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Aguirre handed three-match ban

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Mexican national team coach Javier Aguirre will not be on the sidelines for today's Guadeloupe after being suspended for three matches for his run-in with Panama's Ricardo Phillips.

The suspension means Aguirre would return to the Mexico sideline no sooner than the Gold Cup final. If Mexico is eliminated in the Gold Cup quarterfinal then Aguirre would miss the Aug. 12 qualifier vs. The United States.

What do you think of the suspension? Too lenient or fair? Are you hoping to see Aguirre back for the final (potentially the USA)? Share your thoughts below.


  1. FIFA thru CONCACAF takes into account many details, including past behavior, intent of malice, incidences during the match, provocations etc.
    If Bob Bradley had been the one to do this, I can just imagine the amount of excuses that US fans would have given!
    Excellent point about the Premier League Phillip, and I could go on and on about other leagues.
    A particular incident comes to mind, in 2005 when Chivas was playing Boca Juniors in Argentina in the quarter finals of the Libertadores, and winning 4-0, the Argentinian players started becoming nasty, especially Palermo. At the 72nd minute, both Palermo and “Bofo” Bautista where red carded, a moment “Chino” Benitez, Boca’s then trainer used as an excuse to come into the field and SPIT on Bautista! At that point two fans of Boca jumped the fence went into the field and started hitting Bautista!
    NOTHING was done about the incident for a long time!
    It makes what happened with Aguirre seem like a ride at Disney!


  2. Classless behaviour is apparent in all countries, especially the Premier League in England.

    Read a great new soccer comedy following the fortunes of Paul Marriott, the Secretary of the Barnstorm Village Sunday soccer team, and coach of a school cricket team in Yorkshire, England. The story describes the remarkable camaraderie between the players and supporters of this little club and their desire to achieve success. Nonetheless, the team is known more for its antics off the field, rather than their performances on it.

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  3. read it some where and it made me go wow!

    mexico is a disappointment and a shame…..i am a mexican and i no longer follow any of their soccer…….i have had season tickets with 5 different mexican top clubs and have seen countless games both in mexico and the united states…….as the level of vulgarity has risen in all mexican soccer …… their technical ability has fallen off a cliff……in many ways it is reflective of senselessness and impotence of mexican society in general…..weak institutions that is now reflected in weak,pathetic, and pathological fans and players……houston was bound to happen…sooner or later the pathologies of mexican soccer are transferred to the united states…… is sad and shameful….if calderon as president can offer inane condolences to the jackson family maybe he can muster the courage to tell his compatriots that we are the ridicule of the world……..if the mexican national team and its leadership could then tell their fans that vulgarity and violence is best left to our c-rated movies and telenovelas maybe things can improve……..another factor contributing to this is the commercial exploitation of mexican based fans in the u.s. whose false sense of nationalism is preyed upon by mexican club owners, the national team and others……these fans pay in dollars often at 3 to 4 times the level seen in mexico and….who then engage in the mindless vulgar mimicry of their countrymen,,,this is indicative of what mexican nobel laureate octavio paz described as a symptom of societal decay…..the loss of language and its integrity… mexicos case it is beyond decay and now gangrenous……aquirre needs to be fired and fined with a long suspension by fifa……and a prohibition of mexico based club and national games in the united states needs to be set by fifa until their fans can act like humans…..if racism is attacked as part of soccer so can ignorance and in terms of national teams mexico takes the world cup here…..they are on the top of the mountain…..a mountain whose actions and odors are stifling……come back mexico as a country and as a race that we so often call ourselves…..
    a noble “raza” that has been lost….
    chicago illinois
    tampico, tamaulipas

  4. inexcusable action from Aguirre fine(make sure you fine him in dollars NOT pesos) & suspensions from games of the gold cup & world cup qualifying matches this is a disgrace to the game of soccer(excuse me Football futbol terms in Central, South America,& Europe

  5. Calling Mexico games in Texas, Arizona, and California away games is silly. In fact I think these US ‘home’ games for Mexico are contributing to El Tri’s poor behavior.

  6. Ivan mis respectos para ti, but to be quite honest if memory serves me correctly throughout several matches it has been the Mexican players whom have been thuggish during play. Look no further than several games between MLS teams vs. Mexican teams. As soon as the start to lose, the mexicans lose their cool and start fighting. If panama gave them a taste of their own medicine….GOOD!

    As to why some people might hate…

    The reason a lot of US fans are relishing at the opportunity to talk trash against Mexico is because we have had to eat “CROW” for several years when Mexico would constantly beat our ass! Now the tables have turned and it is our time to talk it up.

    Those of us who are bilingual and watch some Mexican TV have had to endure countless attacks by the mexican media, fans and its players on our team. They also have always come up with excuses when it comes to losing to what they call a weaker opponent, the US, such as: all they do is defend, they bought off the refs, etc. I prove a valid point when it comes to excuses that you are hurt by. We have been called everything under the sun by your media in Mexico for “lacking technica” “se hechan a defender” the fact is that the tables have turned and now it is time to grow some thick skin because the US is growing little by little inch by inch as a soccer nation…and we will continue to own Mexico’s ass!

    Tables have turned my friend so get use to it;) it’s time to relish and kick the dog while it is down!

    “I don’t know a single Mexican who is not up in arms about what happened in Houston! I don’t know a single Mexican who has defended what Javier Aguirre did!”

