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Where will you be watching USA vs. Spain?


The U.S. men's national team takes on Spain today in the Confederations Cup semifinals (2:25pm, ESPN) in the most anticipated U.S. match since the 2006 World Cup and fans all over the country are making plans to catch the action live.

Whether it is at a bar, at work on the computer (shhh), or in the comfort of your own home, I know many U.S. fans will find a way to see today's match as it happens, rather than waiting to watch it on TIVO later.

Now, if you can't find a way to watch the match live, you know you can follow the action here on SBI via our Matchday Commentary. This could be the day we have our first thousand comment post so please feel free to follow along here.

So, where will you be watching?


  1. At home with my trusty 52 until about 1 when I have to go with the wife, in which I will be watching it on the road on my computer via slingbox.

  2. I will be watching the first half hour of the game in our office lunchroom and then waiting until five to get out of work to see the game at my house where it should be recorded… Time Warner don’t fail me know…

    Man this day is going by slow…

  3. my exotic location: the basement, in my office, on 360.

    I am getting pumped for the game just reading all the cool places many of you are going to be! Be sure of this: we will either be cheering or jeering in unison, no matter our locations!

    Posted by: BlueWhiteLion | June 24, 2009 at 11:12 AM
    I couldn’t agree more Blue white lion. I actually read every post on here and compiled a small response to all of the ones i liked. Then i copied and went to the next page. Before I pasted, I copied yours as the final agreement, and lost all my other comments. there goes trying to do it all in 1 post!

    I felt bad for some workers, and Ives didn’t help on that one.
    I was jealous of a few like the ones that are getting drink and going to watch steve nash after the game.
    Some were ballsy, like the guy who is watching at work during lay-offs.
    Anyway I’m super pumped up. and Erica, no there is nothing sad about it!

    As for me, I’ll be in Cleveland Mississippi. I get out of class an hour after the game starts, but sadly I cannot skip today. However, once I’m there, I will be weighing my options on skipping out early, though I probably won’t. There are only 6 people in the class and the professor knows me too well!!!
    I do have DVR, and I think I will flip it on when I get home. The problem is, how not to see the score before I watch!!! argh. argh argh. GO USA!
    I hope EVERYONE enjoys the game, no matter how, where, or what time they get to watch it. I also hope we have a great showing. You can Do IT!

  4. Official Beer: Sam Adams Lager

    It’s American. It can be paired w/a lot of diff foods (according to chefs in the recent commercial). and NE fans are pretty good. I’m from Cali, so I’m giving y’all props!

    Sam Adams. The Official US Soccer Beer.

  5. Suburb of Boston- Bedford, MA. Just moved here and the cable isn’t setup yet. Luckily, the big screen/theater downstairs has my name on it for the rest of the afternoon.

    Places I’ve seen a U.S.match at:

    Fox and Hound Omaha,NE (Hometown)
    Globe Pub Chicago, IL
    Fado Chicago, IL
    Gingers Alehouse Chicago, IL

  6. @ThaDeuce

    “FCB, WHO THE HELL ARE YOU? Are you going to be one of those assistant staffers who are on the mike with Bob Bradley during the game I read about? ”

    HA HA HA HA, I wish man, I wish! That would be a lot more awesome and a lot less messy! My only goal is to erase ALL thoughts of Beasley. Almost impossible.

    Go US!

  7. Salinas, CA on my Pops’ 42″ Sharp Aquos LCD TV… HD baby!!! and Onkyo surround sound… oh this will be awesome! my neighborhood doesnt care if i yell or wuteva, we were the first ones on this block 20 years ago


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