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Parke plays with Vancouver, close to signing deal with Whitecaps

Free agent defender and former MLS standout Jeff Parke is close to signing with the Vancouver Whitecaps after joining the USL club for training last week. He could sign with the Whitecaps and play for the club until the summer, at which time he would be free to explore European options.

Parke joined the Whitecaps for training last week and played in Vancouver's recent pre-season victory against Seattle University. Here is an interview Parke gave about his time with the Whitecaps (his interview starts at the 1:50 mark):

What do you think of Parke's potential move to Vancouver? Disappointed that he's not with Seattle? Still hoping your favorite MLS team trades for his rights?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. MLS usually wants a 3 or 4 year commitment. Vancouver was willing to pay him for 1 year.

    On paper he should be better than Marshall, but Marshall has had a good start and is a veteran force that Sigi knows well. Seattle has $160k committed to Marshall and would exhibit poor player management if they cut Graham 1 month into the season. The timing of the suspension and failed trip to Europe couldn’t have been worse.

  2. This guy can go up to Vancouver and play. I as a Sounders Supporter I could careless. Marshall and Hurtado are first choice over him any day of the week and wahl has shown in his cameo apperances that he is competent enough.

    This guy walked out on his Euro attempt, walked out on the MLS and Seattle and acts like Vancouver is a better opportunity for him.

    He is not very bright.

  3. How is it that Jeff Parke scoffed at NY’s and Seattle’s contract offer, but is singing with the Whitecaps. Do they have a DP rule we don’t know about? 😉

  4. posts rules. I wasn’t using conjecture. But since so many never bother to actually read them …

    The relevant sections are

    IIIC: When a player’s contract expires, the player does not count against the roster or budget of the team in question. A team retains the rights to the player indefinitely following the expiration of a contract only if attempts were made to re-sign the player.

    IV: OUT OF CONTRACT PLAYERS / OPTIONS NOT PICKED UP: a team retains the right of first refusal to the player indefinitely only if attempts were made to re-sign the player.

    Indefinitely is the key word. “DRAFTED BUT NOT SIGNED” section applies only to the SuperDraft. The expansion draft is just about switching teams so Seattle took New York’s place in losing Parke to contract expiration (meaning Parke is a free agent outside of MLS). Seattle owns Parke’s MLS rights forever, unless one day a new CBA is negotiated that includes free agency within MLS.

    Vancouver can sign him to the USL team without compensating Seatlle, no question about that. He’s a free agent. The issue would be in 2011 when they’d possibly keep him for their MLS side.

  5. JD, if he’s playing for the Whitecaps how is someone in MLS going to “pick him up this summer”? You don’t think someone in MLS is actually going to pay Vancouver for him, especially since he still has to sit out some games for his suspension, do you?

  6. So how long does Seattle have his rights for? Expansion draft rules different from SuperDraft? Who can give concise info and not conjecture? Help please. Can Vancouver sign him without any compensation to Seattle. I know, I know, different leagues. Will Philly or Vanc. need to trade/compensate the Sounders for his rights. Who knows?

  7. This is just a stop gap measure.

    In 2010, he’ll either find a job overseas or play for the new MLS team in Philly (his hometown).

  8. Mikeymikemikers-

    I am zee special one ;).

    I didn’t know he was the next Rio Ferdinand.

    Didn’t mean to make it so personal, just didn’t know who he was or what all the hype on him was all about.

  9. Parke has failed to recognize that he needs the MLS more than the MLS needs him.

    It’s a shame for Seattle, which could use him. But at this point in the season, with the roster Seattle already has, it would be stupid for the team to pay too much for Parke. It’s unclear if he’s among the Sounders best two central defenders, and he would almost definitely disrupt the team’s chemistry.

  10. He’s a starter-level player in MLS and was the starter last year for NYRB who seem to miss him now. So of course him finding a new club should be a topic on this blog.

  11. Heh heh…yes! I will get to heckle him when the Whitecaps play the MN Thunder. We’ll make sure to have plenty of Jungle Fever on hand for you!

  12. With the exception of very, very few picks the MLS draft is largely meaningless. But teams still seem to value picks.

    How the Red Bulls (or, insert team of your choice here) could let this happen without offering up a couple of draft picks that would just turn into guys they cut, as well as one of their terrible, terrible defenders or even a couple of players, is beyond me. This is awful.

    A guy who could have played for several teams in Europe, and could play for any team in MLS, signing with Vancouver. Yippee.

    Reason number 48790894038490 why this league is still a joke.

  13. Matt M,, there was an article of week or two ago about his European trails and it was mentioned that despite interest from clubs they were a little hesitant when they got wind of his suspension. In the end it severely hampered him. In the summer when time has elapsed and he’s back to playing, I don’t think he will have any problems latching onto a European side. But he has to let the wounds heal from his suspension first.

  14. I’m sorry, is Parke really so good that European teams are lining up for him?

    I think he’s competant but this sort of buzz for a mediocre central defenders sounds pointless.

    He’s not bad but should he be the subject of some many blogs?

  15. Would MLS let Seattle give him a 1 year contract? But I agree that Jeff has made some poor decisions. Whoever told him that he could trial with success in Europe while facing a steroid ban gave him horrible advice. He may be set for 2 years of USL play to get a decent contract now and that’ll stunt whatever small chance he had of USMNT consideration. I’d guess could’ve had several years of 6 figure salaries if he had re-signed a year or two ago.

  16. It seems to me he is playing his hand very poorly. He should have taken his medicine and signed a one year contract for $70-80K with Seattle. At this point he would have had two games remaining on his suspension and he would be playing with a good team with tremendous atmosphere. At the end of this season he would have been free to move on and the taint from the supplements would have been history.

    Instead,…it appears he is being unreasonable with contract demands, the suspension is still hanging over his head, he is training with USL and MLS has all of the leverage because he failed to impress in Europe.

    Who is advising this guy?

    Jeff,…please feel free to contact me when you need some sound advice.

  17. “Draft rights” means “Super”draft rights not “Expansion” draft rights. If Parke turned down a minimum contract from Seattle, they should hold his rights until he retires.

    No team has ever waived Jeff Parke. NYRB left him available in the expansion draft because they thought he was going to Europe. Seattle commited their cap dollars before he ever reported.

  18. If he is such an amazing player, how come two MLS teams have waived him?

    Never heard of him. Don’t care to be honest.

  19. Draft rights are held for two years, so if Parke doesn’t want to play in the top flight league of the USA and Canada for 2009 or 2010 he could camp out in BC (honestly, it is a fine place to live), but I’m betting that he’s trusting an agent and a desperate team to reach an agreement with Seattle.

    Of course Seattle may have to lower its asking price, but shortly a starting CB will go down, because someone always does, and that team will be desperate, and all of the sudden Jeff Parke’s value skyrockets, because according to the Seattle Times quoting the leauge, his suspension is over in week four whether he is signed or not.

  20. It’ll be interesting to see if they get him longterm. The gave Pozniak what amounted to a 2 month contract last season so that he could leave for Europe in the summer. So my guess is that it’s either that over again or they get him on a 3+ year contract for 2011 MLS.

    I wonder what MLS would do about such a “rights” scenario? Would Seattle require compensation?

  21. glad to see Parke get an opportunity! he’s a good guy, he’ll do fine. i miss him here in NY but i’m sure he’ll do well wherever he ends up. best of luck to him!


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