nothing has changed.

    On the bright side, 2-1 win and River’s goal was an own goal on us. I’ll take it!


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