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Toronto FC TV covers Week 2


Toronto FC had a bit of luck go its way in week two of the MLS season as a Gino Padula own goal helped TFC score a precious road point in a 1-1 tie vs. Columbus on Saturday. More than 1,500 TFC fans made the trip to Columbus for the match, providing just a taste of what's to come for Toronto FC when it plays its first match at BMO Field this season.

The folks at Toronto FC TV take a look back at that match, while also looking ahead to the team's home opener, on Saturday against the Seattle Sounders.

Here is the latest episode of Toronto FC TV. Enjoy:


  1. Well Jack, sorry about my accusations then!! I’ve been a little agitated lately and snapping at everyone. Not because of this incident, just stressed out 😉

    I didn’t go to the game either so I don’t know exactly how much my opinion is worth, but it seems that it was mostly blown out of proportions. There were idiots and damage was done. Some fans didn’t appreciate the large police presence just waiting for them to slip up. It didn’t help that they brought a helicopter in either. There were some scuffles among fans, a few fans were maced and others were tasered. Then there was the scarf and jersey trading that also was going on between the two sides. Everyone basically getting to know each other. That’s all really, both good and bad.

    The problem I have with quoting Toronto media is that while the rest of the league thinks our city is obsessed with TFC, the team is in the back of the mind for most of our media outlets. They really have no clue what goes on with this team. And while they’ll be quick to brand all TFC fans as “hooligans” for this (yeah definitely something our league doesn’t need), these same writers will go and talk about the passion of hockey fans who riot and how amazing it is that they love their team. Just hypocrisy really. Now excuse me while I go search for MLS news under a mountain of preseason baseball articles *barf*.

  2. This hooligan stuff is really stupid on both sides. If you guys really want the authentic European experience, that would require a ban on booze at the stadiums.

  3. Not tattle tallying at all, just asking for someone to find out what happened and report the facts. What are the facts? That is the question. It seems as if the Columbus Dispatch and a couple of papers in Toronto are reporting that yes, some acted like idiots. I make no accusations, I am just relaying what I have read. If you would, or could read, you would note in my first post that I said I WASN”T THERE, so how can I know the truth? I don’t, it seems as if Ives, though, might find out what is going on and report his findings. You see, I find hooliganism wrong, no matter if it is Columbus or Toronto, or anyone else. I am just requesting Ives to investigate and see what went on, for I think he is not biased for either side

  4. Jack, the Toronto media is never impressed!! Any one of our teams can ride the opponent out of town and you will still see negativity in every article about our performance. There’s no pleasing that beast ahaha!

    And yes, some of our fans acted like idiots. They embarrassed our city. But at least get your facts straight before you make accusations. What will your tattle-tallying solve?? Do you really want the league to stop traveling fans from supporting their teams??

  5. Gang, I think the focus here is not to debate what happened at the game, there will probably always be different opinions regardless of the facts. That needs to be addressed elsewhere.

    Meanwhile, it says a lot for TFC that they are able to get that many fans to travel. I was also impressed with TFC-TV. I thought they did a nice job with it. Maybe the Crew can pick up some ideas to generate a larger fan base.

  6. I didn’t go to the game, but I did see the pictures of the destoyed benches and propetry at Crew Stadium, I saw the picture of the mangled bench and heard of a bleacher being thrown onto the field from the Toronto section. Ives, I am suprised that you haven’t looked into this to report your findings. Hooliganism in any form is wrong, and to allow comments from both Columbus and Toronto supporters to justify their actions is sad and wrong.

  7. Dabull, the question for you isn’t if you think before you write. But if you even know what you’re talking about before you think.

  8. Dabull, why are you talking about this as if you were there?

    Please stop playing armchair Internet know-it-all.

    There’s lots of people to blame in this. All of them equally but certain groups did more things that were dangerous then others.

    The crew fans shouldn’t have been waiting for TFC fans.
    The TFC fans should of bothered with the crew fans.
    The cops shouldn’t have been so trigger happy or driving recklessly in the parking lot.

    End of story. Anything else is somebody trying to twist this against any one of those parties.

  9. Wow Andi, don’t let the cameras stop you from jumping Chad’s noodle haha! What a flirt!! But another great addition to TFC TV. I wish there was more on Saturday’s game, but I guess it is only Tuesday so far so they can be excused.

    And really, come on guys!! This Crew vs. TFC crap is just getting embarrassing now. Everyone, stop thinking that their side are filled with angels and realize that everything that happened was to be expected when you have two passionate groups coming together, drinking and ending with a draw. Let’s just be thankful that what happened in Ivory Coast wasn’t replicated in Columbus!!

  10. ^ LFMAO Crew fans act like they did nothing wrong…nice to see 150 or so waiting outside for TFC fans to leave. Face it your fans and CPD are a joke!

    The Crew and all your “hooligans” are the ones that like to pass blame off on others.

  11. Yes you’re right. The actual supporters that were at the match and causing the problems are not to blame. Its the cops who tried to break it up and the Crew FO for not having more Crew fans. What was I thinking?!?

    Do you people think before you write? Be an adult and take responsibility for your actions. Don’t pawn them off on somebody else.

  12. If the Crew FO really wants these things from happening with TFC (and a smaller case like what happened with the Hammers) start selling out stadium with your own fans.

  13. Supporters get rowdy, antagonize each other, and people blame the cops. Stupid.
    There’s no reason the supporters should have been in the same area. This wanna-be hooligan crap needs to stop.

  14. Why is everyone calling it a Padula own goal?

    It clearly came back off of the bar and was headed away from goal before hitting Hesmer on the head and going. Thus it’s a Hesmer OG, not Padula, and it’s pretty clean cut.


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