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Heath Pearce lands in Turkey


Lost in yesterday's transfer news was the move of U.S. national team defender Heath Pearce. Without a club, and considering the possibility of MLS, Pearce signed with Bursaspor of the Turkish Süper Lig on the last day of the transfer window.

Last in action for the United States during the Gold Cup, Pearce had been in search of a new club since leaving Hansa Rostock. If Pearce gets playing time, it'll be a good move for him. Turkey has a decent professional setup, and his current club Bursaspor has gotten off to a decent start, currently in fifth place. They have an English news site highlighting the deal.

What do you think of Pearce's move? Should he have come to MLS? Will this boost his chances at making the World Cup squad next year? Share your thoughts below.


  1. Pearce transfer cancled!
    Bargain with his manager takes so long at the last day of transfer, Bursaspor missed to get his licence with few hours.

  2. Re: Good move if he plays:

    A soccer player’s career is relatively short, an injury can make it much shorter, so maybe it’s “Good move if it’s good pay, great move if he plays.”

    As to LB options, US and otherwise, quick, name all the great left backs you can think of.

    As to MLS, given the labor situation there, few moves could be worse. At least in other leagues you get your own money when sold.

  3. The Turkish league, beyond Fenerbahce, Galatasaray or Besiktas, isn’t much (if at all) of a step up from BL. 2.

    For starters all the teams in BL.2 will play in the German league cup against sides like: Bayern, Stuttgart, Wolfsburg, Werder, Dortmund, Hertha, HSV amongst others from BL.1 who are all as good (or in most cases better) than anyone in Turkey.

    Add to that the clubs in BL.2 include: Aachen, 1860, Frankfurt, Kaiserslautern,Hansa Rostock, Duisburg and the enormously tough to play against at home, St. Pauli all of whom would have no danger of being relegated in Turkey if they played there.

    Seriously, they have money and for him that’s great. If he’s looking to revive his Nats career I don’t see it doing much for him. He’d be much more visible in MLS than he will be there.

    I wish him the best of luck and if he stays in Turkey, I hope he gets moved to one of the Big 3 clubs so he’ll actually get some Champions league and Europa League action.

  4. Is he a starter in that league?

    It’s definitely a step up from 2. Bundesliga and he wasn’t starting there.

    As always, if it means he gets to play, it is a good move. I don’t see him getting back into the A team though. He gets forward well enough, but always manages to screw something up.


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