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Report: Deal will keep Beckham at Milan until summer

David Beckham (AFP) 

David Beckham will be staying at AC Milan after all. Well, at least until the summer.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting that the Los Angeles Galaxy and AC Milan have reached an agreement on a deal that will keep Beckham with Milan through the end of the Serie A season. The move would mean that Beckham could not re-join the Galaxy until July 15, which would cause Beckham to miss more than half the MLS regular season (17 total Galaxy games).

The LA Times is also suggesting that the new agreement is worth more than $10 million, a seemingly outrageous figure for simply extending a loan two more months. Whether that figure includes the value of players being included from Milan remains to be seen.

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  1. To all TRUE MLS FANS and most importantly RED BULL FANS

    we must show up to his few games not to cheer, but to boo this english pompous ass! He is a liar, comming to this league to grow the sport or to establish the Beckham brand (MORE LIKE IT)! It was never about soccer, it was all about him! We need to let him have it NY/DC Tor/ fire/crew ECT.. Style in every stadium in MLS. I never thought I’d say that Blanco is a better investment, but he is now! As far as the rest of the English/Americans (Cohen)you invented the game, but the spaniards and italians perfected it…you hold on to 1966 like the NY Rangers (hockey) use to hold on to 1940! THE USA WILL WIN A WORLD CUP BEFORE ENGLAND WILL AGAIN! The Epl is the best league, but there are very few world class English players, so much so they will need a 34 year old Beckham to round out their roster. SO MLS FANS UNITE AND BOO THIS CLOWN, MLS EXISTED BEFORE BECKS AND WILL AFTER!!!

  2. wow, it sure sucks to be a Galaxy fan these days. ha ha. This might benefit the MLS bank balance but i don’t see how this helps the Galaxy at all…

  3. Miguel,

    He’s probably not playing the NY game on July 18th because of the turf in Giants stadium. No turf for Goldenballs, that’s a a no-no… lol

  4. Anyone know the answer to this question:

    Is Beckham’s defection directly effecting Barcelona’s decision to pull away on the Miami bid?

    Cohen on Fox Football Phone in said that tonight. Has anyone heard this info elsewhere?

  5. This is all a horrible distraction for soccer in the United States. I really wish Beckham would have never come over. This is all very disrespectful to our league, even if it isn’t close to the top leagues in the world.

  6. Wow–I can’t believe all the people who honestly think that MLS is getting a $10 deal from AC Milan to extend the loan. That’s not how I read it.

    The article that Ives is referencing says that the arrangement is worth $10 million. Now, part of that arrangement is….insurance (in case he gets hurt), Beckham’s buyout fee (which comes in November). I bet part of it is money that Milan sends to LAG from Beckham shirt sales in 2010. There is probably a friendly in there somewhere. And that’s how you get the $10 million figure.

    It’s a major screw job. Oh, MILS gets to say “we kept Beckham.” But here’s the deal folks:
    –he misses half the season
    –he comes back tired (not rested–gee, remember what happened when he came directly from Real Madrid?)
    –LAG supposedly has cap space until he gets back but pray-tell, just who do they sign? What player are they going to sign for $200-$350k knowing that he’s going to be cut just before MLS contracts become guaranteed for the year? Oh, they’ll find someone (Tony Sanneh maybe).
    –Oh, and Beckham will be flying across the channel for a couple of England matches during this time too (my understanding is that it’s 3 matches).

    This deal allows Lieweke to insist they kept Beckham, not have to refund money to sponsors or season ticketholders. But it doesn’t help the league in terms of prestige or competition, it hoses the LAG something royally (I don’t like them as a team but really, this is a hose job). The league should have sold him for $3 million and said “we don’t want to stand in the way of him playing for England” and all of this would have been resolved. Arena and Co. could have planned their roster around one DP (Donovan–who is going to miss matches this summer for the Gold Cup, Confed Cup and WCQs) instead of putting in a temporary player to be replaced by a tired Beckham in July.


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