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Special1TV: The Best of Season One


The end of the European soccer season can be a depressing time for soccer fans, but it isn't the only reason to be down. The end of the European season also means the end of the first season of Special 1 TV.

The best part about that? Getting a chance to look back at the best skits and episodes of the past season. Here it is, a clip sure to make you laugh repeatedly.


What were your favorite moments from the past season of Special 1 TV? Share your favorites below.


  1. How could they forget Brokeback Mountie (earlier in the Shut up Michael Jackson episode)?

    And the newly syndicated version of Special1TV from Sweden?

  2. Nothing will top Arse-shavin. Even people in my office that knew nothing about soccer were wiping away tears with just a short explanation of who Arshavin was…

    The one I wish they’d had was the first time they twittered, and had the “Shut Up Sven” tweet come in live. That was damn funny the way they presented it…

  3. The Ronnie puppet always makes me laugh. No idea why… although it’s not in this compilation, I thought the Ronnie puppet’s disdain for Macheda was hilarious.

  4. fantastic. can’t wait for next season.

    the arse-shavin bit is my fav.

    but two lines in the movie spoof that get me are:

    “Free Willy” from Beckham and

    “Honey I Shrunk the Kids” from Sir Alex.

    just awesome!!!

  5. they should have an episode dedicated to all the Ronnie the puppet. Like a compilation. Now i would watch that a million times!

  6. As obvious and juvenile as it was, the whole Arshavin routine with an apoplectic Boy Rooney is the highlight of the season for me, dawg. Particularly with the Voyeur’s complete ignorance of the double entendre. Capping it off with “for 10 million you could have gotten a Brazilian!” was genius.

    Get the tank! and Be Champions!

  7. The “Pulp Fiction” reference has got to be the best thing they have ever done. And what exactly do I have to do to actually get a commemorative soother? 😉


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