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Would Fulham be a good fit for Altidore?

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Fulham has had its share of Americans pass through the ranks in recent years, with many enjoying very successful stints. Brian McBride, Eddie Lewis, Carlos Bocanegra, Eddie Johnson and Clint Dempsey have all worn Fulham shirts in the past decade and the Cottagers already have their eye on the next Yank to make the move to London.

According to a rather brief Daily Mail report, Roy Hodgson is considering bringing in Jozy Altidore on a loan from Villarreal. A loan of some sort seems inevitable for Altidore, who doesn't figure into Villarreal's first team plans for the upcoming season.

So is Fulham, and the English Premier League, a good fit for the 19-year-old striker?

I think it absolutely is. With Fulham set to compete in the Europa League, there will be plenty of minutes to go around and Altidore could thrive in Fulham's attack. He would also have a fellow American as a teammate in Clint Dempsey, who could help him get acclimated to life in the EPL.

Of course nothing is certain yet. Fulham has also been linked with Reading's Kevin Doyle and Barcelona's Eidur GudJohnsen as potential forward acquisitions.

What do you think? Like the idea of Altidore to Fulham? Would you prefer he stay in Spain? Are you in the "I don't care where he plays as long as he's getting regular minutes" camp?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. Really? Over Saha and Yakubu when he comes back? Up until this year where he was sidelined by injuries the only man to score more goals than him in England was Thierry Henry.
    Posted by: Omar

    Everton last year had less striker power than Fulham, yes hard to believe. They played more than half the year without any strikers. Midfielders led scoring with 8, Saha and Yakubu had 6 and 4. Yes Jozy would have been one of the starting strikers because Everton had none for most of the year.

    Just more EPL nonsense.

  2. I’d like to think as a Fulham fan he could put up a better strike tally than Zamora did this past term.
    Posted by: David

    Yes, Zamora’s strike tally was 2. A linesman could score more.

  3. I’m in the “I don’t care as long as he gets minutes” camp. Though to a point. I’d rather he not go to Turkey or some other far off land.

  4. Jozy would be number one striker at Fulham or Everton. That’s why Villarreal refusal to Everton loan hurt his progress immensely.

    Posted by: madmax | June 24, 2009 at 03:23 PM

    Really? Over Saha and Yakubu when he comes back? Up until this year where he was sidelined by injuries the only man to score more goals than him in England was Thierry Henry.

  5. Ives, you forgot Kasey Keller in listing Fulham’s Yanks.

    Any move for Jozy where he’d get significant playing time would be great. Fulham are in Europe next year, so he’ll have to work hard to earn a place. That’s what he’ll have to learn.

  6. There’s been some misinformation put out about Fulham strikers. I won’t name the person, but they said Jozy would have to sit for Zamora (2 goals). I believe Dempsey and Jonhson led the squad with 7. To say Jozy would have to sit for 2 goal Zamora is a good example of the nonsense sometimes posted here to inflate the EPL.

  7. I just want Jozy to play and harness his potential, he is the definition on the american player who, “just needs to play,” I don’t care if it’s in Spain or England, he’s big time

  8. Jozy needs first team minutes, and he needs to be in an environment where he can be successful and continue to grow as a player. It’d be very interesting to see what he could do at Fulham.

    I like the idea of a forward of Jozy’s style playing for Fulham, unnerving the center backs a bit. It could be that little bit of extra pressure that allows Fulham to come forward a bit more.

    But I defer to Roy, he’s a brilliant coach.

  9. I’m a big Yank fan of Fulham, to the point of attending a match at Craven Cottage (and picking up a prized Clint Dempsey jersey at the team store).

    My impression of Fulham at the moment is that they’re a Champions League team if they could only pick up a dangerous forward.

    The fans I talked to at the stadium told me that everyone was impressed by Eddie Johnson’s athleticism, but they didn’t think he had the foot control to make it in the EPL.

    Altidore is a much better player and would be a lot cheaper than the dismal Zamora. Go for it Roy!

  10. Jozy would be number one striker at Fulham or Everton. That’s why Villarreal refusal to Everton loan hurt his progress immensely.

  11. I do not think it would be a good move. Hodgson seems to get players to improve, but Jozy is not at a point where he can get significant minutes on Fulham, in my opinion. His first touch is not at EPL levels. I want him to go somewhere where he can start and play every game so he can make mistakes, learn and grow without worrying about being benched.

  12. Everybody forgot about Grown Ass Man? I thought his loan was over and he was coming back to compete for spots? Stay in La Liga, its much better for your game at this point in your career.

  13. As a Fulham fan and a Jozy fan, I demand that this happen! Jozy pairs well with either Johnson or Kamara – both AJ and Kamara are speedy, not-too-big types and need someone who can score with their head, as Jozy can. All he has to do is supplant Bobby Zamora, and I like his chances of doing that!

  14. Add me to the list of people that don’t care whether it’s Fulham or somewhere else, as long as he’s regularly in the starting 11. Dude needs playing time, plain and simple.

