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Guevara brace leads Toronto FC past Revs

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Amado Guevara scored two goals to help Toronto FC post a 3-1 victory over New England at BMO Field on Saturday afternoon.

The Revs opened the scoring with a Shalrie Joseph header in the 13th minute, but Guevara responded with an equalizer a minute later. Dwayne DeRosario scored the game-winner in the 68th minute on one of Danny Dichio's two assists before Guevara settled matters with a 70th-minute strike.

What did you think of TFC's victory? Impressed with the Canadians? Finally start to believe that the Revs are in serious trouble?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Can someone tell me when Shalrie Joseph started playing up front? I always thought he was a midfielder and usually played a holding role. Forgive my ignorance as I don’t see a lot of NE games.

    Also, it was nice to see TFC score multiple goals in a home game.

  2. Barrett’s strike rate isn’t much different than many other strikers in MLS – it’s just that he actually creates a hell of a lot more chances than they do.



    No i think they covered this in extra time. Barrett’s strike rate is nowhere near the average.

  3. “Impressed with the Canadians?

    No, Canada sucks and will always suck at soccer”

    Go tell Julian de Guzman that he sucks at soccer and see what he tells you. Tell me, how many Americans are starting for a club in La Liga?

  4. Strikers are paid to score and right now the three strikers of TFC (Dero and Guevera play an offensive mid role they are not stikers) have a grand total of three goals in 11 games and that is not good enough to make any kind of impact in the playoffs assuming they even make the playoffs!

  5. Just wanted to shout out the small packet of Rev supporters that made the game and sat at the top end of the Western Stand. They were at the Brazen Head before the game in good humour despite the long drive and stood the entire game and supported their boys on.

    At the end of the day their team lost, but my hat is off to them. That’s some die hard support.

  6. Hard on Barrett yet again. He once again worked his posterior off again and created several chances, esp. first half – chances that weren’t converted by DeRo or a few others.

    Barrett’s strike rate isn’t much different than many other strikers in MLS – it’s just that he actually creates a hell of a lot more chances than they do.

  7. Be interesting to see what Vitti could do if he ever took a shot on net. He’s only taken eight shots all season.

    Way more a playmaker than a striker. Maybe he’s lost the stomach for sniping.

  8. All of you peopl complaining about the strike force need to stop and think. TFC is playing 4-3-3… Cummins says it many times, which means what? That De Ro is a striker, so yeah one of our forwards got a goal today, add two assists by Dichio and its not a bad day, except for Barrett….

  9. Still worried about the strike force up front no goals again from the front line. I think TFC still has a very big hole that needs filling if they want to go anywhere in the playoffs.

  10. Nice win today, guevara’s first could easily be the GOTW, back line needs to tighten up abit. Again great game and the 3 points TFC needed!

  11. Proud of my Reds today. Came back immediately after allowing a pretty bad goal, and had the run of play for the VAST majority of the game.

    Great strikes by Guevara and DeRo.

    – Scott


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