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Morning Ticker: City closes in on Adebayor, Beckham open to EPL return and more

EmmanuelAdebayor (Getty Images) 

Manchester City keeps on spending.

The best team oil money can buy is set to land yet another key weapon ahead of the upcoming EPL season by acquiring striker Emmanuel Adebayor from Arsenal in a 25 million pound transfer.

The move for Adebayor comes in the same week Manchester City completed the move for Argentine striker Carlos Tevez, who now means City boasts a strike force of Adebayor, Tevez and Roque Santa Cruz.

City may not be finished yet as it continues to pursue Chelsea captain John Terry

Here are some other news and notes from Europe and MLS to get your day started:

Beckham open to return to England

David Beckham was back just one day from his extended loan to AC Milan before already entertaining questions about his next destination. Beckham revealed thathe would be open to a move back to England, something he once said would never happen because he would never want to play for an EPL club other than Manchester United.

"I would definitely consider it," said Beckham. "Never say never. When I left United, I said I would never want to play for another English club. My heart was in Manchester, and I couldn't see myself wearing another shirt in the Premiership and playing against United.

"Now I wouldn't rule it out."

Red Bulls add defender, keep staff

The New York Red Bulls are enduring the worst season MLS has seen in some time but that isn't stopping the club from conducting business. Team managing director Erik Stover confirmedSBI's Monday report that none of the team's top personnel would be fired after team management met with Red Bull executives in Salzburg last week.

"When news of our trip was reported, many people speculated that we would make a change in the coaching staff this week," Stover said on the Red Bulls team blog. "However, after much deliberation, it was decided to keep the coaching staff in place.

"The coaches are all aware that they are judged on the team’s performance and know that their positions are on the line. But ownership is committed to its employees – at all levels – and wants them to succeed."

The club also announced the signing of Leo Krupnick, a former MetroStars draft pick who enjoyed a very strong last season playing for highly-regarded Israeli club Maccabi Haifa.


What do you think of these developments? Starting to believe that Manchester City will be a major power this season? Could you see Beckham playing for another EPL team?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. At 34, Becks needs to realize that any stent in the EPL would be short-lived. He never had much pace to beging with, and he assuredly doesn’t have the pace to play in the EPL week in and week out.

    Canales recently posted an article on SI that points out the fact that L.A.’s winning percentage WITHOUT Becks is better than with him. I say L.A. needs to release this clown to whatever “flavor of the month” club for which he would like to play and use that salary to continue to rebuild its franchise. Bringing in old, washed up European players didn’t work for the NASL. MLS has been very smart to avoid that for the most part, and should continue to do so if it want to keep raising the level of the league.

  2. I have had enough of Beckham, as I’m sure the brits have as well. Beckham can’t stand that his star is tarnished and fading. He is doing whatever he can to stay in the glaring light. Its over my friend. LA doesn’t want you, MLS doesnt even want you. How pathetic is that?

  3. In other news, David Beckham says he would, “consider doing gay porn”.

    “I mean, if the price were right,” the mega star was quoted saying. “I mean, I have to expand the brand into new territory, right? I know I said never, but – Now I wouldn’t rule it out.””

  4. “Now I wouldn’t rule it out.”

    The way Beckham talks, he wouldn’t rule out playing for Iceland, being Pope, riding a rocket to the moon, or dropping the soap in a prison shower if they made him the right deal. Beckham saying he’d consider doing something he’s not doing now is not news.

  5. Sorry, to clarify I mean that no one at City can currently be considered a “Galactico”, and that Robinho, their most talented player, was never considered a real “Galactico” at Real…

  6. Last time I checked, no one on City was a “Galactico”. Even Robinho was surplus to needs at Real Madrid, that’s why he left City (and for money)…

  7. With all the players Man City has bought or attempted to buy, why o why is Mark Hughes still the manager! Managing Blackburn to mid to lower table finishes does not prepare you to manage the EPL version of the Galactico’s.

  8. @ MICHAEL

    I know this is a really late reply… but yes, that IS what I mean.

    And in exactly the way BRANT explained it…

  9. I never understood all those who claimed that City couldn’t just go out a buy its way to respectability. Of course they can, and it looks like they are slowly getting there. Just wait. If City finishes in Europe next year, there will be a long line beating down the door to get in there.

  10. City will definitely sign a Centre back by the end of the window… I don’t know about Terry, but I have read they are interested in Lucio… also, I read yesterday that City were interested in signing Neven Subotic… that would be interesting.


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