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Argentina faces Brazil in must-win qualifier

Argentina (Reuters) 

A full slate of World Cup qualifying matches will kick off around the world on Saturday and no match will have more international interest than Brazil vs. Argentina.

Argentina finds itself in the improbable position of fourth place in the South American World Cup qualifying, just a spot away from missing out on automatically qualifying for the 2010 World Cup. Now Argentina must defeat world No. 1 Brazil on Saturday in order to avoid falling even further in the standings, especially with a tough road qualifier vs. Paraguay awaiting on Wednesday.

So how has a team as strong as Argentina fallen into this position? You can blame the team's terrible road form, which has seen Argentina go six straight road qualifiers without a win (0-4-2), a stretch that has included a 6-1 loss in Bolivia and a 2-0 loss in Ecuador.

Argentina has a wealth of talent, led by Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero, Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez, but the team has struggled to find its best form and will be taking on a Brazil team loaded with confidence and fresh from winning the Confederations Cup this summer. With the likes of Kaka, Robinho, Maicon and Julio Cesar, the Brazilians won't be considered underdogs despite Saturday's game being played in Argentina.

Argentina-Brazil is just one of the five South American qualifiers on Saturday. Here are the rest:

Peru vs. Uruguay

Colombia vs. Ecuador

Paraguay vs. Bolivia

Chile vs. Venezuela

An Argentina loss, coupled with wins by Ecuador and Uruguay, couple drop the Argentines all the way to sixth place heading into a road match against a Paraguay side that is currently 5-1 at home in qualifying.

So what do you see happening on Saturday? Think Argentina puts it all together and scores a much-needed victory? Do you see Brazil continuing to roll with a win on the road?

Share your thoughts on this weekend's action in South American World Cup qualifying in the comments section below.


  1. If you live in Orlando florida go to Camila’s restaurant or Victorio’s restaurant, both at International Drive…they will charge U$10.00 only, including food ( The food is not good)but the brazilians will make a lot of noise…

    Any state in america, if you find a “brazilian bar/restaurante” they will show for sure…starts 8:30 PM

  2. based on early form and how he played for Bremen last year Diego looks like he oughta be on the pitch but he has an on/off again history on the Brazilian team…

  3. If Scotland and Macedonia make it out of that second half without any red cards I will be surprised. They were practically ready to brawl in the tunnel at half time.

  4. Best case scenario: Ecuador wins out & finishes 4th in South America, gets automatic qualification, Argentina comes in 5th. USA comes in 1-3 in NAmerica, gets auto qualification, Mexico comes in 4th. Argentina eliminate Mexico from reaching the WC in a playoff & the world is once again a place where all is right 🙂

  5. Maradona is terrible; he is a disgrace to soccer in more ways than one. Why do owners think that great players = great coaches? they don’t.

    oh maybe it’s, to quote Sven, “a cheap marketing ploy”

  6. Hopefully I don’t get struck by lightning for saying this, but Maradona is not a good coach. In the same way Argentina supporters pretend he didn’t throw away his amazing career in a haze of blow, they think he is a godsend. When they get a manager with a few brain cells left they’ll be back to their best.

    “Michael F. – SBI Mafia Original” hahahaha, really? We need to start advertising? Is that in case anyone forgets?

  7. How is it that Dunga keeps leaving Diego off the squad? I know they have tons of talent, but he’s one of the best players out there in my opinion. What’s everone elses opinion on that?

  8. im trying to find that out too metromaniac. I called brazil grill in hell’s kitchen to see if they’d show it and they guy said he didn’t know. NOT HELPFUL!

    Posted by: John | September 04, 2009 at 02:12 PM

    It’s an expensive pay per view event for establishments which is probably why he didn’t know. It’s actually cheaper to go and watch it at a bar where the cover will probably be $10 unless you have a small party in which case you should be able to cover the $35 fee.

    I’m sure someone will have it on Justintv.

  9. im trying to find that out too metromaniac. I called brazil grill in hell’s kitchen to see if they’d show it and they guy said he didn’t know. NOT HELPFUL!


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