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Soccer Saturday: Your Running Commentary

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The European Soccer season still hasn't begun, but that doesn't mean there aren't some quality games to watch on TV today. the marquee match of the day  (at least the one involving an MLS team) is taking place in Seattle, where the Sounders are taking on Chelsea in a friendly in Seattle.

Along with that friendly, there is a full slate of MLS matches, as well as today's CONCACAF Gold Cup quarterfinals, including the U.S. national team's match-up vs. Panama.

 Here is today's schedule of matches:

  • 3pm- Seattle Sounders vs Chelsea FC (ESPN2)

  • 5pm- Canada vs. Honduras (Univision)

  • 8pm- USA vs. Panama (Fox Soccer Channel, Telefutura)

  • 8pm- Colorado Rapids at D.C. United (Direct Kick)

  • 8pm- Real Salt Lake at Columbus Crew (Direct Kick)

  • 8:30pm- San Jose Earthquakes at Chicago Fire (Direct Kick)

If you will be watching today's Sounders/Chelsea match, or any of the day's other MLS matches please feel free to share your thoughts, opinions and some play-by-play in the comments section below.

Enjoy the action.


  1. someone needs to kill a CONCACAF referee at this point, i think it would be completely justified. The penalty call in the Canada game was probably the worst call i’ve ever seen.

  2. My two regrets from Sounders-Chelsea:

    1. LeToux’s 2nd half challenge/deflection of the Blue’s back-up GK that went wide. That GK didn’t make a good first impression on the new Blues coach.

    2. Nyassi’s beautiful chance chance that just missed the right post in the middle of the second half. That was almost identical to the shot from Sturridge in the 1st that curled in.

    Other than that, it was great fun being part of the 65K on a wonderful warm sunny Seattle afternoon.

  3. I didn’t get to see the game that Lalas did, but if it’s true that he offered low-key insightful commentary then that’s great. We need more like that

  4. terrible officiating in the RSL crew game……not taking away from the two crew goals which were great rebounds. but the clear penalty on the heel click on yura in the box went un called the fact that blondie hit rimando in the face on the second goal and nothing was called was a absolute joke……………..great job MLS officials

  5. Ching missing the most open header he’s ever seen with an ambulatory keeper in the way is the primary reason he’s got so many detractors.

    He just doesn’t finish when a striker worth his boots should…and that hurts the team.

  6. Not heaps? Not Pause? Agree, the two of them are scraped off the bottom of our shoe…but who else on the team should Bradley start?

  7. That penaly was good? Funny! The Honduran fell because he was doing a bicycle kick. He actually had his ahand on Stalteri!

  8. Pause was better than Cronin IMO, but I am disappointed Quaranta isn’t in there with Holden back in the middle.

    Heaps is trash but this is classic Bradley “gotta get a veteran in there” so I’m used to it at this point.

    Also, the penalty in the Canada/Honduras match was a good call. The goalside camera clearly shows the Canadian who’s name escapes me grabbing the arm and pulling down. A definite foul and in that shot you can even see the ref running to award the PK. He saw it very clearly and gave it.

  9. I find it amazing how every US fan across the country could see that Heaps doesn’t belong, yet Bob Bradley is starting him…again.

    Seriously, no one else finds this the least bit odd?

  10. @NATO

    Two reasons: money and team development. By team development, I mean that a bunch of these teams, like Panama, Canada, Haiti, etc. don’t really play many competitive matches outside the Gold Cup and WCQs. And once the semifinal round of WCQ was over, then they were done. It gives the second tier a chance to improve and compete.


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