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Transfer Ticker: Benzema given the green light, Maicon saga continues and more

Karim Benzema 1 (Reuters)


Karim Benzema is free to go.

Okay, well not "free", but the Lyon striker has been given the green light to join any of the big clubs reportedly interested in his services.

Lyon coach Claude Puel told the team's website that if Benzema wishes to leave then he will be allowed to do so as long one of the interested clubs meets the transfer fee, reportedly around £34 million ($56.5 million).

Benzema will return to the club team on July 2 and the two parties will discuss his future. As of now, no concrete offers have been made for the French international.

Here are some more stories to help get you through the day:

Maicon saga continues

If Brazilian right back Maicon was serious about the demands he requested from his club Inter Milan, then he might need to start looking for a new team.

Maicon, who stated during the Confederations Cup that he was being undervalued, will most likely not get a pay increase as club president Massimo Moratti told the team's website that Maicon is getting the proper value for his services.

Arguably the best right-back in the game, Maicon is still under contract with Inter Milan for four more seasons, but his current situation is being closely watched by Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid.

Eto'o wants to stay at Barcelona

Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o may not be leaving the club after all.

Despite the stratospheric offer Manchester City launched for his services over the weekend, Eto'o has stated that he would like to remain with the reigning Champions League winners, even if it is just for the remaining year on his contract.

However, the Cameroon international has not ruled out a move this summer as he is still unsure of whether or not he is apart of Barcelona's plans for next season.


Do you see Benzema leaving Lyon this summer? Think Maicon will wind up staying with Inter? Should Eto'o move away from Barcelona?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. From calciomercato:

    Antonio Caliendo, the agent of Brazil full-back Maicon, insists his client will not leave Inter this summer.

    The 27-year-old, who recently won the Confederations Cup, feels he is entitled to a raise after an excellent season in Nerazzurro.

    Real Madrid and Chelsea are among the clubs interested in signing him.

    “There are still no meetings scheduled. The only fact remaining is the Press wanting to create difficulty, but I always return to my last words. Maicon will not leave Inter,” Caliendo told

    “I am all for players respecting their contracts. The fans can be calm,” he concluded.

  2. Benzema to Manchester United is basically finished from what I have read. Maicon is questionably the best Right Back in the game….he is a massive problem offensively but if you have great player like a Ronaldo or a Ribery they run right at him and he looks lost.

    In the Confederations Cup Final both the USA goals were a direct result of him ignoring his defensive responsibility.

  3. Agreed, Al17.

    Anybody who can’t see why Benzema would cost more than Drogba simply hasn’t been paying attention to Ligue 1 at all. Benzema has what it takes to be a 20-goal a year scorer in any league. He’s incredibly versatile, and can score goals in so many different ways. The only downside is that he’s been accused of arrogance, but that’s not too unusual for a top striker.

  4. I was thinking earlier if playing time wasn’t such an issue that Michael Bradley might be a great fit at Arsenal. The kid has great vision, can find a killer pass, can score goals, is a speedy workhorse, and obviously can continue to develop further under good coaching. Above all he is a firey, passionate player with great leadership abilities and a real desire to win,and Arsenal could use a “team first” midfield anchor like him. Obviously Melo(not anymore), Alonso, or Cana would be good fits but I think Bradley is better than Alex Song and could be a good value in the region of 4-8 million.

    It will never happen but I’d love to see a hardass american thrown into our squad to spur on some of the underperformers at the emirates (adebayor, diaby, nasri, etc)

  5. AI17:

    Drogba DID dominate in France; he won the player of the year. Furthermore, his transfer fee to Chelsea was a third less than Benzema’s. Tevez’s was about half.

    Posted by: BossTweed | June 30, 2009 at 03:11 PM

    Didier Yves Drogba never lead Ligue 1 in Goals scored when he was there and he never won the player of the year award in France.

    He won the Bronze ball which is a runner up award.

    Benzema is 21 years old and has played in Ligue 1 for Lyon as a Striker since he was 19 after coming through their youth system. Benzema led the league in scoring in the 2007-2008 season and also was the player of the year in France in the 2007-2008 season. Whomever signs him for the amount being asked is getting a great deal since the best is yet to come from him. Drogba was older when he left OM to play at Chelsea. Benzema is a better goal scorer.

  6. Paul,

    No. All of those names turned down Man City (and Chelsea to a lesser extent). If they were turning down moves to Man United, Arsenal, and Liverpool then I would be concerned.

  7. Interesting that the top talent do not want to come into the EPL.


    To name a few. Even Benzema has voiced reluctance to move to England. Is the glamour of the EPL fading?

  8. Didn’t we at one point HAVE a yanks only transfer ticket?

    BTW guys, You can look up this info on your own. It’s not that hard to find out what clubs are interested in your favorite players.

  9. Eto’o is not necessarily staying at Barca – his agent has said that he is still open to leaving if the club decides it wants to sell him… there are also rumors that he is still talking to City… the whole “new Contract” thing may only be a ploy to placate Barca fans before letting him walk for more cash…

  10. Wow, upwards of 30 million for Benzema is a joke. Thanks Real Madrid and Man City for inflating players to ridiculous levels.

    The 23 million that Liverpool paid for Torres is looking to look like a a bargain in comparison to these lunatic 2009 valuations…

  11. AI17:

    Drogba DID dominate in France; he won the player of the year. Furthermore, his transfer fee to Chelsea was a third less than Benzema’s. Tevez’s was about half.

  12. I can respect Eto’o wanting to stay at Barcelona, but for $250,000 a week, I would sell my soccer-loving soul to any team.

  13. Don’t understand the craze over Benzema. How can you justify that high of a fee for someone who’s never proved he can dominate in a top league. Posted by: BossTweed | June 30, 2009 at 02:13 PM

    Drogba didn’t dominate in France when played there. Would you spend this amount on him?

    Tevez didn’t dominate when he played in Brazil. Would you spend this amount on him?

    I can cite other examples. Bottomline is that it’s an investment that should pay for itself in the near future and for the foreseeable future. It’s really that simple. He’s young and whomever signs him will have him for a few years.

  14. If you notice the amount of comments when it comes to anything US nat’l team related I think most on this site care more about where landon might be going then snaggletooth in manchester.

  15. Benzema and Ribery will end up at the same club. They’ve always wanted to play on the same team and are very close. Ribery is like an older brother to Benzema. I expect to see them at Real Madrid.

  16. Right…. an MLS player going to a second tier club is waaaaay more exiting than BIG player transfers. I vote for a daily, nay, hourly update of the exiting Lanycakes transfer saga…. Galaxy anybody.

  17. Count me as someone who was completely underwhelmed with Benzema at the Euros last year, and that’s really the only place I’ve seen him play.

  18. brad, if he had info, don’t you think he would post it? There has been zero new information on LD leaving MLS.

    I’m wondering what Lyon is going to do to get back on top…

  19. I agree with Kevin and Brad we need a Yanks only transfer speculation post!

    Davies, DeMerit, Clark, Onyewu, Spector, Donovan, Altidore, Bradley, Torres, Adu, etc. The rumors are out there. Come on Ives hit the phones and bring us the scoop!

  20. Given the sums paid for Robinho, Kaka, and Ronaldo, I really don’t understand why Maicon, who completely changes the complexion of any game he is in, is not drawing astronomical (I am sorry, stratospheric) offers for his services. I suspect that one of the Manchester clubs

    will smarten up and meet his, and Inter’s transfer fee, demands.

  21. Don’t understand the craze over Benzema. How can you justify that high of a fee for someone who’s never proved he can dominate in a top league.


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