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MLS Pre-season: Red Bulls tie Argentinos Juniors, 1-1

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A Jorge Rojas free kick helped the New York Red Bulls salvage a 1-1 tie vs. Argentinos Juniors in MLS pre-season action in Argentina on Tuesday morning.

After playing a lineup of mostly reserves in the first half, the Red Bulls fielded closer to a first-team squad in the second half and found a goal in the 77th minute when Rojas drilled a 30-yard free kick around the Argentinos Juniors wall to make the score 1-0.

The lead lasted just two minutes as Gonzalo Aban chipped the equalizer past Danny Cepero for the equalizer in the 79th minute.

The exhibition match saw the Red Bulls welcome two new trialists in 20-year-old left back prospect Nicolas Villafane and 19-year-old right back prospect Gabriel Quirulef, both of the Boca Juniors system.

One trialist who did not play on Tuesday is Spanish defender/midfielder Albert Celades. No word yet on his status with the club.

What do you think of this result? Excited to see Rojas enjoying such a strong pre-season? Concerned that the club still doesn't have fullbacks with the regular season less than three weeks away?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. “Who else is hoping that he was let go from training camp to go back to Spain and start getting ready for his big move to The States?”

    My thoughts exactly… I’ve seen Celades play for a decade now and he really would be a steal for RBNY!

  2. I’m hoping that Celedas isn’t out. He was sounding like a right find but I figured that the money was always going to be a problem with bringing him on.

    I guess we won’t really know until Ives or Red Bull let us know what is going on.

    Who else is hoping that he was let go from training camp to go back to Spain and start getting ready for his big move to The States?

  3. Really hope money doesn’t keep Celades out, really like the idea of an experienced, technically gifted passer out of the back, keeping defenses from collapsing on Rojas. But given the need to maximize depth while trying to get equal talent and low salary, what is an MLS team to do? Sucks for us. 🙁 Watch him latch on with DC now…

  4. ives…, why do favor the red bulls? it seems like everyday you have new info. on the bulls but not really for any other mls teams. whats the deal?

  5. I think Celedes is out, too much money.

    I’m hearing Pacheco is in, however. This is according to B.Lewis over at that paper…

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    It is a sad day for sports and a sad day for Pakistan, who’s future looks increasingly bleak. High profile sporting events such as this one can be a positive showcase for the nation hosting it, but, as seen in this case, it can also be an opportunity for cowards to push their own destructive agenda.

  7. I’ve said it before, just give Rojas a little bit of time and he’ll prove to be a dangerous player in MLS. I believe his pre-season performance will continue into the MLS regular season.

  8. Not bad considering Argentinos Juniors fielded their first team and RBNY did not. But i hope celades did not leave, i was really looking forward to a guy like him anchoring new yorks backline.


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