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With the first leg of the Champions League semi-finals out of the way, we've got stories from Colombia, Italy, and more for you on this Thursday edition of Recommended Reading.  You know its a good day on the internet when you chance upon a Diego Serna interview:

Ex-MLSer Diego Serna talks about life in Miami, and playing for Miami FC [Football in Miami and Beyond]

A look at Real Madrid's €70m credit from a Spanish bank in an effort to land C. Ronaldo [Mad About Futbol]

Wonder-strikes from around the world [FourFourTwo]

Possible split looking between Serie A and Serie B coming closer to reality [ESPNSoccernet]

Colombian player suspended after admitting dive in post-match interview [Reuters UK]

MLS Philly to unveil name, colors, and more on May 11 [MLSNet]

Agree that "football is for the cunning, not for suckers"?  Happy to hear from Diego Serna?  What do you think Philly's name and color scheme should be?

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  1. anthony – i like the idea of Independence FC. much better than the imitation names like City, AC, Union and FC.

    the columbian league call… interesting. i would not be apposed to a low penalty for faking, fibbing, etc. defiantly objective tho…

  2. For all the buzz in Philly about the team, yes I’m very surprised that there’s only 6K. Seattle had over 10K within the first month that season ticket options went on sale. Vancouver sold over 5K within the first three or four days of them going on sale. I know Philly is a huge soccer town, and I simply expected there to be more. That’s all.

  3. Union Philadelphia is the name they’re saying on that other blog which Ives does not speak of. They’re right about half of the time so it is not guaranteed that the name will be Union.

  4. Diving is for piss-poor players, not the cunning. I whole-heartedly approve of what the columbian league did.

  5. @knuckles

    you are shocked that Philadelphia only has 6K season ticket deposits a year before they play? Umm, have you been paying attention to 70% of the league’s attendance figures this year? Actually I would like to know how many season ticket holders each club in the MLS has?? I’d be surprised if more than 5 had over 6K.

  6. Union is an okay name. Hopefully it will grow on me.

    442 has Ribery going to Barca, where are they going to fit him into the XI? Ribery, Iniesta, Xavi, Messi, Henry, Eto, all they are missing is Jesus in goal.

  7. Roger is right and feel free to check the philly boards on bigsoccer. It will be Union and the colors are going to be navy blue and gold.

  8. Philadelphia’s MLS team will be called Union Philadelphia and its colors will be navy blue and metallic gold. These facts have been known for weeks.

  9. I think it was Philadelphia City, Philadelphia Union, AC Philadelphia, and SC Philadelphia I think. If I remeber correctly, City was leading the fan polls. And I would bet the colors are light blue and yellow because the supporters wear that and no other MLS club currently does. Those are my best guesses.

  10. Ives, is there any way you can get the possible team names that MLSPhilly used for there fan poll, and if possible, can u also give us your best guess as to what are gonna be MLSPhilly’s colors, thanks


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