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Pacheco won’t be joining Red Bulls for two more weeks

Alfredo Pacheco (AP) 

The New York Red Bulls are going to have to wait a bit longer to see their new left back, Salvadoran national team defender Alfredo Pacheco.

Pacheco was kept from joining the Red Bulls due to travel document issues that did not allow him to travel to the United States. Pacheco has already signed his contract with the Red Bulls, which made him ineligible to travel to the United States on the tourist visa he was planning to come here on.

That means Pacheco won't meet up with the Red Bulls for two more weeks because he has been called up by the El Salvador national team for its upcoming World Cup qualifier against the United States on March 28th and Costa Rica on April 1st (in a match where he could face against soon-to-be teammate Carlos Johnson). Pacheco will join the national team's training camp on Tuesday. He has continued to train with his soon-to-be former club, CD FAS, while he awaits the finalization of his loan move to the Red Bulls.

Pacheco should be able to join the Red Bulls in time for their April 5th match against the Chicago Fire. In the meantime, Kevin Goldthwaite will be handling the left back duties for the Red Bulls.

What do you think of this development? Will you be watching the USA-El Salvador qualifier that much more closely to see Pacheco in action? Think Pacheco will be an upgrade from Goldthwaite at left back? Looking forward to seeing him in a Red Bulls uniform?

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  1. Give this guy couple weeks to assimilate into the new team, I believe he’ll be a valuable asset to the team.

    Pacheco is a talented soccer player, one of the few good players in the Salvadorean National Team. Unfortunately, he has not have a chance to practice with RB’s, so it will be a while before we see any good results.

  2. The El Salvador national team went on strike because they weren’t sufficiently compensated for their qualification to the hexagonal. I’m surprised Carlos de Los Cobos has stayed on board for so long.

  3. I’ve seen pacheco play in a couple of CONCACAF tournaments, he a tough, hustle type of player, i think he is an up grade from goldthwaite.. although i totally agree, RBNY front office should of had him training with the team in Argentina.

  4. Wait, didn’t Rojas miss some games do to visa issues? And Cichero?

    The Red Bulls front office need to do a better job of sweating the small stuff: not keeping track of things like this is just pathetic.

  5. John,
    I don’t think it’s that Ives doesn’t care for either team, but rather that as a journalist, it his job to stay objective. It would be an oxymoron to be an objective supporter.

  6. Ives,

    I thought you were a Red Bulls and USMNT supoorter! Although I greatly enjoy and appreciate your writing about both, I am kind of disappointed to learn that you don’t care for them.

  7. I am pleased that Osorio has tried to identify young talented players from CONCACAF to bolster the roster BUT,…as someone pointed out above,….preseason is over and this guy has not practiced with the team, doesn’t know the coach or players. I am not impressed with the front office handling of this acquisition.

  8. I’m looking forward to seeing Pacheco play with the Red Bulls. But he’s never practiced with the team, and hasn’t even met the other players, let alone gelled with the other defenders. I think it will be quite a while before he’s truly integrated into the defense at left back.

  9. No worries BFBS, I didn’t take offense. I think some people are genuinely oblivious to my role and the fact that I’m not a fan so I don’t mind explaining it when someone asks an honest question about it.

  10. BFBS, I don’t root for the Red Bulls, nor do I root for the U.S. national team. I’m a reporter who covers both teams and have done so for ten years. I write about the Red Bulls more than most teams because I live in New Jersey, but no, I’m not a Red Bulls fan.


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