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U.S. national team practice report

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The United States men's national trained on artificial turf for a second consecutive day on Sunday morning as they wrapped up their week-long training camp in Miami, Florida.

With only 14 players in camp, it has been a challenge for U.S. head coach Bob Bradley to find the right balance between helping players get back in fitness and resting ones who have played in a plethora of games.

"We know some guys have played a lot this past year and others who have not been on the field as much so there is a push to get them fitter," said Bradley. "We've had to do a mix of different things but I think it has been a good few days."

One of the players that has been pushing to get fitter is midfielder Freddy Adu, who made only nine appearances for AS Monaco this season.

"It's been difficult," said Adu of his year in France. "Obviously as an athlete you want to play all the time, but I take a lot of pride in how hard I'm training."

Adu is not the only player with question marks surrounding his fitness. Right back Frankie Hejduk will be evaluated by the national team medical staff when he arrives to South Florida as he has been held out of Columbus Crew's last two games with a groin injury. Hejduk's availibility for the June 3 qualifier in Saprissa Stadium appears doubtful.

If Hejduk cannot go on Wednesday, the U.S. will rely on either Toronto FC right back Marvell Wynne or West Ham United defender Jonathan Spector to fill in on the backline in Costa Rica, where the U.S. is 0-5-1 all-time in qualifying.


What do you think of the United States' time in South Florida? Think practicing in the hot weather and on artificial turf will help the team get their first victory in Costa Rica? Will Adu or Hejduk play against Los Ticos?

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  1. The knock on Adu is his work rate and defense. Because of this, he’s a liability when the US is defending. I don’t think many will argue with his skill, as he is the best player with the ball at his feet since Tab Ramos.

    So at this point, I see him as a guy who subs in late when you’re down and need a goal.

    Only other option is to completely change the formation for him, and frankly he has yet to earn that. Bradley acknowledges the talent by having him on the team, and with the glut of games this summer, he’ll get his chances which will be great, as he needs the playing time.

  2. I can’t believe all the adu hate; you would think he just lost us the world cup.

    He definitely is a very creative player, the type of player we are currently lacking. Bob obviously thinks highly of him, or he wouldn’t keep calling him to camp. But he obviously must have some maturing to do, or he would be getting more time at the club level. While not spectacular, he’s looked pretty good in some of the senior team games he’s been in and was for sure our best player at the youth level.

    I think, given the opportunity, he will shine for us at the senior level too. Maybe he’s too much of risk for the upcoming qualifiers, but I’m hoping he gets his chance in the Gold cup.

  3. Most overrated (not necessarily bad): Ching, Beas, Frankie, Gooch, not nevssarily in that order. Freddy is our best on the ball player and how we do not find a way to utilize this is a travesty. No doubt some our ‘regulars do very well against our own in training and in MLS, but we are playing other countries who requires us to be better on the ball; they require us to be more skilled, not just big fast and strong.

    Hoping to see Spector step up and take over the left or right back, Freddy be used, Jozy playing the majority of time up top and would love to see the ‘return’ of Benny… Please stop with the “Adu isn’t good/fit enough to play”, makes no sense…

    Beas can’t even get on the bench for RANGERS!!

  4. Nice Article, although it almost seems like they are describing Ching as a player who is starting for an EPL team…(the connection to Brian McBride)…… And incredible strike rate? i dont think he has that at this (international) level… i mean i know he puts in rebound shots vs the CONCACAF minnows…..but is that gonna be good enough for the WC?

  5. i think adu is becoming the new whipping boy in place of landon.its amazing all the haters out there.he plays for the usa and should be supported no matter me one other usa player that has creativity besides adu?and please dont say dempsey because he doesnt.

  6. SC that is the front line i have been praying or for a while. i am totally unimpressed with ching but it seems like every time i turn on a game we are relying him on the front line. jozy has the size and obviously the talent to score, adu brings creativity, dempsey brings both pace and creativity, and LD has the experience and all-around skill set.

  7. Did you not see the Spain Game? The Argentina game?

    A player with his accomplishments at the Olympic and U-20 should be a given a chance to start and given attacking role.

    — Jozy—
    LD — Adu — Dempsey

    Hopefully we can see that in SA

  8. Adu aint good enough?????? LOL show me another player who can do what he did vs Spain…… yea let me hear the excuses……if you say Spain wasen trying than A) Puyol wouldent try to run into him everytime that game and B) what does it say about the rest of our players if they all were terrible vs a Spain team that wasen trying including Michael Bradley being terrible, even though MB was getting alot of playing time with his club. Adu is the only US player who has never had a bad game for the US, im shocked at the comment “he aint good enough” it only shows how little people know.

  9. @ Harry

    But Altidore has proven himself at the senior national level. Adu has proven nothing and im sure not being fit (mentally and physically) will only add to the doubts of Bob Bradley. Hey, Id do the same if i was coach.

    Another thing, playing practice squad games is totally different from playing actual games in terms of fitness.

  10. The reason that Adu doesn’t play for the Nats is the same that he has not played for his club team. He isn’t good enough.

  11. Mo Edu is out of contention for Wednesday. Didn’t think he would start anyway, but hopefully he’ll be fit for Confd. Cup

  12. I take back my comment regarding Adu’s fitness……… actually makes no sense….Freddy Adu is a professional he is practicing and playing very hard in very long(time wise) squad games with Monaco. How the hell is he not fit? Notice how Adu’s repsonse was about him not playing, not his fitness level……….i bet this is another make-believe story on Adu just to cover Coach Braldey’s back if Adu for some odd reason dosent play in these games. Think about it; Adu is more fit and played more than Altidore has(not even includign Altidore’s recent surgery)..wheres the fitness level story on Altidore??

  13. Where in Miami are they training? Is the artificial field at the same complex as the prior training sessions? Thanks.

  14. I am extremely worried about these WQ qualifiers! We could easily lose both. I think the CONCACAF field has improved since the last go around.

  15. This guy, I agree with you…i think it leaves Adu as a sub say about the 6oth minute vs Costa Rica he comes in….

  16. I think Adu’s fitness leaves him as a sub. Although Beas came in out of shape somewhat and has done well.



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