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Report: Davies headed to Sochaux

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The quest to sign U.S. national team striker Charlie Davies has apparently come to an end and Sochaux is claiming victory.

French newspaper L'Equipe is reporting that Davies is being sold to Sochaux in a transfer from Swedish club Hammarby. Sochaux was one of three French clubs among the final teams in the chase for Davies. If true, the deal will make Davies the second American in Ligue 1, joining U.S. captain Carlos Bocanegra (Rennes).

What do you think of Davies making the move to the French first division? Like the move for Davies, or were you hoping he would move to a bigger league? Still hoping he winds up at Rennes with Bocanegra?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. I was deffently hoping to see him go to Rennes with Bocenegra, and help that team move up a couple of spots and make it to the EuropaLeague. All I care about though is that he is given a chance to be a starter and does very well. Then he can make a name for himself and move on to a bigger club.

    Also I would like to say that I am praying that Jozy gets a lot of games in this season with Villearral or that he is atleast loaned out to a first division team this time.

  2. Its good to send players to technical leagues to learn. Its better then him going to an English Club to get hacked, learn to hack, and then get injured

  3. It’s a good league-better then pundits on this side of the pond give it credit for. Last year I would say it was close to with every league except La Liga and PL.

    It is very physical, fast and a little less technical then England and Spain so I think Charlie, if he stays healthy and hungry, will slot in just fine. He is far from the finished article and technically he has a way to go.

    He got a big head his 1st year at Hammerby and road the bench because of it. Hopefully he will learn from that experience and not repeat it.

    Good luck, do good work and get lots of minutes.

  4. “CharlieDavies10Going to my favorite resturaunt Fire and Ice in Boston. I have not signed with Sochaux. I’m still with Hammarby as of now…”

    …twitter says it all.

  5. correct pronunciation is ‘sosho’, the ch in french is pronounced like sh in english…

    overall think it’s it good move b/c it’s a step higher than where he was before, the problem is that french teams outside of lyon are not consistent, though lyon didn’t win the title this past season…in the past ten years several different teams have finished in the top 5…

    that said, i hope davies gets PT, i think his speed is respected, hence the signing, but that doesn’t guarantee PT…just pray the team does well overall and there is no mgt shakeup that would put him on the outs….

  6. From Charlie himself on Twitter, 9 July:

    CharlieDavies10:Going to my favorite resturaunt Fire and Ice in Boston. I have not signed with Sochaux. I’m still with Hammarby as of now…

  7. France is definitely on par with the bundesliga, far better than the dutch eredividie ( fa too many obscure teams)

    by the way, it’s pronounced “sochow” and this this cub is far from being the marquee team in ligue 1… PT is almost guaranteed since they sold their turkish wunderkid to PSG

  8. I get Urban Rivals free to play

    and that 1 that’s like “my boyfriend was most happy when he knew he was dying” or something hahaha

    I’d say Torres, Villa, Ronaldo, Messi and Luca Toni

  9. Good move. I’ll have to do my research on this team though, I’ve never heard of them!

    The hardest part with the French teams is their language is difficult, and I don’t know how to pronounce any of the club names. Is it pronounced “sueshwa” or “sueshay”?

    Aye carumba…

  10. Good move for Davies. He has speed and seems to have the moxie.. but still needs to improve. This move will give him and us the chance to see what he’s got. At this point I think he’s starting XI.. ahead of Altidore.

    I can’t put Raul or Zlatan into a top 5.

    I honestly never seen the ladyboy kisses advertisement… just saying. I get video games- though I never play em.. Russia wives – I’m not complaining.. and the Meet the Burns show- Is that the shemale?

  11. Happy he is leaving Scandinavia which honestly isn’t a better standard than MLS is really.

    Ligue 1 is a solid league. Probably just a little bit less quality than Bundesliga. About tied with Eredivisie and they do as good a job with player development.

    Solid move for Davies.

  12. Raul? Really? I’d probably go:

    1. Fernando Torres

    2. Fernando Torres

    3. Fernando Torres

    4. Fernando Torres

    5. Roberto Baggio (Yes, I’m aware he’s 42 years old and retired.)

  13. 5best strikers in the world?

    Offtopic but wanted to know your thoughts?

    1. David Villa
    2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic
    3. Fernando Torres
    4. Samuel Eto’o
    5. Raul

    your thoughts? How long until Altidore joins the top20 or 30 strikers in the world?

  14. Whose the highest paid American footballer?

    Brad Friedel at Aston Villa or Tim Howard at Everton or Gooch at AC Milan?

  15. Gooch to AC Milan

    Davies to Sochaux.

    When do we get confirmed reports of Dempsey to Everton? Or Feilhaber, Donovan, DeMerit and more to quality clubs.

    This is the year of the Yank footballer.

  16. Davies is a great guy for other young American players to look at. He bypassed MLS and a fantastic salary for an unknown for a chance at an average team in the Swedish league. Took him a while but he started scoring a bunch and now has a move to a modest French club. If he can score a lot or just hold up the team, he’ll be a Legend.

    Sucks for Connor Casey, Kenny Cooper, EJ. He took their spot in the WC. Now they’re fighting for the final spot with Brian Ching

  17. Davies probably doubled his payday with his move to France and his taxes will be most likely lower.

    I can see him getting 10 or 11 league goals next season. Probably a 1 in 3 striker, which ain’t bad for Sochaux since they are likely relegation fodder.

  18. LOL, I didn’t even pay notice that ad until you guys commented on it. /shudder

    Perfect move, probably. I would really like to see more of our guys in Ligue 1. As for Scandavian yay/nay, this is a brave new world for Yanks abroad; I don’t think you can say either way, but it’s surely as good as MLS for European exposure and better for pay.

  19. I was hoping that one of the mid-table clubs in the EPL would come in for him, alas. But the French league has speed, which I think he’ll adapt well to. Not the giant leap I hoped, but definitely a few steps in the right direction as I’m sure he’ll excell.

  20. Davies isn’t the first to leapfrog from a Scandinavian league — Heath Pearce did it to the Bundesliga. Feilhaber will be the next to be packed off for greener pastures.

  21. c’est magnifique!

    bon chance a Charlie; I’ve been very happy to see his play with the USMNT this year!

  22. I never thought I’d see the day when people thought the US international team was good enough to start complaining about goal celebrations. Just be happy we are scoring goals, let the players celebrate however they like.

    As for the move, good for him. Sweden has an MLS level league. France, while it might not be as profitable a league as the EPL or as full of talented players as La Liga or Serie A, is definitely on par with the Bundesliga top to bottom. That isn’t too shabby. Now we just have to hope he earns his way onto the pitch and becomes a regular.

  23. Excellent move; Ligue 1 is a great place to continue his development…my understanding is that this is a club that has historically given young players a chance to shine…


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