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Special 1 TV: Jose speaks German and Rooney the Super Sub

The hilarious folks at Special 1 TV were at it again this weekend, delivering another funny episode chock full of appearances from the likes of The Voyuer, Sir Alex and Rafa.


Is there anything better than hearing Wayne Rooney speak German? Probaby not.

What were your favorite parts of this weekend's episode? Share your thoughts below.


  1. First of all, WTF is this pathetic club “Xerez” and why do they think they are too good to play a US National team striker? They should be wetting their drawers over the chance to field a strong prospect like Altidore. All it represents is more of the typical European snobbishness we’ve learned to expect when it comes to American players.

    I’m beginning to think that it’s a waste of time for American field players to go to the bigger European leagues — Not because they are out of their depth, but because there’s such a strong anti-American bias that they just can’t catch a break. Americans should stick to Scandanavian leagues, the Low Countries and Germany in Europe (unless they play goalkeeper, of course) or otherwise play in North America.

  2. Eugene,

    I wasn’t trying to imply that you were criticizing Adu–I was merely stating that there have been dozens of stories about Adu’s time at Monaco and I’m hoping that load doesn’t double with stories about Altidore’s struggle for minutes at Xerez. Honestly, I don’t expect any 19-year-old to go into any first division quality club (Although Xerez are in the second, I think it’s safe to put them in this category) and make an impact right away. I completely agree that if Altidore doesn’t make it on to the field, this whole loan is a waste of time. But he’s still new to the club, still settling in, and, personally, I think we should hold off on accusing Xerez of “wasting his time.” That’s just my opinion. If you disagree, well…fair enough.

  3. Mike Caramba,

    I’m sorry for being harsh, but you were targeting me out of the blue and unprovoked.

    Regarding your reasoning, I didn’t state anything about Jozy being washed up (or Adu for that matter), I was merely pointing that this loan from Villarreal to get more playing time was a waste of time if Xerez wasn’t going to play him. It’s not a comment on Jozy’s form or his potential at all. Villarreal believe in him and they wanted him to get more PT; it’s quite clear that they don’t want to sell him.

    It’s not “Altidore’s failed stint,” it’s Xerez wasting his time. Altidore had 3 or 4 strikers ahead of him at Villarreal. He is a 1st division level striker. If Xerez was going to put him behind 3 or 4 strikers and not play him, than Villarreal should have loaned him to another team — because the training at Xerez isn’t going to be better than what his own club was providing. It’s not even that Altidore would come in and take a starting spot for the promotion chasers, but Xerez has not even given the kid any sub minutes in 3 or 4 matches. I find it very hard to believe that Villarreal would loan him out to sit on the Xerez bench.

  4. Yeesh, that opening was a little harsh, Eugene…

    I’m glad Grella is making the squad for Leeds (note: a third division promotion hopeful), but it doesn’t really change my opinion on the matter. I’ve had to endure months of “is Adu washed up?” and I’m not really interested in doubling that load with stories about Altidore’s failed stint, especially when we’re a month into it. You’re right, if Altidore gets no playing time at Xerez, it will go down as a waste of time. But the kid has 3 veteran strikers sitting ahead of him at the moment–it’s hard to walk into that situation and command a starting spot from the get-go. I say we let it play out instead of getting angry that he didn’t see any playing time in his first 3 (maybe 4?) matches with the club. I, for one, am not prepared to call it a total bust yet.

    And going back to the Grella example, I’d guess Leeds are a little more interested in the development of their property than Xerez is in their teenager who will be gone in half a season. I think it’s a little unfair to compare one player’s experience with their new club with another’s experience on a loan.

  5. When I saw the subliminal message with Jose in the Liverpool jersey, I laughed so hard. This show keeps getting better with each episode.

  6. Considering Grella and Tracy have just recently joined their squads and already getting some minutes I’m not sure its been only a month is a good argument for Jozy. The article on YanksAbroad makes it sound like Xerez isn’t even considering Jozy right now. They hint pretty strongly that if he plays in WC Qualifier he probably won’t get playing time.

  7. @ Caramba

    You can be tired all you want, I really don’t care at all what you are or aren’t tired of hearing.

    I’m pointing out something that is interesting to me, which is that this loan of Altidore to Xerez isn’t accomplishing it’s task of getting him playing time. If it was just for training, he would be better served to train with Villarreal, the club which owns his rights.

    The kid doesn’t even appear to be on the radar there, that’s a story, and it’s a bummer of a loan.

  8. Anyone else tired of hearing about US under-20s not getting enough playing time during their loan spells?

    How long has Jozy been at Xerez? A month? People need to chill out.

  9. Looks like this Xerez loan is a waste of time for Jozy Altidore. He hasn’t gotten a single minute of playing time there.

    Ives, any word on Houston signing the second homegrown player to a pro contract in league history?


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