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USA 2, Panama 1: The Highlights

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The U.S. national team's 2-1 overtime victory over Panama in Saturday's Gold Cup quarterfinal wasn't the prettiest game ever played, but it had its share of drama and a great response from a U.S. team that was facing elimination after heading into halftime down a goal.

Kyle Beckerman's equalizer and Kenny Cooper's penalty provided the difference against a physical Panama team that looked poised for an upset before eventually being worn down by a result American team.

Some notes on the match. Jimmy Conrad was taken to a local Philadelphia hospital and was diagnosed with a concussion and released. No word yet on his availability vs. Honduras in the Gold Cup semifinal on Thursday. Also, there was some question about why Blas Perez didn't receive a second yellow card for removing his jersey after scoring Panama's goal. Video replays of the celebration show that Perez actually had his jersey pulled off by celebrating Panamanian fans. Luckily for Perez, referee Armando Archundia was watching the proceedings.

I will provide a closer look at the game on Monday. For now, here are the video highlights of the match:

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  1. Back to Rogers,

    probably would benefit from some stiffer competition. He has the wheels, but lacks some vision and creativity. Change of scenery could do him good, ala Clint Dempsey.

  2. patrick- “i dont know why anyone is asking for a yellow or red on conrads concussion. Sure, he knocked him in the head, but he was clearly trying to get to the ball. ”

    Intent has nothing to do with anything, its not in the laws. Guys go cleats up with the intent of getting the ball, or put elbows up with the intent of heading it; but its not intent, its what actually happens. Go read the laws of the game and comment on them after. “I wasnt intending to put him in the hosptial”… think about that, while your reading those laws sans of intent.

    Basically every game the US gets the short end of the stick, the bias is quite clear. I cant wait to see the BS these fools come up with at Azteca.

  3. “Poor penalty kick by Cooper if you ask me…he was fortunate.”

    How was he fortunate? That the keeper wasn’t 6’9″ and diving for the correct post before Cooper kicked it? He hit the inside of the post low. Hate the stutter step all you want, but that is exactly where you claim you want your PK’s.

  4. Patrick,

    It sure would be nice if refs didn’t give us cards or call fouls because we were “clearly trying to get to the ball”…

  5. Ives:

    Did you see the player from Panama hit the linesman in the face with a ball in the confrontation with the referee after the end of the match?

    If MB got suspended for yelling in the locker room, I’d be interested to see what FIFA / CONCACAF does to that guy.

  6. Panama team were thugish. When Conrad went out that shook up the US team, and they let down for the Panama goal.

    Ultimately most of the US team had a pretty good game. Although with Ching in you lose the threat of sending a ball over the back line and having your forward run on to it. He is too slow. You need both threats, holding the ball, and out running the defense on a fast counter. But it was good to see the US fight it out. Marshall might be a good option as a backup for Gooch.

    Will Bradley call in playes for the rematch against Honduras?

  7. i dont know why anyone is asking for a yellow or red on conrads concussion. Sure, he knocked him in the head, but he was clearly trying to get to the ball.

  8. I’m not a a Cooper fan and I thought he played a lousy game but I would not call the penalty kick lucky. It takes lots of courage to step up to the spot and he placed it right on the post, goalie could never stop it.

    So far some very good performances by our C team (no disrespect), it goes to show we have a deep pool, something we have never had before. It just keeps getting better and better for all USMNT fans, thanks in part to MLS.

  9. Poor penalty kick by Cooper if you ask me…he was fortunate. I hate that stutter step crap. Just step up and hit it low and hard to the corners…no need for all that nonsense. It caused him to put a poor strike on the ball and he hit the left post…VERY lucky it went in.

  10. So, uh, what was the story with all the Panamanian hijinx after the game? Sure seemed like they abused the ref something good. Michael Bradley got three games for something like that – what are these guys going to get?


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