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Transfer Ticker: AC Milan bids on strikers, Puyol rejects City and more

Luis Fabiano 1 (Reuters) 


Fans really do have a say in what happens with a club. Well, at least in Italy they do.

One day after AC Milan had around 300 supporters protesting outside of its first preseason training for lack of major off-season signings, the club has made bids for forwards Klaas-Jan Huntelaar (Real Madrid) and Luis Fabiano (Sevilla).

AC Milan, which received a hefty bid of €67 million ($93.1 million) from Real Madrid for Kaka earlier this summer, are looking to fill the void created by the Brazilian's departure. 

The bids for the pair of strikers comes on the same day that AC Milan signed U.S. national team centerback Oguchi Onyewu to a three-year deal.

Here is some more transfer talk to help you get through the day:

Puyol rejects Manchester City

Money doesn't buy everything.

Just ask Barcelona defender Carles Puyol, who declared Tuesday that he is not interested in a move to Manchester City. The Spanish international also stated that he wanted to stay with the Champions League winners to build on last season's success.

Puyol is just the latest star-studded player to crush City's hopes, joining a list that includes Kaka, John Terry and Ronaldinho.

Jo loaned out to Everton

Brazilian striker Jo will spend a second season with Everton after Manchester City agreed to loan him out on a year-long deal.

The lanky forward joined Everton on loan for the second half of last season and impressed club officials, scoring five goals in 12 matches. Jo joins American midfielder Anton Peterlin as the club's most recent acquistions.

Arsenal could swap Eboue for Melo

Despite recently signing a one-year extension with Fiorentina, Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo is being heavily linked with Arsenal in a move that would involve defender Emmanuel Eboue.

Arsenal has shown keen interest in Melo this summer and are considering swapping Eboue for his services as Fiorentina rates the Ivorian player. Juventus is also currently interested in Melo.


Do you see Milan landing either Huntelaar or Fabiano or both? Happy to see Puyol stay with Barcelona? Think Jo can replicate last season's second-half showing with Everton all year long? Should Melo stay put or head to Arsenal?

Share your thoughts below.


  1. @ MikeInNashville,

    Yes, I do agree that I hate Milan, but not everybody hates Serie A. In fact, I don’t hate any league in Europe. I love the fact that all the leagues are different as it makes things more interesting for fans worldwide! I’m a Juve fan, so I am never going to root for Milan. However, I am a fan of Onyewu and I will root for him to do well.


    Yes, I read in La Gazzetta this morning that the deal for Melo to Juve is pretty much done. Juve is waiting to announce it after the market closes. Juventus is quietly having a good transfer season: Diego, Cannavaro, & now Melo!

  2. Would love to see Jo alongside a healthy Yak and a healthy Arteta and healthy Cahill with James Vaughan, Saha, and Anichebe off the bench for one entire season.
    Could be special.
    Now with that, Jozy should stay in Villareal or go to Fulham if he can’t crack significant first team minutes with the Yellow Submarine.

  3. Kevin- yeah, ill give you that. It was an off year for the guy, he hit a bad run of form and lost all confidence. But we know what he is capable of and he showed it during the last couple months of the season. After the fans showed support after the godawful incident at the end of the Wigan game,he came back around. He’s human.

    However, I’m not backing down in regards to his crossing abilities. He’s better than sagna I can tell you that. The bottom line is he is a quality squad player who can be an impact sub. I’d love to have Melo, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t want to give up eboue. Senderos we can do without, but eboue we need, IMHO- or at least a versatile player like him who brings the speed and wide play that Arsenal needs for the last 30 of a game.

  4. MikeInNashville, surely we weren’t watching the same Eboue last season as the one I watched delivered some of the worst through-balls and crosses I have ever seen.

  5. I hope (and may even pray) that Milan get Fabiano. How cool would that be to have him and Gooch playing together? Long ball anyone.

  6. OK, so Melo’s buy out clause is 20 million euros. So I’m assuming it would be Eboue plus 5-10 million.

    Here’s why I say no:

    1. Eboue is a good utility player and is especially good at filling in on the flanks. I don’t sweat when Sagna is out because Eboue is not that bad of a right back and can deliver a killer cross (youtube Thierry Henry’s goal vs Porto). He’s fast and can hold the ball when our fairweather fans aren’t booing him off the pitch.

    2. Alex Song progressed by leaps and bounds last year and can fill in at CB and do a decent job at it when needed.

    3. I would rather spend the money on another defender like Tasci.

    Now if Adebayor leaves and we can use the money to get another striker (Chamkah or however you spell it or Huntelaar- hey, I can dream, can’t I?) AND buy Melo plus a utility player, then I am down.

    Otherwise I say keep Eboue, buy a CB, and then surprise everyone and sell Ade, move theo or arshavin to striker, and buy Ribery!

    Hahahaha the miseries of being an Arsenal fan in the summer. I still love my gunners.

    Oh, and did gooch HAVE to go to a team and league we all hate? Haha I am very proud of him and look forward to seeing him take on the likes of Ibra and Totti.

  7. After hearing Gooch got to AC Milan………….Dont be shocked if Manchester City give Demerit a $50 Million offer………….ok ok im a dreamer……………IMO Manchester City can get whoever they want with all that $$$..but as you can see players want to go to a club that is having top success as youc an see with Terry,Ronaldinho,kaka and now Puyol.

  8. Hard to imagine Puyol leaving Barca. In addition to being the captain, he is the talisman for Catalan pride (which people outside Catalunya don’t realize the importance of). I think he stays there until he retires.

  9. @inkedAG

    here’s some more arsenal news: they suck at life

    (lol, you left yourself wide open for that one)

    anyway, melo to arsenal scares the crap out of this spurs supporter… they really could use a top holding midfielder.

    fabiano would be great for milan

  10. my guess is villareal wants jozy since they let two strikers go already… jozy is american which is equal to cheap


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