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USA vs. Mexico Countdown: Finalists for the SBI Banner Contest

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Good afternoon folks. The SBI Banner Contest for the upcoming World Cup qualifier between the USA and Mexico has concluded and after judging more than 40 entries we have come up with seven worthy finalists for you to vote on.

For those of you unfamiliar, earlier this week we asked SBI readers to submit their best banner creations with the theme being tied into the U.S. national team and/or the USA-Mexico match. There were plenty of great entries, and some amazing ideas, which made it tough to pick finalists.

In the end, we went with seven finalists which worked both from an idea standpoint and execution standpoint. We feel these are the banners that have the best chance of looking good and generating a response at the USA-Mexico match. The plan is to take the winning banner, the one chosen by SBI readers, and having that banner created and unveiled at the match. If the winning banner is not compatible for duplication, then we will look to have the best banner recreated.

Thanks to everybody who took the time to submit an entry into the contest. We will be hoping to run a post with all of the entries early next week.

Now, on to the finalists. Here were the seven entries we considered the best of the bunch. Now it is your turn to vote and help pick a winner:

El Chupacabra (by Matthew Brock)


Hindsight is 2-0, 2-0 (Jeff Maurer)


Hope, Nope (by Reyn Cabinte)


This Union (by Garrett Smith)


You will never win (by Alex Swearingen)


More than voodoo (by Anton Jusufi)


Hope, Progress, Change (by David A. Wagner)


Now it is time to vote, pick which of these banners do you think is the best to unveil at Wednesday's USA-Mexico match? Cast your vote now:



Voting will close on sunday at 2pm. I will announce the winning banner on Monday afternoon (which is also when I arrive in Columbus)

Which of these banners did you like the best, and why? Was there a banner you were disappointed to not see in the final seven? Do these banners make you even more anxious for next week's game?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. i can’t believe my Chupacabra is only in 4th place. craziness. even behind an Obama knockoff? it seems like everyone who knows what the chupacabra is (the well-read and Mexicans?) likes it the best. i think it would be the obvious choice for irking Mexican fans. i think it would also be the best looking one when printed. but then again, i may be biased.

    my critique:
    hindsight has too much going on, too many colors, too many pictures. sven? good idea, execution could have been much cleaner.
    voodoo is good and simple. i think the pictures are a little too small and hard to identify. i don’t see why we need to help radioshack/blockbuster with their product promotion. i also think its odd that SBI Mafia is in bigger font than the message. the font is kind of hard to read too.
    hope, progress, change. obama knockoff. not very appealing to me. i guess it appeals to 53% of americans and 70% of Mexicans.

  2. Hindsight is definitely the most clever and will irk the Mexicans the most! If it’s blow up huge, it’ll look great! SBI can put their name on any banner, so that shouldn’t be a deciding factor.

  3. Good banner but remember, the “you” in English, in this context, is in its plural form. “You will never win.” The literal translation in Spanish does not have the same impact as it does in English.

    1. Ustedes nunca ganarán.

    (If the above is chosen instead of the simple present-“ganan”- you must put an accent on the last syllable which is the “a”. If not, the word “ganara” turns into a verb in the subjunctive mood. By the way, it does not matter if it is all in capitals, the accent should be present).

    2. Ustedes nunca ganan.

    3. México nunca ganará.

    4. You can also write: “Méjico nunca ganará.” Spaniards spell Mexico with a “J” and Mexicans hate it.

  4. I like the last hope, progress, change one because it would be great for this game, but we could use it at other matches in the future, where the other wouldn’t work against other opponents

  5. Ted, you should investigate your accusations better. I live in Texas, where our significant Hispanic population originates largely from Mexico and Central America, not from the Caribbean. I’ve been hearing about Chupacabra since at least my college days which, not to date myself, goes back 15 years. A simple search on Wikipedia will reveal that although the legend may have originated there it has spread throughout Latin America, the parts of the United States with a large Hispanic population, and points beyond.

    Personally, I think a “La Llorona” based image would have been even better, with a weeping Virgin of Guadalupe throwing Rafa, Oswaldo Sanchez, and Borgetti in the river. But who am I to speak–I contributed nothing.

    I think I’ll vote for Chupacabra because I like to stereotype.

  6. I was wondering what David Wagner has been up to. But I voted for “Hope/Nope.”

    And enough with the puppet crap. Grown men shouldn’t like puppets, cartoons or collect action figures.

  7. Are you saying that Landon looks like the hideos monster? Man not even the Mexican fans are that hash. JK

    The problem with the chupacabra is that it’s urban legend that originates from Puerto Rico. You just stereotyping that all Hispanics believe in the chupacabra.

  8. who all is in the SBI MAFIA poster? I can’t figure out the guy 2nd to the right.

  9. Chupacabra is good and I almost voted for the one by the guy with the last name Schweriger just cuz i loved Deadwood. Voodoo hands down though

  10. I still love the chupacabra one, still have it as my wallpaper, but Bolivia88’s is awesome.

    Unrelated, but I bought my T&T tickets today, section 107, Row A. First row baby!


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