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Davis named MLS Player of the Week

Brad Davis (

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In one of the tougher races to call this season, Houston Dynamo midfielder Brad Davis earned MLS Player of the week honors for his one-goal, two-assist performance in the Dynamo's 3-2 win vs. Real Salt Lake.

Davis beat out Chivas USA goalkeeper Zach Thornton and Los Angeles Galaxy star David Beckham, among others, for the honor.

The award is the third of Davis' career, and first since 2007.

So what won Davis the award? Two assists and this beautiful game-winning goal:


  1. MVK Beckerman went to put more pressure on the ball look at the numbers the fault is russels he didn’t come out it was his job to close down that space, but he didn’t I don’t see how you think Beckerman is out of position, He was previously drawn out to that side to squeeze the ball against the sideline, That was a great pass by Cameron to play the ball back where it came because we all know that the players are going to vacate that space.

  2. Wow, I was there and have seen the video at least five times and not until Gabe mentioned it did I notice Beckerman collapsing to the ground. Truly awesome!

    RSL played like a bunch of thugs the whole game, which makes sense considering that Unholy Toledo was the ref, or at least dressing like one, and letting them get away with it. Three times, Dynamo were taken down in the box, twice viciously, and yet no PK call. Roboto, what game were you watching?

    When Ching was sent off (deservedly) for retaliating against Morales, the ovation he received was less a statement about what he did and more of a sarcastic comment against Toledo.

  3. “the best part is Beckerman just collapsing to the ground after it goes in”

    Question was why he has on the other side of Evans, 2 ppl were already pressuring the guy who made the pass, but Beckerman decides to push up and pressure as well? Thats the kinda CM shape/decisions I am used to seeing from a USMNT CM (hate to say it but its true)

  4. well deserved! Glad to see other players other than DP’s getting credentials they deserve.

    The defending in that goal video is pathetic.

  5. the best part is Beckerman just collapsing to the ground after it goes in.

    Posted by: Gabe | September 21, 2009 at 08:52 PM
    Lol, totally didn’t notice that the first time I watched it.

  6. Yo Goff, I’m really happy for you, I’mma letchu finish, but IVES GALARCEP is one of the best soccer bloggers of all time! One of the best soccer bloggers OF ALL TIME!

    Happy birthday to THE MAN!

  7. Mr. Roboto. I was at the match. You are mistaken about the diving. Houston is not a diving team… never has been and never will. Instead look to Borchers and Morales for raking cleats down legs and stomping on feet. One day RSL might be a winning team so hang in there. You boneheads bring in your best players as super subs. Genius!

  8. Sorry, slugger, but Thornton should have been player of the week. He not only made excellent, timely saves. He single-handedly kept Chivas USA in a game it deserved to lose, especially w/Marcelo “Walking Ejection” Saragosa picking up another red card.

    Thornton has been shafted all season by those voting for player of the week. I know. I’m one of them. I’ve voted for Thornton for player of the week at least five times this season.

    (SBI-Joe, I’m not sure there’s necessarily a right answer on the vote. Thornton could have had the award, but can you really say he’s more deserving than Davis, who set up both of Houston’s first two goals, then scored the winner? That’s three points instead of one he helped the Dynamo get. Thornton’s heroics meant the difference between zero point and one point. Yes, I know Chivas is in a tougher spot than houston playoff-wise, and it’s a valuable point, but the Dynamo were slumping badly as well and needed the three points.)

  9. Why does Davis not get time with the National team? Can’t be any worse than Beasley or Rogers on the left, and we’re sorely lacking depth on that side. The guy is pretty consistent, and has experience. Seems like he should have at least gotten some time in the Gold Cup.

  10. Beckham shoudda won it. Seriously. He was awesome vs. Toronto. I’m no fan of his, but for 90 minutes he was the best in MLS this week. In fairness, it’s hard to argue with Davis and you can make a case for Schelotto as well. Regardless, it’s nice to see Becks bust his goldenballs for LA. Which makes me wonder, Ives: If you were a betting man, who’d be your fave to win MLS Cup?

  11. that’s a deadly strike but for me it’s value is mitigated by the guy that he scored on, lil nicky rimando, who seems to give up more long-distance goals than the rest of the MLS keepers combined.

  12. Happy B-day Ives.

    And congrats to Davis. He totally earned it although it wouldn’t have been a crime if thorton or beckham won it either.


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