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Houston trades Kamara to KC for Thompson, allocation

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With a full stable of forwards, and a player in the final year of his contract, the Houston Dynamo did what it always seems to do: finds a way to make a deal that helps the club.

The Dynamo unloaded disgruntled forward Kei Kamara, shipping him to Kansas City for forward Abe Thompson and a partial allocation.

With Brian Ching, Luis Angel Landin and Cam Weaver already on the roster, and with Kamara set to be a free agent this winter, the Dynamo dealt the Sierre Leone native, who had scored a career-high five goals this season. The Wizards will be Kamara's fourth team in three seasons since being a first-round draft pick for the Columbus Crew in 2007.

The Wizards are still holding on to faint playoff hopes and are in need of a striker, but Kamara has yet to establish himself as a dependable goal-scorer in MLS.

What's our take? The Dynamo made out by dealing a player it no longer needed and securing some allocation money in the process. The deal helps the Wizards in the short-term, but Kamara isn't likely to re-sign with the Wizards come 2010 so Kansas City is essentially renting the player in an attempt to boost some very slim playoff hopes.

The Dynamo take the field in Mexico on Wednesday night in CONCACAF Champions League against Pachuca.

What do you think of this deal? Think the Dynamo did well to deal Kamara now? Think Kamara can help the Wizards finish the season strongly? Still wondering whatever happened to Joseph Ngwenya?

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  1. kamara is a loud-mouthed jerk who will never find a team. and at kansas he willplay behind zoltan. so feel the bench you big-mouth idiot.

  2. Yeah, that’s Lee Nguyen’s Twitter account. Would somebody really make a fake account for a essentially irrelevant American soccer player playing in the V-League?

    Good move for Houston, ok move for KC, bad move for Kamara. Dude thinks he’s way better than he actually is… kinda sad.

  3. Kei was a solid forward and seemed to have good locker room rapport. He did beg for calls a lot after contact, but he wasn’t the worst of that ilk in the MLS. He truly seemed to enjoy the game and enjoy the fans, and I like that in any player, particularly one who really seemed to work hard out on the field.

    No, he didn’t get along with former KC staple, Nick Garcia; but then Nick is a hack on the field who isn’t above off-field manipulation to exact revenge on those who aren’t in his favor.

    According to the article in the Houston paper, “Kamara and Kinnear had been at odds for much of the past month” which kind of surprises me. He probably didn’t ingratiate himself with his new team when he said “I worked with the team so hard to help put the team in playoff position, and now — and I don’t have anything against Kansas City — you’re sending me into a team that’s not in playoff position. So you’re basically telling me that everything I’ve done for the whole year was for nothing.”

  4. “He said it on Fox Football Fone-in awhile back. I believe the question asked was, “which city in MLS do you least enjoy playing in?”, to which he said “Kansas City. There’s just nothing to do there” ”

    some one is sour he didnt get into Power & Light… no worries Kei, they recently dropped the race errrr dress code.

  5. @ Shmenge – Vermes isn’t worried about his job as Interim Coach. He has stated he has no interest in the permanent head coaching position. He wants to remain as the Technical Director only. A search for a new head coach will begin after the season ends.

    Personally, I don’t know if this is the greatest move for KC, but at least they are trying something. The most we’ve seen of Abe Thompson lately was a picture of him in the Cauldron at one of the games. OnGoal has at least shown a willingness to make changes and take risks to try to improve the team. Something that was sadly lacking in the last couple years under the previous ownership.

  6. I thought MLS contracts were for four years. If Kamara was a 2007 draft pick this would be his third season? Are we sure he is a free agent at the end of this year?

  7. The Arsenal thing I believe is true about Lee Ngyuen, I think Yanks Abroad talked about it. However, I don’t think it means anything because I read somewhere that Arsenal has a partnership with Lee’s Vietnam deal for players to come train with them over the off-season.

    To at least follow this convo- Kei is an idiot and plays like one. You can’t go deep into the playoffs leaning on your teammates for support with this guy because he is one ticky-tack foul away from blowing his gasket and stepping on some guys ankle.

  8. Oops; I forgot that the Dynamo added Weaver. So far he’s my favorite addition, BTW. In any case, the only constant at forward is Ching.

  9. In the first few games after Kamara arrived in Houston, he played soft. Just like Sergio at SF said, he spent a lot of time complaining to the ref, and seemed to shy away from headers that might require some contact. He so badly wants to dazzle with his foot skills (you should see him during warmup…).

    But after the first half-dozen games, he found his place within the system, scored some very good goals, and got stuck in a lot more. The last month has been disappointing though, both for fans and possibly for him too, taking a seat on the bench.

    The Dynamo have released/traded four forwards since last season: Nate Jaqua, Chris Wondolowski, Ade Akinbiyi, and now Kei Kamara. In their places we’ve gotten Landin and (don’t forget!) Oduro. Too much of a revolving door for my taste.

  10. “disgruntled forward Kei Kamara”- disgruntled about what? He sucks. Maybe he is disgruntled about the fact that he isn’t as good as he thinks he is.

    Another boring MLS transaction.

  11. @ Dan

    He said it on Fox Football Fone-in awhile back. I believe the question asked was, “which city in MLS do you least enjoy playing in?”, to which he said “Kansas City. There’s just nothing to do there”

    I don’t blame him.

  12. IMO, it is a smart move. Landin is going to start, they did not bring him in to sit the bench. Weaver is the third forward and the starter in Champions league. Kamara has been exhibiting a poor attitude lately and I am assuming there may have been some concern about his transition to the bench.

  13. We’ve been demanding for some moves to improve our club in KC, but when you look at the details of this one it only makes KC look foolish and desperate. *sign* At least we have a team. The new stadium is the thing I’m looking forward to most.

  14. Does Kamara crack the all-MLS-2009-Trade XI?

    Magee — Kamara

    Van den Bergh — Miglioranzi — De Rosario — Harris

    Dunivant — Marshall — Serioux — Moor/Ihemelu

    Wicks/Pickens (if you include trading of rights)

  15. Poor Kei. He has openly said how little he cares for Kansas City. Don’t expect him to re-sign for KC after the season. Would be a good signing for Philly for next year.

  16. I remember when he was with the Quakes I saw him live. He spent most of his time falling down and complaining to the ref. Needless to say I was happy when he left.

  17. Been asking myself about Ngwenya for a while, now that (we’ve) Houston’s gotten rid of his replacement perhaps we can bring him back?

    The possibilities are slim but it’s a better option than Thompson and his speed can’t hurt.

    I was never been sold on Kamara though he did seem to be a nice guy.

  18. hilarious…..does toronto have any appearances left in kansas city this season??? would love to see the crowd reaction when kamara gets into it with his personal backline nemesis nick garcia, who happens to remain a huge kc fan favorite….kamara is such a tool


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