    No one is at arms? two reasons: Last time I checked it was the Mexican contingent pelting the opposing players with bottles and I can name quite a few who do defend that idiot coach who should act as what he was appointed to do which is lead. If such actions are allowed by FMF, then what else should anyone expect from your players? I mean they are always willing to shake hands after a game and exchanged jersey’s with the US players. Mexican Players are total class ACTS! The last classy thing to come out of Mex was in Reynosa…THE DONKEY SHOW

  7. 3 games is the going “rate” for a suspension it seems. It does seem a little light, but anything over 4 games was going to get appealed and reduced anyway so that the US/Mexico game does not get affected. It is notable that the MFF did not appeal the ruling, so it will stand.

    And if the MFF/Aguirre is not appealing it, it kinda makes it seem like they know the punishment is light as well. Pretty much every suspension over a one-match ban gets appealed, no matter how grievous, so this failure to appeal makes it look like they agree with the punishment.

    Still too light, I would have given him a 4-match ban. If they can’t make it to the semifinal with him, they don’t deserve their coach on the sidelines.

  8. Bearusky-
    No manches bro, take a chill pill! The fact is that Mexico won their group, and have the same amount of points as the US!
    I don’t know a single Mexican who is not up in arms about what happened in Houston! I don’t know a single Mexican who has defended what Javier Aguirre did! But I also don’t know a single American who critizised the horrible, thuggish game Panama played! Having said that, the job of Aguirre is to qualify Mexico to the WC, not to beat the US at Azteca! I cnnot stand anyone at the FMF, but Compean has not given excuses, he has clearly stated that Mexico is in problems and repudiated Aguirres behavior!
    With all do respect I see some validity in meromero’s comments. Obviously he took it too far, with the politics and all, but…
    A website like this (and what a cool site it is!) is for intelligent discussion, and some nonsense obviously, about Futbol! But more often than not when it involves Mexico, the haters come out post very nasty stuff!
    Aguirres actions where seen around the world! What more punishment can he have? He’s going to have to live with them for the rest of his life!
    At the same time NO ONE, and I mean NO ONE in the “real soccer countries” knew anything about The Copa de Oro, until that moment. So from everything bad there is something good!
    Buenas noches!

  9. Wow – reading these reminds me of how much I am looking forward to Aug 12th and the immense amount of pleasure all the US fans have enjoyed in the past years stomping Mexico…

    WAY too lenient… douchebags like this should get more than 3 games. I say that bc Bradley got 4 games, although that may not be entirely fair b/c I’m not sure exactly what he did to the ref in the tunnel. I do know if the ref walked out on his own power, it wasn’t enough. I also know that Bradley wasn’t silly enough to do it in the run of play & on TV…

    But let’s be honest. Do any of us really expect more from Mexcio than this??? I don’t.

  10. I want to se the guy on the bench at Azteca. When the USA beats Mexico I will be there in Mexico City and I want to see the press go on the attack.

  11. Obviously you don’t see the humor in my posts ramon, all i’m trying to do is rock the boat some more. plus, my comments are as dumb as meromero’s. lol you my friend as well as the other idiots who are bringing dumb sh!t about the govt. in here in a pro USA soccer board where we argue that Mexico SUCKS mis HUEVOS PELUDOS, shouldn’t be here here talking crap about how mexico is treated unfairly, they lose cause it (gold cup) is not played elsewhere, the ref was bought off etc etc. typical mexicans, all they do is come up with excuses and complain…If I had a dime for everytime I hear the words “ES QUE”….”The reason We [lost]” I would be one rich beaner! but as with everything you are full of excuses like your suck ass federation, and SORRY COACH who should be a LEADER and not take his frustrations out on a poor player from panama. As a leader you should lead by example, but then again what can you expect from the player when your coach is nothing but a THUG. bola de jotos!

  12. meromero,

    are you really trying to draw a parallel between the acts of a government and the acts of upset coach? if you’re such an advocate of human rights and the unlawful acts of the american government, why would you want to trivialize the panamanian deaths in a SOCCER FORUM? get a grip on reality and use your soapbox elsewhere.

  13. Chris’s Post: The fact that the US has never won the Gold Cup outside of the US tells you that it’s not really an excuse. It’s a fact.

    US fans are fickle, when the calls go their way they don’t say anything but as soon as a ref red cards Ricardo Clark for going studs up on a tackle, all of sudden the conspiracy theories come out.

    Please, stfu.

    @ Chris:

    I will say this nicely you are not welcome here. Please leave. We do not want some nazi coming over to an american blog trying to start a flame war. Go argue with some other fans on a neutral message board. Don’t come here where we are all American fans and you are just trying to start a fight.

    Now i will address your point.

    That was a horrible call by that Referee of the Italy game. He deserves to never ref another game. That was at most a free kick and most definitely not a red card. You just hate the US because we are an overall better country.

  14. I am Mexican and hate Mexicowith a passion so immense that it only grew because of their actions on the field. I also am disgusted by Aguirre, and his antics in here in Houston. I love my Dynamo, and there are a lot of soccer bashers whom now will now take shots at the beautiful game because of the lack of class displayed by the coach, players and fans. These Idiots at the game make the sport look bad because resembled a bunch of drunk, worthless,hooligans. GOD BLESS THE USA, Mexico BLOWS DONKEY BALLS and I hope that they keep losing! Bola de pendejos!

  15. meromero, are we really going to start to discuss what various acts different governments have done? I suggest you leave it.


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