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BMO Field to have grass in 2010

TFC Fans (Reuters)

The Toronto city council voted unanimously to approve the placement of grass at BMO Field in a vote held on Wednesday.

The decision means there will be one less MLS team playing on artificial turf in 2010, with Toronto FC joining the New York Red Bulls as teams set to make the move to grass next season.

What do you think of this news? Excited to see how Toronto FC will look playing on grass next year? Wishing it hadn't taken so long? Praying for the day when every MLS team plays on grass?

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  1. What is next for friends to the North? Expansion? Would love to see them shore up that corner and stick a deck the north (?) end. Roof couldnt hurt either. Time line: 5 years.

  2. Aristotle wrote, “New England’s stadium was built with soccer in mind so it’s different than any other NFL stadium that MLS has used.”

    Not true, my man. Qwest (Seattle) was built with soccer in mind as well.

  3. btw that babe’s silhouette at the top of the pic is hotness – black dress @ a soccer match? awesome. i gotta make it up to a TFC game. even the dude to her left knows it

  4. good for TFC!

    Revs fans, i don’t think our stadium situation will improve for a while. Infact I bet we will be the last team to have a SSS. Kraft makes money by having his stadium (and mall) used all year round.
    Also working in development in the Boston is very expensive and difficult, hence why the pats/revs live in the middle of nowhere.
    Having the Rev’s play on grass in a SSS near a T stop would be a dream tho.


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