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Keller ready for first MLS All-Star game

Kasey Keller 1 (Reuters)


Seattle Sounders goalkeeper Kasey Keller has done it all in his career except for play in an MLS All-Star game, but that will change Wednesday night.

Keller was among the first 11 players named to the MLS All-Star team, and his six shutouts and .80 goals against average has helped the Sounders reach a second place position in the West, making him rightfully deserving of the honor to make his MLS All-Star game debut against Everton FC at Rio Tinto Stadium.

When the veteran goalkeeper steps onto the field against the English Premier League club, he will likely be playing opposite of his U.S. national team successor, Tim Howard.

Howard has shone at goalkeeper for the U.S. national team since taking over the position in 2007, but he credits Keller for his successful transition to the national team and especially to European soccer.

"But he just said the easiest thing about being a goalkeeper is you just have to save the ball," Howard told the associated press. "It doesn't matter what league you play in, what level. You just have to make the saves. It was a good piece of advice."

While Howard had nothing but nice things to say of Keller, it was Keller who reminded that although this is an All-Star game, there is still something to play for.

"It's an important game for them. They're in the preseason and want to have a competitive game," Keller said. "There's a little bit of a pride factor here for the (MLS) guys and I think that will show (at the All-Star game)."

If Keller gets the start Wednesday, then he will give the MLS All-Star team as good a chance to win the game and that battle for pride.


Are you excited to see Keller play tonight? Eager to see him and Tim Howard on opposite sides of the field? Was Keller in his prime better than Howard is now?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. If they start shooting on him, we’ll see if Keller is an all star or not. I have my doubts that he really still has it.

    This whole all start thing is a load of crap anyway. Letting fans pick their favs followed by the coach stuffing the roster with his guys makes it a joke. When 1/3 of the starting roster begs off, it gets even more comical

  2. @Mike – total class act. Didnt seem hurried to stop talking, and was actually almost thankful for me taking the time out to talk to him (can’t tell you how many times – either on my couch or in a bar I have yelled ‘Yes Timmy’) so it was pretty cool to meet him. And while girlfriend didnt understand, I was giddy all day.

  3. Great story about Timmy. He’s always seemed like a class act. I feel like most American players are pleasantly surprised when they’re recognized at home.

  4. I don’t think Keller will be too pleased with the lack of defending that we tend to see in All-Star games. I think he’ll be yelling at guys a lot tonight.

  5. I had the lucky, if totally random, run-in with Tim Howard last week in Florida. I was driving down the street, when I saw what I swore was Tim. I parked the car immediately, and began a stalker like pursuit of him into a gated community. I called his name, and he turned around, and gave me more than the time of day given the oddness of the situation that i met him in. Introduced me to his son (who I asked if was a GK in training, to which TH responded – nope – a striker – they earn more!) and was very cordial and very friendly. Was kind of starstruck to see the guy in an everyday setting after watching him against spain, etc. It was awesome. I think both keller and howard have been great for the US.

  6. Between having Timmy Howard in goal, and MLS having so many All-Stars not participating, I’d say that the Toffees are favorites going into tonights game.


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