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My apologies for not getting a post out yesterday, I spent the day driving en route to Seattle for tomorrow's match between Seattle Sounders FC and the San Jose Earthquakes.  With that said, today we have a double-dose of news to get you through the weekend, and we'll be back Monday for all the news you may have missed.

Top 10 Philly MLS Coaching Candidates [Philadelphia Soccer Examiner]

Harry Redknapp: "I'd Love To Have Beckham" [SkySports]

The Private Life of Rio Ferdinand: Michael Jackson, 50 Cent, and more! [BBC]

A look at the 1910 Italian championship, and getting revenge with Football Manager 2009 [The Run Of Play]

Exeter City: A look at their rise from non-league play and financial issues to promotion to League One [Guardian]

Do relegation fears lead to more red cards? [Guardian]

"LOST" look-a-likes in MLS and WPS (Although not MLS, Hurley's look-a-like is the best in my book) [The Best Eleven]

If Premier League Teams Were Bands… [FourFourTwo]

Wolfsburg on the brink of Bundesliga record [Soccerlens]

Shearer to receive statue at St. James' if he keeps Newcastle in the Premiership [When Saturday Comes]

Scolari or Bora – Who ya got?  Think Wolfsburg can win 11 straight?  Outraged with the controversy surrounding the 1910 Italian season? 

Share your thoughts below.


  1. 1910 piece is fantastic. Italy was, and continues to be, corrupt. Inter should have that title stripped and Pro Vercelli should have it reinstated.

    Makes me root for the rise of the old time powers in Italy. Though Vercelli aren’t in the big time (or even close), it’s nice to see Genoa back in the top flight, and fighting for a European slot.

  2. “NEWCASTLE: The Grateful Dead
    Blessed with an unbelievable number of rabid fans who can see no wrong in their heroes whatsoever. Everyone else looks on in total bemusement.”

    LMAO!! Great link–thanks, Ives!

  3. Matt Reis looks more like ‘Dave’ from Lost, Hurley’s imaginary friend. Still, enjoyable and something I’d made a connection to in my head before now.

    I’ve also played Pro Vercelli many times in FM – I love the whole challenge of reinstating a fallen giant. They’ll never be big again, only in FM and only under the right guidance….

  4. LMAOOOO the lost look a likes were TOO funny lol. that made my mourning that much betta! lol thanks for the laugh ives

  5. I was gonna ask for a new picture of Ferdinand, that’s not what I wanted to see waking up…

    Having a cousin who went to grad school in Exeter, that was cool, and the Teams as Bands was thoroughly enjoyable.


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