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Gold Cup: Matchday Six (Your Running Commentary

The Mexican National Team is in action tonight as it tries to keep pace with Gold Cup group leaders USA and Canada. Mexico takes on Panama in group B play (10 pm, Univision). Guadeloupe is facing Nicaragua in the early match of the night(8pm, Galavision). If you are watching tonight’s matches please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below. Enjoy the action.


  1. For those who are confused and think the coach was just trying to stop the ball, here is a quote from Aguirre:

    “It was an imprudent act on my part,” Aguirre said. “I sincerely regret it. It was a product of passion. The Panamanian team deserves an apology as well.”

    Why would he call stopping the ball, “an imprudent act on my part”? He wouldn’t. It can only refer to deliberately kicking the Panamanian player.

    And Aguirre’s own players admit that the coach wasn’t just stopping the ball but kicking the Panamanian:

    “Obviously, he’s human like the rest of us,” Sabah said. “As a coach, with his experience, it doesn’t make much sense. But he’s human, and he has our support and we are trying hard to win.”

    Exactly, it doesn’t make sense. Aguirre got the red mist and made a deliberate provocation, and look what happened. He deserves a 10 game suspension.

  2. I (American, never been to Mexico, don’t speak Spanish) have been to numerous Mexico games in the US (against US & Honduras) and have never had a problem with Mexican fans. I’ve thought they’ve mostly been incredibly, incredibly friendly and well-behaved.

    There were obviously a few idiots at this this match, but at what sporting event are there not?

    I’ve no idea what Aguirre was up to and don’t want to defend him, but let’s not take this all out on the Mexican fans. I don’t think they have a track record of this (or of rioting, or of racism etc. etc. like one could say of many other countries’ fans). And Memo Ochoa was classy in escorting Phillips out, yet no one is mentioning that. Enough with the Mexico hatred.

    (This said, Mexico does suck and we will beat them Aug. 12).

  3. It was Hejduk, and I think a guy named Ramierez.

    It’s in America, officially, it’s a neutral site. Officially.

  4. what was the aguirre thinking. the ball was going down the line and was never fully out of play when he decided to put his leg to phillips thigh. for anyone who says it was unintentional they did not look at the replay. there is absolutely no reason for the mexican coach to do that.

  5. ——————–Cooper—————–







    I’m liking this line up and wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this lineup for the rest of the tournament with Davies replacing Quaranta and Ching replacing Cooper. I’m sure I saw a headline on Concacaf saying Feilhaber was heading back to Europe.


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