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Beckham Speaks

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David Beckham faced the New York (and some international) media on Wednesday. He got some softball questions, but also some tough questions, including one from Grant Wahl, author of the controversial book "The Beckham Experiment."

Here is the video from today's press conference, and it begins with Beckham's answer to Wahl's question:

What did you think of Beckham's answers? Could you hear him sounding a bit shaky as he answered Wahl's question? Are you planning to go to the Red Bulls/Galaxy game?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I’m committed but when I got the chance to play for a big club, who wouldn’t want to do that? How the Hell is that committed? Sounds like he’s committed to his own best interests then the Galaxy… if nothing better comes along

    I wish MLS would just sell him. He’s simply not worth the money anymore and is becoming a distraction. I’m with Donovan on this one (even though he tried to hook up with a big club too)


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