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Transfer Ticker: Eto’o open to transfer talk, Pato to speak with Ancelotti and more

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Barcelona striker Samuel Eto'o is not ruling out a possible transfer move this summer.

Eto'o is coming off a 30-goal season in La Liga and with only a year remaining on his current contract, Barcelona is trying to work out a new deal. If an extension is not agreed upon then Barcelona is expected to try and sell Eto'o so as to avoid losing him on a free next summer.

While the Cameroon international has expressed his desire to stay with the Champions League winners, he is also keeping his options open.

Eto'o's agent Josep Maria Mesalles told "We're happy with the club and we have a good relationship, but we're not ruling anything out."

Here are more stories to help get you through the day:

Pato plans talks with Ancelotti

A week after declaring he did not want to leave AC Milan, forward Alexandre Pato has stated that he plans to talk with former boss and current Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti about a possible transfer to The Blues.

"At the end of June, after the Confederations Cup in South Africa, I will meet with the Rossoneri executives and speak about my future," Pato told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "But before that happens, I will speak to Ancelotti."

Pato, who could play against the United States men's national team next week, scored 15 goals in Serie A this season.

Inter interested in Van Persie

Inter Milan manager Jose Mourinho is lining up a hefty bid worth £25 million ($34.9 million) for Arsenal forward Robin Van Persie.

Van Persie, currently with the Netherlands national team, has two years remaining on his current contract but negotiations to extend it have stalled, leaving the window open for a possible move this summer.


Will Eto'o leave Barcelona? Is Van Persie going to wind up with Inter? Do you see Pato and Ancelotti reuniting at Stamford Bridge?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. ETO and Zlatan upfront would be beast for fifa 10 we have all asigned a team and im barcelona FTW !!!

    We need more transfers though

    Fabregas and villa OMG !! 😛

  2. There is no better home for Eto’o that Barca. Eto’o is world’s best striker and Barca is the word’s best team. Eto’o you can achieve more at Barca

  3. I’m surprised wolyneic hasn’t picked up his 100million dollar check yet….. He is EASILY BEST Defensive/Foward in the world.

  4. I sure hope Gooch goes for either Marseille or PSG in France or even a random German club than Birmingham. Most likely gonna be relegated next season.

  5. RVP might do well at InterMilan but he couldn’t replace Ibrahimovic. Sadly RVP is not world class. He is a decent maybe 15goal a league scorer at best but just doesn’t cut it.

  6. UK Yahoo is reporting via their live blog on transfers that Gooch has signed with Birmingham…any confirmation? Seems like a good fit to me!

  7. Freddy Adu gets to take on Pato again. A lot has changed since the 2007 U-20 World Cup. Hopefully Freddy will will once again be the stronger player on the day.

  8. I heard rumors that John O’Brien is set to sign with Real Madrid for $100 Million.

    I think he’d be a good fit with their system maybe starting on the RW. Can’t wait to buy FSC next year to see O’Brien in action. WhooooooooHoooooooooo!

  9. A17 = you’re a NERD!!!! this is a blog where we do this all day, speculate and dream.

    Posted by: elmatador

    Speak for yourself. I hate baseless speculation (although this rumor is…baseful?).

  10. If Eto’o leaves he’s heading to Manchester City thats it and Pato is going no where thats all speculation and the words of a young man who needs to shut it sometimes.

  11. I love how so many people are experts on where a player should ply his trade based on (fill blank) criteria. Fact of the matter is that the best place for any player is the club that will provide them the best financial package (Salary & opportunities to earn money outside of playing).

    You may want to see a player in a certain league or club for whatever reason but please remember that ultimately these guys have mouths to feed and if they’re able to make a ton of money in a career that may last barely 10 years then they’ve done well.

  12. To be fair to Pato he has NEVER, not even once, said anything about leaving Milan. He trusts Ancelotti for obvious reasons and only said he’d seek his advice.

    Now obviously we all know Ancelotti is going to try to convince him to move to Chelsea, but Pato himself has not even hinted at leaving Milan, it’s a bit unfair to say he has even if we suspect he will.

  13. Although I think Onyewu’s better suited to the EPL (he’s physical, and especially strong in the air), the USMNT fan in me hopes he would go to La Liga or Serie A so he can improve against more technically skilled players who can move the ball on the ground. Then he can go to the EPL *after* next year’s World Cup! 😉

    As far as Eto’o goes, I don’t understand why Barca would be willing to sell him. To have a striker with his workrate, who tracks back on defense (on a team that sometimes overcommits to its attack)… Barca needs Eto’o. That said, he’s EXACTLY the type of player Mourinho would love to have on the roster at Inter.

  14. Gooch can do way better than Birmingham City. He’d be better off in Ligue 1 than at a PL club fighting for their lives.

  15. To be fair sonic, that talk was ludicrous to begin with. I remember him being heavily linked to Arsenal and Liverpool last summer…

  16. Boy, what a difference a year makes for Eto’o. Last year there was discussion of him leaving for the Uzbek Premier League, and now he’s on top of the world.

  17. DC Josh,

    Absolutly agree, also keep in mind they messed up and lost Gourcuff to Bordeaux because they left allowed a 15M euro option to buy in the loan deal. So now they may have lost their two best players, their best prospect (Gourcuff) and already haver a very old side as it is.

    Milan is in trouble unless they spend some of that transfer cash on some talent.

  18. Player agents always talk. I hope Eto’o stays, but wherever he goes he will be loved.

    AC Milan is in deep trouble if they lose Pato along with Kaka. And Drogba could finally have himself a striking partner.

    RVP won’t fill the void Ibrahimovic might leave, but he has one hell of a shot, and is one of the best young strikers when he is healthy.

    Does anyone know of any interest in Donovan? After the Confed. Cup, things should get very interesting across the transfer market.


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