    Posted by: Yinka Double Dare

    Me too, although for selfish reasons I want more players in La Liga. He has lost Pelligrini, though…

  15. Add me to the list of people that don’t care whether it’s Fulham or somewhere else, as long as he’s regularly in the starting 11. Dude needs playing time, plain and simple.

  16. Personally, I’d like to see him stay in the Spanish league or get a loan deal the the Italian league. Sure he’ll face top competition in England and get a chance to work on his physical game, but I think that Italy or Spain would be a perfect place for his dribbling/speed/finesse type game.

  17. Well I don’t know if is good Idea if Altidore goes to Fulham and maybe not even start but who knows but in the other hand he will pair with Dempsey and they can have a good understanding that will help them in the future of the USA team. But in Villareal who knows with the new Coach coming in if can give a chance to Altidore to play. But there are rumors that Rossi and Guille France are leaving so that will give a chance to Altidore to start in this Team. Well what ever happen I hope is for the Best Good Luck Altidore

  18. Well, since I wear my team on my sleeve, so to speak…and since you’re all entitled to my opinion….
    I LOVE Jozy at Fulham. The attack, no not 60 goals/season potent, certainly became MORE potent when Demps was given a full-time position. That being said, Kamara, Gera, and Zamora were jokes as strikers. The most effective attacks came through Murphy, Davies, and Demps serving Johnson. Putting a world-class *athlete* like Jozy under the tutelage of Roy up front during a Europa League season (assuming they win the playoff) would be great for Fulham…and Jozy.

    So, to make a long story short,…


  19. Sigh, should have went to Everton. And would prefer that he still would.
    But stay in Spain (if he gets minutes there) even if loaned to a lower end team in the first division. Prefer that over Fulham

  20. I want him to play. I don’t care anymore. The year before the World Cup he just needs first team minutes whether its Villarreal, Xerez, or Fulham.

  21. Actually there is the possibility that he stays at Villarreal and plays for their B team that just got promoted. There are talks about the club bringing back a few of its players on loan for that purpose.

    After watching the first three games of the Conf cup, it is safe to say that Jozy is not ready for the first team in La Liga and he still needs a lot of work.

    If he were start for Fulham at this point, it would be an indication of the technical difference between both leagues. Just for that reason alone, he should stay in Spain. Like some have posted, second division team or lower team in the first division might be his best options.


  22. any of the europa league epl teams would be ideal. tottenham too, especially if they dump bent or pavs… or both.

    i like everton or villa the most, everton because they need strikers and he’d get a ton of pt, and villa because i think he’d pair well with agbonlahor and martin o’neill is a great teacher. he could also be great for spurs, but i dont know if redknapp has the patience for him.

    hell, maybe arsenal if they sell adebayor as expected.

  23. Doyle is considered the best Championship striker and several clubs are after him. I think Fulham would be too deep at Striker if they get Doyle (which is a stretch). I think it will be hard for Jozy to get playing time at Fulham, other than the FA Cup matches. Would rather see him go to one of the top 5 or 6 sides in the Coca Cola Championship where he is sure to get playing time and quality delivery.

  24. If Zamora had any finishing skill at all Fulham’s attack would have been potent. Fulham’s build up was great the finishing up front was their downfall. With Roy if you’re good enough you will play.

  25. yes, Ives, what is the content behind your assertion he doesn’t look to play into Villareal’s future? Just curious. I just haven’t heard that.

    I echo the posts who laud Hodgson and the “American Friendly” atmosphere (not that Jozy needs that personally, but playing wise, it bodes well).

    He needs to work hard, be challenged, and given a fair shake. All three need to be present, whereever he goes. He MAY have had two of the three at V, one at X. Here’s hoping he will put all three together SOME place.

  26. Can we stop referring to Landon Donovan as a second forward, his current skill set does not favor this position. He is not a second forward for the national team at the moment, and I do not see him being a second forward in europe. On the wing, Donovan is an absolute threat due to his speed, stamina, technical skills, and offensive threat. He could play as a wide mf for a top team that regularly incorporates a 4-4-2 / 4-5-1 formation but doesn’t expect Beckham like crosses from the wing.

  27. Just to weigh in, I think it’s a decent fit for USMNT purposes. The EPL is much more akin to International Level ball in terms of the intensity of the midfield and the speed of play. The Spanish league is great, but the defenders do tend to give you a little more time on the ball, which is great to watch but less of a learning tool for high pressure international defenses. Good luck Jozy

  28. Fulham should just pull the trigger and sign the top 15 U.S. players.

    Altidore at Fulham isn’t a bad notion. Like any EPL side, there will be stiff competition for starting spots. As long as he would be given a fair shake, I’m all for it. I think he could work his way into Hodgeson’s good graces like Dempsey did.

  29. on the topic of getting a english work visa. i think he can, im not positive though. I know your country has to be in the top 70 teams, and you have had to play in 75% of the games in the past 2 yrs. Altidore has played alot but i think it mite be really close to 75%. either way fullham could just appeal saying he would improve the english game and he would most likely be granted the visa.
    I think he needs to go somewhere where he would play. and i would love it if craven cottage was that place.


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